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Samoa Tsunami

September 30, 2009 | Sergeant Major William Gabbard

Many of you who read these posts serve, or have served, with Samoan Soldiers, whose families have been affected in many ways by the awful events of the last 24 hours. News accounts of the tsunami have found their way onto all of the major national and worldwide news outlets.  I would also recommend, the local paper, which has pretty up to date info on water and electricity-related issues, and many updated photos.

I won't bother with posting a photo as there are already hundreds available on the Net, in addition to Youtube videos, Tweets and other cyber stuff. Thank goodness for all of the latest techno doodads which make the info flow move fast and furious...the only catch is, is that all of this depends on electric power, which may in the near future be spotty on island.

The outpouring of support has been, as it always is in these cases, overwhelming. Words of encouragement, good thoughts and of course much prayer is appreciated. Give a hug and a good word  to a Samoan trooper today!






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  • Shane Seggar
    12/23/2009 4:51 PM
    Thanks for the post, even though it was a while ago, I appreciate the shout out. I am half Samoan and I know that the community at large has ben grateful for the outpouring from around the world.

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