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Retire or Soldier on: Why do people enlist?

November 02, 2010 | Master Sergeant Terrence Hynes

Today I reflected on exactly what made me enlist. In the beginning, it was easy - I wanted to serve my country and my country was on the verge of war in the Persian Gulf. That was the reason for joining the reserves. Later, when I wanted to get married, but couldn't afford health insurance, the Regular Army was a clear choice. All reenlistments since (over 20 years worth) were because I love the Army - nothing more and nothing less! 

I imagine there were other reasons for enlisting and for staying in, but I have long since forgotten most of them. It leads me to wonder why other people enlist, or think about enlisting. Also, why people don't enlist. I'm curious to hear your reason(s).

If your in the Army, Army reserve, or National Guard, whey did you enlist? Why did you stay? If you were in, why did you enlist? Why did you leave? If your think of enlisting, why? If you have never served, why not? What were your reasons for no joining. You feedback is appreciated, as the quest to decide continues...

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  • Bennie Mack
    11/2/2010 7:42 PM
    My original reasons for joining were to develop leadership skills in order to run my own business. As time progressed, my motivation and goals changed. Having a family, I really just want to retire and watch my children grow into adulthood. I definitely appreciate opportunities the Army has provided for me and wouldn't change much in my experience, but I also know that there will be life after the Army that I must be prepared to live.

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