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Day 30: All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

March 22, 2011 | Captain Thomas Harper

16 March 2011

            The APFT was well timed, as today was a “recovery” day for PT.  That was fine by me, as it meant our first “hard time” (time you must be some place) was 0810 in the classroom.   It may not seem like sleeping until 0645 or 0700 is a big deal at all, but any extra sleep is greeted with open arms around here (and I’m certain that trend will continue down at DCC).

            Class started out with a two-hour block on sexual assault and rape.  Unlike every other class, a civilian taught this block, which was an odd change.  He’s the only civilian instructor at TJAGLCS, and saying he’s a veteran trial attorney would be shorting him. 

(TJAGLCS' sexual assault civilian professor.  Okay, you're extraordinarily gullible, and I apologize for taking advantage of that attribute of yours.  This man is dead as dirt, but still fun to watch.)

            He served as a prosecutor in CT for a huge amount of time, and has absolutely forgotten more than I’ll ever know.  Since a large chunk of the class focused on the techniques and strategies of prosecuting these cases in the military, his experience added a lot to the equation.   Although this block wasn’t testable, the common nature sexual assaults, as well as the Army’s focus on stamping them out, meant that it carried a special weight.

           Next came hour classes on ethics and trial techniques.  The untestable trial techniques class was the best example of the occasional force feed nature of things around here.  I had three semesters of basic and advanced trial advocacy in law school, and TJAGLCS has only a few hours (along with advocacy week) to either teach the same skills, or to jump them back into our consciousness.

           Although some good information was taught during the hour, the breakneck pace that it was taught at really detracted from anything sinking in.  With an ASU inspection this afternoon, lunch saw a big rush of people trying to get uniforms squared away.  Most had their uniforms put completely together, however a few degenerates, like me, still had work to do.

(Yet another perfect opportunity for that joke. Stupid Paramount Pictures and your plans to make a completely unnecessary sequel, and rob me in the process.)

          Because of when I ordered my uniform, I didn’t get it in until last week (see my advice about saving money to avoid that issue).  As an alert to others, plan for Marlow White (if you order from them) to jack up your order.  It didn’t happen to me, but a ton of people had issues of all kinds, from sizing to missing items.  Ordering things with enough lead time will allow you to work around most of those issues.

("But the company has been around since 1879!" you say...I say that's 132 years of managing to barf up an order right when you need it the most, but haven't made a contingency plan.)

         While mine fit properly and was a complete order, know that the male jackets will come WITHOUT THE BUTTONS SEWN ON.  Great idea, right?  This means that whether you like it or not, you’ll have to take it to the tailor.  I took mine to Heidi’s Perfect Fit, which was close to UVA, about 5 minutes from the law school.  Most of the rest of the class took theirs to Martin’s, which was recommended by cadre.

        My lunch hour was a mess, as I had to rush over to Heidi’s, pick the jacket up, and then run back to the hotel to pin on everything.  After hurriedly eating microwaved soup on the floor of my hotel room, I made it back just in time for the big briefing by JARO (which will be its own post).

        We didn’t have afternoon class, but instead had the ASU inspection on the 5th floor of TJAGLCS.  Everyone was released to go change (males changed on the 5th floor, females in the sealed off classroom), and we simply formed up, opened ranks, and the cadre went through from person to person with a measuring tool, and checked the spacing of everything on the uniform.  The class was released in small chunks (by squad), and we got out right around the same time we would have otherwise.

(Myself, the Class Leader, and the Class the most endearing photo ever taken.)

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