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“Sand” Castles”

August 09, 2009 | Specialist Warren Andrews


In one of the other post on this blog, the author talks about a area that I have been also. It is along the Iraq-Iran border. The thing about this place is that it is a lot of exploded munitions form that war laying around to the Iraqi Army tries to clear that area as best as they can. So when we come to each post they have several UXO just laying there waiting for their EDO team to blow them up.


Also what is crazy is that the places we where finding them where not far away, but very close. We had a grader knock down some dirt to allow the construction of the first of two Sea huts that the Air Force was building. (I promised myself that I would not bad mouth the Air Force after they that, sure beat simple tents) Well he dug up a unexploded mortar round that looked like t had more rust then metal. Then a few seconds later a IA went and picked it up like it was a common piece of trash.

Now as far as the title, the post that the IA stay in look like castles. They even have some of the looks with the notched turrets too. We had to stay in them for a few nights because the sea huts where not done. But they where livable. The IA had a shortage of fuel for their generator so they only turned it on at night. Also there is one thing that I noticed when watching the IA conduct normal business was how they request to been seen when entering a seniors room. They would walk up and stomp with the heel of their foot to announce their presence and removed their shoes when entering. They would do the reverse when leaving. Even though that they did not have everything that they needed, they still performed military curtsies.


Lastly was the Transition Team and the reason for thinking of this post. They where to be the original escort for the Air Force before we got added along. So going up with our combined gun trucks we where doing ok. They also brought a grill that that cooked on every night. We were very grateful for that. Also I got a chance to listen to the different things that they had noticed in working with the Iraqis. Some of them I had seen first had but a lot of it was new.


Also the view from their was very different from the flatter part of the country that we had seen up till then.

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  • nate moore
    8/11/2009 1:35 AM
    Thanks for the reference to my blog bro. By the way in Arabic the word for their buildings means "castle". So they really are castles. Stay safe and happy hunting. Nate

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