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First Time Leadership

January 26, 2011 | Cadet Nicholas Olszewski

With the second semester getting under way comes more exams, projects, and work. On top of all this comes ROTC. That means getting up at 0530 for PRT, and on off days hitting the gym even harder. A day before I got back to Clarkson I was notified I would be a squad leader for the first two weeks of the new term. Usually only juniors get this task, but I got myself prepared. The next two weeks flew by, with getting adjusted to a new schedule and routine and being in a lleadership position.

My advice for younger cadets would be to always remain confident when speaking or issuing an order to your element. Potraying information confidently and concisely, will improve your training. This helps guys feel a little more comfortable to ask questions.  Being motivated also gets your guys to look up to you. You are their leader, and even though no one wants to go to PRT at 0555 in the morning (the only exception being our Senior NCO, Hooah!), you have to show you are excited. Motivating guys gets everyone pumped to train harder and improve on thier PT scores. They know if you help and motivate them, they will do the same when they are in charge. Most importantly you need to have good time management skills, especially when you have to start studying for your tests and getting projects homework on top of ROTC training. A lot of things have to get done in a short period of time and you are responsible and accountable for your squad.

-Drive On!

1 Comment

  • Cdt. Flynn
    1/27/2011 12:45 PM
    Nice Post Olszewski!!!

    From what I saw, you did an excellent job as Squad leader!

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