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Reserve service

June 07, 2011 | Major Martin Abbinanti

As an army reservist I have opportunities to serve in diverse environments with great American soldiers all over the world. While on active duty as a family practice physician from 1993-1997 I served in the US and never went overseas. After separating from the military in 1997 I focused on raising my children and building my practice but I missed the camaraderie and service to country the military offered. In 2009 I returned to the army as a reservist and have had many opportunities to serve. I'm currently in Japan at the Sams Army Health Clinic on Camp Zama. My assignment is for four months and I have been here six weeks now. It is great to be working with soldiers full time again and amazing to be in Japan. Last year I spent two weeks on a medical mission to the Dominican Republic. I'm sure my two weeks of annual training and my four month deployments every five years will be overseas. The army reserve has a lot to offer anyone interested in serving their country in uniform but not desiring active duty.


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