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Daily Shenigans

February 06, 2011 | Private First Class Tommy Cook

I am a medic in Afghanistan.  We have a small platoon here providing medical support for our troop.  Our day to day operations are pretty routine and in fact pretty dull.  Unless we have an incoming trauma, we are training.  As you can imagine it can get pretty boring.  We get very stupid when we get bored.  First there was the gallon of soy milk, lets just say none of it stayed in my stomach.  Then, we tried a cinnamon challenge and that went just about as anyone could expect.  Our lastest bout of stupidity was to have a pillow fight.  Who knew that pillows could hurt so bad.  If anyone has anymore bad ideas that can help us from going insane while waiting for the inevitably bad to happen please respond.  Thank you from the Medic platoon.


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1 Comment

  • john konefes
    2/7/2011 2:46 PM
    how about dominoes? isn't that a big game over there? and it probably won't hurt physically.

    take care

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