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Performing in the Peachtree State

October 23, 2010 | Colonel Thomas Palmatier

It's always an amazing thing when you watch a young American cite the oath of enlistment pledging to support and defend the Constitution.  Before The Army Field Band's recent concert in Statesboro, GA, SFC Erica Russo reenlisted with CPT Sharon Toulouse administering the oath.  If you notice the difference in the unform styles, CPT Toulouse is wearing the maternity version of our distinctive uniform.

Local color guards often present the Colors prior to our concerts.  These sharp young troops from the high school JROTC do so with pride.

We often have student instrumentalists sit in on one selection.  This tour marks the first time that we have had students also sing with the Soldiers' Chorus.

Our concert in Valdosta, GA included a Sousa march entitled "The National Game."  SSG Rob Marino, a New York native, played the part of the slugger and probably marked the first time a NY Yankee uniform has received applause in Georgia!

MSG Laura Lesche, SSG Meghan Whittier, and SSG Pamela Terry sing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."  Check out SSG Terry's vlog entry on our Facebook page at

After each concert, we meet and greet audience members.  This young man was holding the brochure he had gotten from the local Army recruiter who was introduced during the concert.

Check out the schedule for all of our performing groups currently on tour at  and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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