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Pushing yourself...

November 03, 2010 | Cadet Starlet Baker

Encouraging others when you don’t even want to do it yourself is probably about the hardest thing to do as a leader.  Sometimes it can be comforting though because you know that other people are in the same shoes as you are.  The thing is if you say that you are done, it is a lot easier to quit when you have someone else leaving with you.  Coming from active duty into the Green to Gold program (4 year scholarship), I have wanted to quit so many times.  I had even told the cadre that I was done as well.  I didn’t tell the PMS though.  Instead, I joined the Ranger Co and rifle team.  I pushed myself to actually talk and get to know other fellow cadets.  I did that because I kept getting told that the more involved I am in the program, the happier I will be.  That, or I can be miserable with the others that are going through the same feelings as I am and vent to each other as we keep going.  Either way, it still helped tremendously.  We carry each other and push on until we are done.  Now that I am an MS III and being a mentor to others, I find the conversations that I have with my mentees as familiar only the roles are different.  Someone else was telling me to stick with it and pushing me to stay on the team.  I still struggle with staying in the program but I do it mostly because of what I keep telling my mentees: it’s worth the struggle and frustration.  If anyone has been frustrated to the point of quitting, it’s me.  I keep moving on though.  I am finding more people with the same struggles.  If they are my peers or superiors, I talk with them and try to find the motivation to stay.  If they are lower ranking in the program, I put a smile on my face and list so many reasons why they should keep moving forward.   My old CO at Ft. Huachuca inspired me and mentored me the last two years of active duty.  If it wasn't for him, I would of never even had this opportunity.  I carry his old CPT rank with me in my pocket every time I wear the uniform and pull it out every chance that I get to help remind me of what I am doing.  I also have a beret with a bar already on it sitting in the dash of my truck as a daily reminder.  Evidently, those momentos are doing their job... I'm still here and doing very well in my personal life, college, and in the program.

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