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25 Ever So Interesting Facts about Me

February 06, 2009 | Captain Kayley Nammari

There’s a note going around Facebook that allows the user to write about 25 facts about themselves.   I believe this would make a great blog.  At the very least, it makes me sound less boring.
1. I read the New York Times as I eat breakfast, watch CNN as I get ready for the day, and listen to NPR while driving to work.  I feel it’s so important to know what’s going on not only in my community but also in the world; that and I am a huge nerd.

2. I am very leery of other girls.  I believe a lot of this stems from the horrible teasing and cruel words hurled at me from 6th grade on.  Plus, I hate the drama that so many girls bring.  Guys are so much more fun to be around and more often than not, they understand my warped sense of humor and appreciate my God given talent to make incredibly inappropriate “that’s what she said” jokes.

3. The best two decisions I ever made for myself were joining the Army and getting my tonsils out.  Really.  If you haven’t tried either and are thinking about it, I highly recommend both.

4. I have struggled with my weight and physical appearance since I was 11.  In my mind I will never be pretty enough nor thin enough.  High school was difficult for me in the sense that was when I was my thinnest and was terrified to eat much of anything.  As I get older, it’s easier for me to fight those thoughts but some days are much worse than others.  The Army has forced me to maintain a healthier standard than what I was previously torturing my body with.  I didn’t break 100 pounds until my freshman year of college, and the Army added almost 20 pounds of muscle to my frame by the end of basic training.  I now strive to stay above 110 with a healthy diet and daily workouts.  It’s a constant struggle but mentally and physically, this is the healthiest I’ve ever been.

5. I’m averaging about twice a week of being told that I look like or am mistaken for Selena Gomez.  I’m totally okay with this because everyone knows that I wish I was full blooded Latina.

6. Speaking of celebrities, I once got mistaken for Vanessa Hudgens at the Houston Hobby Airport.  That poor girl was so disappointed when I told her the sad truth.

7. My favorite color is yellow; it’s just so dang bright and cheerful!

8. I have an addiction to tanning.  It began when I was 15 and wanting to get rid of my soccer tan lines before prom and it skyrocketed from there.  Most people find this pointless because I’m naturally tan (thanks to those great Cherokee genes of mine) but the competitor in me always has to be “est”…the tannest, the smartest, the prettiest, etc.

9. I swore I would never be a cheerleader in high school but went and did just that.  I ended up lettering and being captain my senior year.  It surprised even me.  I can still do my high school song routine…Go Thunderbirds!

10. I hate food that bursts when you bite into it…like peas, corn, Gushers, whole tomatoes, etc.

11. My best friend and I have been friends for 10 years this August.  She’s like a sister to me.  I sincerely believe God made us friends because neither set of parents could have handled us as sisters.  We are crazy when we get together.  She can always make me laugh and is there whenever I need someone to talk to.

12. One of my favorite childhood memories is climbing into the back of my dad’s pickup with my brother and our bikes and driving to our elementary school to ride around for what seemed like hours.

13. I had pet hamsters from the time I was 7 until I was 18.  My two favorites were Tiger and Speck.  I had one that Karen, my best friend, wrote a limerick about in 8th grade titled “Wiggles was Wicked.”

14. I want two tattoos that both pay tribute to my Cherokee heritage.  My mom is currently in the works of designing them.

15. I was fairly quiet up from the age of 9 up until my senior year of high school.  I got teased more than most know about being smart so I learned to just shut my mouth and not draw attention to myself.  While living in Texas I was placed in a classroom with all gifted children so it was easy to be myself and enjoy learning.  After moving away to a new state and a new school without such a curriculum, I was teased mercilessly by my peers.  I felt like I couldn’t be myself for fear of how others would treat me.  Being bullied and teased from the age of 9 onward made me hate the public school system I was in and those I went to school with.

16. I’m lactose intolerant.  I had no idea where this came from until I studied my genetics and found out it more than likely stems from being part Native American.  I haven’t had ice cream in over two years.  It’s a lonely life.

17. My three biggest pet peeves are: when drivers don’t use their blinkers, poor Spanish pronunciation, and when some guy says he’ll call and he never does.  Karma’s a b#^%!, buddy.

18. I want to go back to school and get my Master’s in International Policy and Strategic Intelligence.  I feel like I can do some good when it comes foreign policy.

19. From a very early age I have had a love affair with Post-Its.  I believe I was 7 when started writing down my homework on them and organizing them by color.  It was that moment that my parents thought a career in the Army would fit me to a tee.

20. I have three fears: thunderstorms, spiders, and being alone for the rest of my life.

21. I have a quote at my desk that says, “The pessimist complains about the sun; the optimist gets a tan.”  Hell yeah! Why do you think I’m so dark?!

22. I refuse to get GPS for my car.  I think it’s pointless.  It frustrates me to no end that the last field training I had taught land nav through GPS.  Seriously?!  I think a map and a sense of direction can get you anywhere you need to go.

23. When I was little, I told my little brother that his middle name was Brat instead of Brett because Mom found him annoying.  I have since owned up to and apologized for this.

24. I met the man of my dreams last year.  He more than likely doesn’t have a clue that I found him to be an amazing man and soldier.  No one else I’ve met since has measured up.  I feel like a crazy person writing that…

25. I love love love: steamed or roasted veggies, Cool Whip, fireworks, living down the street from Neiman Marcus, being raised an Army brat, palm trees, lemonade, the euphoric feeling after a long workout, when my hair stays straight, a clean bathroom, having a Saturday morning breakfast with my parents, authentic Mexican food, classic rock, jet-skiing as fast as I can, a rough and tough soccer game, dancing even when everyone is looking, speaking Spanish, my laugh (thanks, Mom!), knowing God has a plan for me, that this is just the beginning.


  • Nastassha Diaz
    2/9/2009 11:16 AM
    So, true this random facts has been going on and on for weeks. I agree with random fact number 2. And the few female friends I have, are just like me.
  • Paul
    2/14/2011 11:10 AM
    Interesting list, which I picked at random to get ideas for my own. I am just curious what 'I am very leery of other girls' means. Did you mean wary? In English as spoken in England your sentence mean 'I am very lecherous of other girls'. Or does leery mean something different in US English?
  • Tess
    2/15/2011 12:10 PM
    This sounds like me. Are you sure you're not me?

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