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Working Our Way Back Home

November 09, 2010 | Colonel Thomas Palmatier

The Musical Ambassadors of the Army, The United States Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus, are working their way city by city back to their headquarters at Fort Meade, MD.  The photos on this blog are shot by MSG Rob McIver, a Tenor with the Soldiers' Chorus.  His wife, SFC Sarah McIver is Flute Section Leader with the Concert Band.  How do they manage an average of 100 days on the road each year with a newborn?  Sarah's mom has become a road warrior and tends to her granddaughter Avi during a concert in Fort Port, FL.

After every concert, Soldiers meet and greet audience members and thank them for their support of America's Army.

When sudents sit in on one selection, they get valuable coaching from a Soldier.  SSG Leah Forsyth ensures this young lady is prepared to perform.

Every concert features several soloists.  SSG Carmen Russo performs on the trombone.

Every Army operation takes teamwork.  SSG Gina Leija and SSG Kosumi Leonard demonstrate the buddy system of playing the flute.

Most concerts open with a local color guard presenting the Colors.  These JROTC cadets opened the concert in Perry, FL.

While some concerts are in beautiful theaters, many are in small town America in a gymnasium or armory.  SGM Joan Mercer warms up for the concert among the pines in Perry, known as the Tree Capital of the South.

For a young person to perform with The Field Band is a once in a lifetime experience.  This young lady is sharing the stage with SSG Adrienne Hodges.

Check out more tour updates on The Field Band's Facebook or Twitter pages.

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