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Toledo Rocket Battalion Rifle Team

March 28, 2011 | Cadet Ryan Hershberger

As the Platoon Sergeant of our Rifle Team, it is my responsibility to train our team and prepare them for all of the shooting tasks they are going to face.  As a team, we focus mainly on Air Rifle shooting; however, we're becoming more heavily focused on BRM utilizing the M16.  The Rifle Team Commander and myself design a training program which will transfer the skills attained from shooting the air rifles to the M16.

Since this is my first command position (I am only a Sophomore) I have learned a lot about the planning process the Army has for training its soldiers.  This experience will only be greater next year when I will be the Commander of the Rifle Team.  Every opportunity I get to take control will better equip me for my future duties as a Platoon Leader.

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