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Open PT

December 01, 2010 | Cadet Spencer Heggers
Today we had open physical training which is a PT open to anyone willing to wake up before 6am and wanting to workout. We had an above average turnout (between 40 and 50 non ROTC cadets). Besides friends of cadets, a lot of people came after seeing the flyers or hearing it from the facebook group, including a handful of people from the reserve unit nearby. The workout was more entertaining than most PT sessions and equally hard. It consisted of stations: grass drills, relay races, litter carries, tug of war, and suicides with additional weight. We tried to make it more Army oriented by using Kevlars for push-ups and assault packs for the suicides. A majority of those in attendance enjoyed the workout, but most of them agreed it was pretty early to be exerting yourself to that extent.

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  • SFC Grayson
    12/2/2010 9:58 PM
    I enjoyed the workout and was impressed by the number of folks in attendance. Nice work. I'm looking forward to February's session.

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