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Why It Is Great To Live Overseas

January 17, 2011 | Master Sergeant William Howell

Hello everybody, I just wanted to tell you why it is great to live overseas with your family. I have a 14 year old daughter and a 12 year old son, and a 3 year old son. The 14 year old and 12 year old play sports with Youth Sports (YS) on post and they have just started playing basketball. Their first game was last Saturday in Belgium, yes Belgium. We drove 2 hours to go and see them at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). Both of their teams won and of course that is great. But the reason I say living here is awesome is where can you live where your children get to go to Belgium, Germany, London, Italy, and other countries just to play sports? Of course my kids will not go to London or Italy, but the high school does. Where else can your kids go to school with a variety kids from other countries? My children attend the AFNORTH International School, and they go to school with kids from Germany, England, and Canada. Being overseas is a wonderful experience for not only my wife and I, but for our kids as well. I just hope that they come to realize how awesome it is to live and to have lived here. My wife and I try to explain to them, that one day they will appreciate that they had the chance to live and travel abroad. Well, thanks for listening.


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  • francis osei bonsu
    1/17/2011 11:48 AM
    heloo sir, i'd like to get very personal with you for a chat. please i need help.
  • Bradley Damschen
    3/8/2011 11:38 PM
    1SGT, I enjoyed reading your blog on living in Europe. However, after living in Europe for over two years, I appreciate the USA that much more. I miss the feeling of wide-open spaces that the United States provides. The mountain ranges of the Northwest and huge evergreen trees, the wildlife, all of the lakes, and places to go camping for free. President Roosevelt appreciated that America’s lands needed to be conserved for future generations to enjoy by creating numerous National Forest and National parks.
    There is vast amount of history in Europe to soak up while traveling. My wife and I are thankful, as we have been able to take the family to the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. We have skied in the German and Austrian Alps; volks marched along the battle fields of the Battle of the Bulge, visited the beaches of Normandy, and placed red roses and US Flags on hundreds of fallen Soldiers headstones. How many kids from America can say that they have done these extraordinary things? I believe my children understand how amazing it is to be seeing all of these different locations around the World. Honestly, I do not think they will truly grasp their experiences until they have a family of their own and have time to reflect.
    Living in Europe is a blessing and my family and I are thankful to have this opportunity. We have noticed in Europe that the pace of life is a lot slower (except on the Autobahn). At dinner, it is truly your time, your time to eat, talk, order, and stay as long as you please. Sunday’s are a day of rest! Do not be that American that is mowing the lawn, or washing the car.

    We have many more adventures over the next few years in Europe. Future Travels include Italy, London, Poland, and France (Disney Europe), Turkey. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time to see everything that Europe has to offer. My family has developed a better appreciation for what we enjoy about Europe and why we love the United States of America.

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