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What A Great Feeling

March 25, 2011 | Master Sergeant William Howell

Hi again, yesterday I experienced one of the greatest feelings a NCO can have. The SFC selection list was released yesterday and when I reviewed it to see if any of my current NCOs had made it, I found out that one of them was selected. That was a great feeling right there, but as I reviewed it for more NCOs that I knew, to my delightful surprise two of my former NCOs made the list as well. Both of those NCOs worked for me at Fort Hood and I was very happy to see that they were selected to be a SFC. My current NCO and my former NCOs all deserve greatly being selected, they all have worked hard some being Drill Sergeants, some being deployed and all great NCOs and people. Then as I talked to one of my former NCOs and was congratulating her, she tells me that I was the one who made it happen, my mentorship and leadership is what allowed it to happen. That made me feel very proud to be an NCO and actually as I told her, their hard work allowed me to achieve the rank I have. Being in the Army has allowed me to lead, mentor and work some of the greatest people in the world. Being an NCO has allowed me to take care of Soldiers, NCOs and Officers and I am very proud to be in the US ARMY.


  • Adam Arrowood
    3/25/2011 9:33 PM
    I am so glad that your buddies showed up on the list if u dont mind me asking what are you in the military or what is your job. I am fifteen and am very interested in the military. Do you think I should sign up? =)
  • William Howell
    3/26/2011 2:13 AM
    Adam, thanks for your comment. We are all 42As, Human Resources Specialist. For me the Army has been a great thing, what you put into is what you will get out of it. I can tell the Army is not for everyone, you will be expected to follow orders, do things you might not want to do from time to time, but that is what the Army is. You have to be disciplined, but if you work hard you will also someday get to have the same feeling I just had. I say GO FOR IT....Army Strong!
  • Von Cortez
    4/26/2011 9:42 AM
    I am 17. Interested in joining the army, but not so happy about the thought of being in war. If i sign up would i have to go to war?

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