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When it rains it pours

January 16, 2011 | Lieutenant Colonel Kendall Mower

When I arrived in Iraq I was told it was the rainy season.  We didn't get much for the first month I was here.  It looks like recently it may be a little more wet.  The first rain storm we had wan't too bad.  It rained lightly, drizzled through the night.  Made a lot of mud, but things dried up over the next several days.  2 weeks ago we had a big rain storm - 2 weeks after that things were still not dry and then we got another moderate rain storm.  The soil where we are does not drain well.  So we still have large standing puddles of water even 2 weeks later.  That means we will be doing a lot of sweeping and mopping in the dental clinic since every patient that comes in tracks it with them.

You see the sky and know somethings coming.

Outside our entrance

So heavy it was even making it's way in the clinic

A few days after

A week later

2 weeks later

I just thought this was something interesting.  Prior to this deployment didn't think of Iraq as someplace that got a lot of water.

Along with the rain we also get some pretty thick fog.

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