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Retire or Soldier on?: The winning attitude

December 02, 2010 | Master Sergeant Terrence Hynes

Well it has been a long couple of weeks fighting the uphill battle of recruiting in December. As we prepared for what is now my second December as the 1SG in Minneapolis Company, we took note of last year's lessons learned. As a result, everything looked picture perfect on paper. Life though is rarely picture perfect and this year December is looking as grim as it has for all the 11 years I've spent in recruiting command. As I made the rounds throughout the company footprint this week, talking to leaders, I expected to see a sullen bunch, feeling rode hard and put wet! What I found instead was a hungry group of warriors determined to salvage the mission with only days to get it done. It sounded good, but is it feasible? As it turns out, the team of teams we spent the last 15 months building, has become a powerhouse that refuses to except defeat! They are demonstrating, as we speak, their abilities to rally together and accomplish ANYTHING! Speed bumps are hiding around every turn, but they will succeed where others in their situation might otherwise fail. They will do so because because the Mustang family has finally become what I envisioned it would be when I arrived a year and a half ago - One team, with one common goal.  The idea that feeds their desire to succeed in the face of depressing odds is this: 

 Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.

This is the attitude of winners! Winners do what losers won't! The Mustangs are winners and I couldn't be more proud to lead them whatever the outcome of December is. I am confident it will be what is expected of us. In the event is not, we will do what we have always done - we will overcome as ONE TEAM and finish ahead of expectations in the months ahead! 

Today the dedication of my warriors is enough for me to stay. Keep up the fire Mustangs!

Until next time,


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