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September 29, 2010 | Thomas Tiernan, II

It has been a busy couple of weeks and I have fallen behind in my blogging.    My team and I have been really running and gunning the past month or so with a variety of events to be planned and executed.

I have an exceptional team that really shows the quality of the Soldiers our Army produces and the opportunities serving as a Soldier or civilian provides.

Joe Cross is a retired sergeant first class and leads our U.S. Army All-American Bowl team.  Joe enlisted as a military policeman then became a recruiter and finally an Equal Opportunity advisor.  He has several degrees which he earned in the Army.  He has a great sense of humor, but is all busy when it’s time to execute.

Mike Mensch, Joe’s right hand man, is a retired first sergeant and Army bandsmen.   Mike is also well educated and recently completed his work on a Master’s Degree.   The leadership and management skills Mike honed as a first sergeant are very evident in everything he does.  He is has an amazing way of staying calm when the rest of us are freaking out.

David Tritt is my right hand man.  As the operations officer for the division he keeps things moving when I am not here.  He can master any spreadsheet and uses his experience as a former sergeant and retail manager to help keep the multiple moving pieces we deal with all in order.

The motorsports team is headed by Paul Harp.  He’s a former recruiter and station commander.  It is easy to see how he was successful in those roles.  Paul applies his recruiting knowledge in helping develop the program so that our recruiters get the very most out of them possible.  He also understands how recruiters think which sometimes isn’t good for the recruiters.

While Crystal Guerrero has never served in the Army as a Soldier, my newest team member is an Army Brat.  Having just completed a fellowship program through the Army Materiel Command, Crystal is just starting to show what she has learned at the Defense Information School  in the public affairs area.  Crystal is a social and digital media wizard.  Not sure, however, how much she is enjoying trying to teach us old dogs how to tweet.

I also have a team of 10 contractors most of who are retired non-commissioned officers.    Each brings the talents and skills they learned in the Army to help make this team successful.

Whatever success our program enjoys, it is a direct reflection of the very talented team I am blessed to lead or at least they let me think I lead.  Each is using the training and education they learned in the Army or through the Army to help young Americans and their influencers understand what we already know…the Army is filled with many wonderful opportunities.


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1 Comment

  • Andre Dean
    9/30/2010 8:01 PM
    An inspiring salute to your record-breaking team Tom. Great work.

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