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On the Ground

September 03, 2012 | Lieutenant Colonel Mike Yocum

After a final rush of activity at CRC , and a 4-day trip over, which featured layovers in Germany, Kuwait, and Bagram Air Base here in Afghanistan, I have arrived at my "final destination" as they say in the airline busines, the Internatinal Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Headquarters in Kabul.  I am actually assigned to a sub-element of that headquarters, the IJC (ISAF Joint Command).  IJC is focused on command of coalition military forces.  I will be working in the IJC Force Management Division, which as it name implies, is responsible for establishing requirements for, acquiring, and managing the flow into and out of theater of the units supplied by the over 50 nations that are supplying forces for the mission in Afghanistan.  Most of my time this week has been devoted to settling in, inprocessing and otherwise getting ready for what's to come. Stay tuned!           

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