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The new PT! HA

April 03, 2011 | Robert Casebolt
Now I know that I am the last person that should be saying anything about the new PT. But I feel that someone has to say something, it may seem as if this new regimen is worthwhile but what I see is a lot of pain and a lot of people going to sick call. My first question would have to be these PT tests do you think that these would be done by these Generals or Colonels? They are as old as I am and I am looking at then wondering which ambulance I am going to be in. So I don't think they will be, second what of those people that already have permanent profiles are you going to immediately put them before a med board even with P2's, I don't think so. This new stuff is for the young people but is not sustainable for an entire career! I do believe that the people that are creating are doing so with themselves in mind and not the entire Army. Though I did read a good idea with the new PRT, which could be integrated in the old style PT test! The old test just needs to be revamped. Yes we need to get away from the 2 mile run maybe make a 1 mile dash or a shuttle run. Maybe do push with a standard way and no wide arm stance or anything else. As for abdominal figure something out it is not hard. Let's have fun when we are doing PT, I have been around for a long time, if we do organized sports that gets everyone involved then it should be done! Not just run, that is why the soldiers have issues with their feet and legs. So chain of command get heads out of fourth point of contact let the NCO's do their job and don't do it for them, they get tired of it and start to question whether or not you trust and then just quit. Well that is it for my first time, PT should be to strengthen and to build our endurance, but to injure us which I believe the new test will eventually do! Thanks for reading my blog and have great day!!!!


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