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The Stars were Shining at the Stars and Stripes Dinner

February 22, 2011 | Sergeant First Class Roslyn M. Robertson


 I couldn't imagine being anywhere else Friday night except for maybe the Stars and Stripes Dinner in Washington, DC.  This dinner was a star studded event to honor some distinguished individuals that represented all the branches of military services.  The emcees for this event were Admiral Winn and Vice Admiral Myers along with the Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff GEN Mullen and all the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  So when I say the stars were shining at the dinner I mean they were shining very bright.  I was truly honored to be in the same room with all these prestigious military personnel that I've only heard about or seen on television.  The Stars and Stripes dinner was one of many extraordinary events that took place this weekend in honor of BEYA.

Major General Abt, Vice Admiral Myers and Captain Sansome smile for the cameras.

General Casey presenting an award to Colonal Crawford for his outstanding work for the US Army.

The Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mullen says some kind words to all the awardees.

Captain, DS Robertson and SFC Johnson takes a picture with General Casey after the
Stars and Stripes dinner.

Another group picture with General Casey.

Captain Venable-Thomas and DS Robertson catch Major General Abt on our way to and after-party.

DS Robertson and Captain Venable-Thomas smile for the camera with General Ward.

Captain Venable-Thomas and DS Robertson catch a few moments with Major General Jones
 at one of the after-parties.



  • Bandit V.
    3/8/2011 9:39 AM
    SFC Robertson, ADM Mullen wouldn't be referred to as a GEN.
    • DS Roslyn M. Robertson
      3/8/2011 2:10 PM
      @ Bandit V. thank you for the correction, it was a typo on my part that I thought I fixed prior to posting this blog. I will do a better jog proof reading next time.
  • krist
    3/29/2011 11:48 AM
    why are female drill sergeants so thang sexy

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