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Waiting in Kuwait

November 04, 2010 | Lieutenant Colonel Kendall Mower

We spent some time in Kuwait completing some additional training and catching up on some much needed rest.  I was amazed by the things that were available to us at the base. 

These tents were pretty cool.  They had plenty of room, were air conditioned, and were used for multiple purposes around the base.

Since there weren't drinking fountains, water points were everywhere with plenty of bottled water.

Outside view of the commonly used tents.

There were also recreational tents run by both the USO and the MWR.  These provided Soldiers with DVDs, books, games, sports, etc...

In addition to the great selection of meals, the dining facilities also offered a wide selection of deserts - including Baskin Robins ice cream

It was also here that we were exposed to our first MRAPs

We also went out to the range and "familiarized" ourselves with our weapons again (look at the backdrop - all the sand you could ever want)

Desert sunrise

Training on how to escape from a Humvee roll-over

Training on how to escape from a MRAP roll-over

A shelter

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  • eric danko
    11/5/2010 8:59 PM
    I am truly jealous. Seems like I just left...looks the EXACT same. You are going to have a great experience...keep us informed!


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