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October 20, 2010 | Cadet Erica Sprinkle

The ROTC Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) or operation Warrior Forge is the most important training event for an Army ROTC cadet or National Guard Officer Candidate. The 28-day training event consists of a variety of subjects designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability. The challenges are rigorous and demanding, both mentally and physically. Warrior Forge tests intelligence, common sense, ingenuity and stamina. These challenges provide a new perspective on an individual's ability to perform  tasks and to make difficult decisions in demanding situations.

Each cadet and officer candidate is placed in a variety of leadership positions, many of which simulate stressful combat situations. In each position, cadets receive evaluations from platoon tactical and counseling (TAC) officers and noncommissioned officers. In addition to proving our leadership ability, cadets and officer candidates must meet established standards in physical fitness, land navigation, communication, combat patrols and demonstrate their proficiency in many other military skills. ROTC build future leaders, LDAC develops them.

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