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social media: Connecting America's Army with America's people

May 10, 2011 | Master Sergeant Terrence Hynes

Wow, many of you have provided great feedback from my post that was published in the NCO Journal this month (APRIL 2011 pg 42-43, Recruiting the All-Volunteer Force). I was a little disappointed that it was not pointed out to readers that it was actually a blog from That would have been great exposure for the site Army-wide and perhaps captured new readership.  After my PCS move to California is complete, I am thinking of writing an article for the Recruiter Journal that points out the great benefits of this site.

I have worked to advertise the site on personal and professional social media sites over the last year. I would really like to see the site expand to a larger high school and college age audience, as I know there are questions out there people would like to ask without walking into a recruiting office.

I especially like that young people can hear from Soldiers and Families of all backgrounds from a non-recruiting perspective.  When I started out on this site, I expected that feedback would mostly come from civilians, but as it turned out, I have had great conversations here with members of the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard from across the nation.

I think there is value in marketing this site to the public just a little better. In my years with USAREC I have seen a whole lot of money spent on a whole lot of stuff that lacks benefit.  Using national advertising dollars to grow this site would be money well spent!

The Profession of Arms deserves a forum like this to help connect America’s Army with America’s people.  There is some serious pride among the warriors that post here.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the great bloggers and readers who have taken the time to provide feedback and engage in professional discussions an every topic imaginable here. HooaH!


Until next time,


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  • MAJ Greg Davis
    8/20/2011 7:07 PM

    Glad to see you continue to succeed. Thanks for sharing your stories. Best of luck in the future and enjoy the Western Coast.

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