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The First Lady visits Fort Jackson

January 27, 2011 | Sergeant First Class Roslyn M. Robertson

Today Fort Jackson had the honor to welcome the First Lady Michelle Obama for a series of events.  The First Lady is the guest speaker  for the graduation of the 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, what a honor I'm very proud to be apart of one of the best Basic Combat Training Battalions on Fort Jackson.  The one thing I love about the First Lady is her continuing quest to promote the alarming awareness of childhood obesity.  Since being apart of the Drill Sergeant Exhibitor Program I've had opportunities to visit many high schools across the country and seen the physical fitness levels of many young people and it's not very good.  It was surprising to see that not many high school kids participate in their Physical Education classes.  I admire the First Lady for pursing a better life for our young people and hope that her message reaches not only the School systems and communities, but also in many households where everything starts with our children.  I hope parents start encouraging their children to get out the house to get more exercise and fresh air instead of sitting in front of the TV playing video games.  First Lady Michelle Obama is truly a positive icon for the new year.

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  • NuarneNek
    1/30/2011 4:01 AM
    Oh yes, I'll start working on that immediately :)

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