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The Game

January 09, 2010 | Staff Sergeant Jonathan Freudenthal

The game was a big success. We had amazing seats on the club level of the 50-yard line. Two Special OPS guys rappelled down from the rafters with the game ball. They also had the players run out onto the field through a giant inflated helmet and smoke cloud.

The first half was unbalanced as the West didn't seem to be able to make a mistake while the East was simply beating itself out of the game. By halftime the score was 14-0 and all motivation was on the West's side.

The Army All-American band put on a good performance during halftime and throughout the game several of the remaining undecided players announced which school they were going to commit to.

The second half was more of a battle. The East created some momentum early but after their first touchdown of the game their extra point attempt was blocked and ran back for another West touchdown. Jacques and his teammates never gave up hope and kept battling.

By the 4th Quarter with the score 24-6 the East surprised the West with a dramatic, but successful onside kick attempt. The East then drove down the field with some outstanding passing and scored and converted a daring two-point conversion with plenty of time to maintain hope of probably the best comeback in All-American Bowl history.

Unfortunately, after the East's failed attempt to convert a second onside kick the West got the ball back and scored a final touchdown which ran out the clock winning their first bowl game since 2005.

One heck of a game and one hell of a week. One that this soldier will never forget. The bonds I have created with Jacques and other Soldier Heroes are truly cherished and something I will never forget.

Thank you for the memories!

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