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US Army Small Arms Championship

March 30, 2011 | Private Matthew Sweeney

My name is PVT Matthew Sweeney. I have just completed my first US Army Small Arms Championship as a Range Officer (RO). This was my first Army Small Arms Championship I have completed as a RO. It was a great experience for the competitors, as well as a training experience. I enjoyed watching the Soldiers apply the training they have received and put into use during a competition. I believe the soldiers shot very well and had a great time. My experience in the match as an RO has given me a new respect for all RO's and everybody affiliated with running a match. I have also found a new and greater respect for all the Soldiers that make this the best Army in the world. In closing I had a great time and learned a lot.

Until next time Stay Army Strong!

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  • Brandon Carnell
    4/1/2011 2:28 AM

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