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Burden to technology

April 21, 2011 | Sergeant First Class Scott Greene

As I sit here at my desk, behind my $3000 computer, two monitors (so i can get live updates on the 100's of emails i answer everyday) hooked up to the highest speed internet available in the area, I am thinking about how much of a burden technology has become. I remember a day when the only computers that the Unit had sat on the Commanders desk. Rarely used except to maybe to update a slide for the staff meeting they had to go to that day. Nowadays even the newest of privates has to get a card that allows him to access a computer. gone are the days when leaders used to sit down with their soldiers and talk to them about their performance, family life and the 10 coorespondence courses that they had to go pick up at the post office. Soldier can go online and take coorespndence sourses without really reading the books, just point and click and the credit will be awarded. My how things have changed. When i joined the Army in 1993 I was given a series of shots in a line at Ft knox, KY. Now we cant give anymore than three shots at a time because it may cause a reaction. this info was of course relayed to me by email instructing me to visit a link and sign up for a newsletter that sent me emails everytime the newest information was published. Th emore access we have as humans the less likely we are to do the things I used to do as a kid and even as a young man just spreading my wings. I remember vividly long weekends when my buddies and our families used to go to the woods camping or swimming. Now if you have a get together at the house on a weekend you dont have to physically ask anyone, you can email or text them and hope they got the message. And heaven forbid should they show up and you not have the largest TV with a gaming system. You may as well have an outdoor bathroom and a coal burning light.


Dont get me wrong I enjoy the technology we have. being able to stay in touch with my family and friends via facebook or twitter is cool. I love the fact that my wife can call me anywhere at any time and ask me to pick up dinner so she doesnt have to cook. i love the fact that my daughters can text me and tell me how things are going for them and remind me that I "volunteered" to do something for them tonight. I love keeping up with the news around the world without having to go all over the world to get newspapers. But come on, lets just relax a bit enjoy the simple things in life and forget for a second that there may be an email out there that we forgot to read and action on it. Just my thoughts. Now back to the emails. Rangers Lead the Way!!!

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