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Completion of Our Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills Training- NATO

March 21, 2011 | Master Sergeant William Howell

Hi there, I last talked about our upcoming Battalion Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills training exercise. We conducted the training exercise last week Mar 14-16 and it was a big success. The battalion S3 and the staff worked hard to put together a good three day exercise and all in all in went very well. I believe all of the Soldiers and NCOs who participated in the training learned a great deal and had a good experience. We had seven squads of about 7-10 personnel and they completed the three day exercise in the same squads. We started Day 1 with round robin training on everything from Movement techniques to combatives at two different sites. Then Day 2 consisted of Land Navigation, Dry Reflexive Fire and Live Reflexive Fire. On the land navigation course, squads encountered a weapons cache, direct fire engagement, and an indirect fire engagement. They were outfitted with the DISE equipment which is able to track all personnel movement and engagements this was very helpful when it came to the AAR. You can see what every person did, where they went and you can use the equipment to simulate indirect fire. This is was the first time that I had seen or used the equipment, it is similiar to MILES gear but a lot better. Then Day 3 consisted of Urban Operations and ended up at the MOUT Site, squads on this day encountered a direct fire engagement, an IED, and the MOUT Site. The training exercise was great, but as with everything there are improvements to be made and hopefully next year we can make the training even better. It is extremely hard to get our Soldiers and NCOs who work for NATO to participate in the training, but I think we did a good job of getting as many as possible to train. Now we will use our one hour of Sergeants Time Training a week to train on all tasks that we did not train on in the exercise. 

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