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Half way through the semester, and a job change

March 22, 2010 | Captain Matthew Riggs

I am 5 months in to my new duty as an officer and the semester is almost over. I am working as a Recruiting Operations Officer Assistant and official cadre at Minnesota State University's ROTC program. My BOLC-B date was pushed back because the Army deleted the old BOLC format. Because of the BOLC format change, I passed the number of days I could perform “gold bar” duty, and my status changed to work as a "cadre" member. It was a good change, because I am able to participate more with the Cadets. I can help teach at leadership labs and help out during the military science classes, and offer my knowledge from my time in the program.

As far as recruiting goes, I have signed up 4 people for the ROTC class, and I have plenty of good projects that I am working on. I am putting the finishing touches on one of our web pages at as well as media publications to market our program. One of those publications is a storyboard that explains the life of a Cadet. I enjoy these projects because I know they are important to the overall image of our program, and helps send the right message to potential Cadets.

Along with my “office work" projects, I have been helping the course instructors with their military science classes and I evaluate Cadets on their tactical lanes to ensure they get the most out of the training. I will update my blog when I get to the Adjutant General Officer Basic Course at Ft. Jackson South Carolina, I am looking forward to the experience and I hope to provide some interesting subjects for the readers!


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