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Why I love my Job.

November 19, 2009 | Specialist Warren Andrews

       Most of the time there are plenty of reasons to say why they do not like their jobs. but yesterday was different. I got a chance to work with someone that was having a hard time with the sticking some one with a needle. Not to mention that he never used the type of needle that day.

So after talking with him, explaining how the needle works with a dummy artery, and seeing him make that stick on the third try when it was about to give up give a huge sense of meaning and purpose. Being able to help people when other people are ready to give up on them just because they did not do it according to the "book". This is what I am here for and why I love what I do.


training, medic, 68w

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  • PV2 Barefoot
    12/4/2009 4:02 PM
    It is very true that people often focus on why they do not like there jobs. However, since joining the Army I have learned to focus on why I love my job! The Army is full of opportunities and learning experiences. The Army is what we make it so why complain about the downfalls.

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