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What the Army has done for me this week

November 11, 2009 | Lieutenant Colonel Kendall Mower

Here is an example of things that I would not have had done/been doing if I weren't in the Army.

6 months ago I went in for an eye exam.  At 35 I probably wouldn't be getting regular eye exams - especially since I had lasik (through the Army in 2003).  Normally eye exams are something people do more often as they get older - or when they need glasses or contacts.  However, I had to get an annual eye exam.  At the appointment the optometrist saw something that concerened her, and she asked me to come back in 6 months to see if it was still there.  2 weeks ago I came back in - it was there - so she referred me to the opthamologist at Walter Reed.  They called me in for an appointment within 4 days (had to wait because of our family vacation).  Within a day of getting back I called, had an appointment, and was in the next day.  The opthamologist identified something that needed treatment - and I had the procedure done that same day.  I just see a whole pattern of events that would not have happened, or would not have happened as quickly had I not been in the Army.  I realize this same scenario might not happen the same way at every base - but I'm glad it did here.  Had this not happened - the preventative treatment that was done now - could have been a more complex and difficult procedure later in my life.

Also, I was able to go to the auto shop today on post since we had Veteran's Day off.  I'm not a mechanic - but at this shop they have the tools, and can help you out on what you need to do.  I had a estimate from Firestone for $800 for a tune up and replacing a front axel.  I was able to do it myself for $125 parts and $25 to use the lifts and equipment at the shop.  Not bad.  Again - something I would not be doing if I weren't in the Army.

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