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February 02, 2010 | Lieutenant Colonel John Cook

There is no place, anywhere, quite like Camp Eggers in downtown Kabul. Home to over 1,600 military and civilians, Camp Eggers is also home of the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan as well as the newly-formed NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan. Both of these organizations are commanded by LTG William Caldwell. In very simple terms, the mission of these two commands is to show the Afghans how to save their country and provide them the tools to do the job. The camp is named in honor of Captain Daniel Eggers, a Special Forces officer killed in action here in May, 2004.

Camp Eggers is a fifteen-acre parcel of once-prime real estate in the heart of downtown Kabul, very near the U.S embassy and the presidential palace. At one time, when Kabul was a civilized place, this area was home to members of the diplomatic community. Several of the stately buildings inside the perimeter had swimming pools, servant quarters, and magnificent, manicured lawns. Today, very little is left of this Eggers of a bygone era.

Now, large, metal shipping containers rest on top of the empty swimming pools, providing office space for the new tenants. The lawns are long gone, replaced with concrete slabs that serve as the foundations for even more shipping containers converted into living quarters. It is this eclectic blending of past and present that gives Eggers its unique charm.

Gator Alley is the main street of Camp Eggers, running north from the main gate and terminating at the front of Warrior Gym, one of two well equipped athletic facilities available for the troops. Before you get to Warrior Gym, you will come to the Post Exchange, or PX, on the right. The PX is where the residents and visitors do their shopping. For the most part, it is adequate for finding essential items such as soap, shaving cream, toothpaste, teapots and the like. However, there is one major exception. Listerine is almost always missing from the shelves. The PX carries their own brand of mouth wash, euphemistically marketed under the brand name SELECT. The label proudly announces that “SELECT compares favorably to Listerine.” It doesn’t, of course; Listerine is the real deal and SELECT is a knockoff.

Unlike Listerine, there is always an abundant supply of early pregnancy tests, carried as a courtesy, no doubt, for the ladies assigned to the embassy since the underlying cause for needing an EPT is banned by the Army’s infamous General Order One. In the back room of the PX, there is a nice selection of DVD movies. You can pay $19.95 for one of these or you can buy the same DVD at the Eggers Bazaar on Friday for $2.00; the choice is up to you.

If you turn left off Gator Alley just past the PX and make a right turn when you get to the Goat Mess Hall, you will wind up at the Green Bean. The Green Bean is Eggers answer to Starbucks back in the world. The Green Bean serves the same kind of assorted, exotic and very much overpriced beverages that Starbucks offers. However, the Green Bean has something very, very special to the residents of Eggers. It houses the only ATM on post. Here, you can get cash for items at the PX and the all-important Friday bazaar.

Going to the Friday bazaar is the high point of the week. This is the one day of the week when the camp commander allows local merchants into Eggers to display a wide variety of items. Since the residents of Eggers are not allowed to go downtown and shop, the merchants bring their wares to the customer. Aside from the $2.00 DVD movies that are still being shown in theaters around the world, there are silk scarves, fake Rolexs, hand made carpets, IPODs, cameras, precious and semi-precious gems, knives, swords, antique rifles, mink jackets, cell phones, paintings, onyx chess sets, and hundreds of other treasures awaiting the residents and visitors to Eggers every Friday. Haggling over the price is all part of the process and the only rule is “buyer beware.” A genuine emerald from the Pansier Valley will look a lot like a fake. Both are readily available at the bazaar. Often, the vendor doesn’t know the difference. The bazaar opens at 11 o’clock and closes sometime close to 4 pm. Experienced bazaar shoppers will wait until closing time to close a major purchase. The odds are you’ll get a better deal. If not, there’s always next Friday to score a great price on a Coach handbag knockoff.

The Friday bazaar is both a microcosm and metaphor for Afghan-American relations at all levels in this broken country. The Americans insist on ground truth and the Afghans smile and say they’re getting it but ground truth is in short supply everywhere here. So, perception becomes reality and you cut the best deal you can and move on, hoping to God that the emerald in your pocket is real and not a piece of green glass.

No matter what kind of day you’re having at Eggers, you can always count of getting three great meals a day at either on two mess halls, officially known as dining facilities. The Marshall and the Goat both open at 5:30 am for breakfast. The quality and variety of food at these facilities is first rate by any standards. Add the fact that we are in a combat zone, and this accomplishment becomes remarkable, considering that everything is transported across Pakistan and there is very little storage space here at Eggers to stockpile food. It must come in every day, rain or shine, Taliban or no Taliban. Both dining facilities are operated by KBR and everyone here that depends on these facilities know that the folks that keep these facilities humming are the real heroes. On Friday, we get steaks and lobster for dinner. The Friday night meal is truly something to look forward to after a hard day of bargainning at the bazaar.

The new week starts all over again on Saturday morning as Eggers comes alive before daybreak. Long before sunup, the Afghans line up at the gate, ready to be X-rayed and patted down before they move into the camp to assist the military in a hundred different way in keeping Eggers running. Convoys form up in Gator Alley, ready to take members of the command group to various meetings around town. At 9 am, the PX will open. Today, we might get lucky. Maybe, just maybe, Listerine is in the overnight delivery. If it is, it will be gone by noon. Best to be there when they open.


  • Henry A. Deats Jr.
    5/11/2010 6:33 AM
    Is it possible for a U S civillian Electrical Engineer to enter the base for Friday Bazarr shopping ? I work for a Afghan Construction Company in town and on several bases, but not on Camp Eggers at this time.
    • John Cook
      7/5/2010 8:40 PM

      Absolutely. All you need to enter Camp Eggers is a US passport. Thanks for reading the blogs. Keep your head down.
      • Lisa Harlow
        12/30/2011 7:38 AM
        Hi John,

        I've been talking to someone on line that says he's at Camp Eggers, but he's also saying there are no phones to talk on and he couldn't give me the APO? Is this correct or am I talking to someone who's not at Eggers? Thanks for any info you can offer!
        • Cindy Majczak
          12/29/2012 2:57 PM
          Hi there, does he use the name Jimmy Micheal by chance
    • Diane
      5/20/2012 10:42 AM
      Do you have a Master Sargent Collins Wright there? He has been contacting me saying he is from Eggers and just wanted to make sure he is from your base.
      • Diane
        5/20/2012 10:48 AM
        He also is asking for money saying that his accounts are frozen and he will be coming home on June 10th...Can you confirm? Also does anyone know a Mr. Felix as a delivery person who delivers care packages back and forth to Afgan?
        • Gina D
          7/5/2012 3:31 PM
          Hi, I'm looking for Sgt John Elbert.
      • Tina
        9/8/2012 5:45 PM
        Hi, I am looking for Ssgt Stephen Gann. Can any one comfirm. Through the A Gen. Mark is telling me that I need to wire money to Leanna Harber in Springfield, Ohio to get him home.
  • Barbara Link
    8/4/2010 1:40 PM
    Thanks for this. My husband just arrived there, and I am curious about where he will be for the next year.
  • Janet Thompson
    8/15/2010 12:11 PM
    Thanks for your eloquent description of Camp Eggers. It is nice to read about what my son will be experiencing in his new assignment. It helps a worried Mom start to somewhat normalize the experience. At least I know he will be eating well and having fun haggling at the bazaar on Fridays.
  • Ben Kraus
    8/27/2010 11:16 PM
    Anybody know a Master Chief Kraus? Thats my pa hes the Command Master Chief or Command Seargent Major there.
  • Elizabeth
    9/12/2010 9:00 PM
    Thanks for posting - ditto Barbara's comments - good to have a glimpse of the Camp.
  • Sayed
    10/18/2010 6:56 AM
    I have a company by the name of SLS , I want to register with your camp, henceforth please instruct me how to register my company.
  • Scott
    10/19/2010 12:33 PM
    How are the living conditions there? My unit is scheduled to arrive sometime in February.
  • Serdar YENER
    11/7/2010 1:41 PM
    I was in there in 2004 but its name was CFC-A Kabul compound. I m Turkish Army Cpt. But at this time i was SSG. i loved there very much also we had wonderful friendship in there. Also there is a ?stanbul Restaurant in downtown we used to go there to eat Doner (rolling meat). There used to be another Turkish compound called Camp Dogan. But i wa assigned to American compound CFC-A (camp Eggers). I used to live in Marshall House over meshall. i was admin nco. i went there after my US duty. i was send to US for BNCOC in 2002. Also last year i was in Lebanon. Generally Afghanistan seemed to be dangerous but as a soldier for 15 years like me i had fun in there.
  • David
    11/19/2010 10:15 PM
    I am looking for a Sgt Aguayo, Philip.
    Could you tell me if he is stationed on your post ?

    Thank You.

    Warrant Officer DM Bernier 3 rd 75th 71 -84 Ret.
  • mary catherine murano
    11/25/2010 8:54 AM
    I am trying to get in touch with Staff Sgt David Capelli.
    Please pass my email addres on to him.
    Let him know I am thinking of him and hoping he is well.
    Thank you
    11/27/2010 5:46 PM
    11/27/2010 5:58 PM
  • lynn shiever
    12/14/2010 8:54 PM
    I am looking for blake Edwards. I was told he may be transferred to another camp. How do I find hin or get apo so we can keep in touch. Thank you. For your help. That's staff sergeant Blake david Ewards with 48th infantry combat brigade. Thanks again!
  • lynn shiever
    12/15/2010 9:30 AM
    it seems I have been scamed. I just found pictures of the man I know as blake on a we site of stolen pics run by scammers. Sorry if I have offended the real blake edwards.i have seen many pictures in uniform so the real edwards is in he military.
    • Kathleen T.
      7/13/2011 3:02 PM
      To Lynn Shiever, I just read your post. Can you tell me about being swindled? I am questioning someone I met, some things do not add up...


    • Cindy Majczak
      12/29/2012 3:00 PM
      Hi there, I have also been scammed, email me you pic and see if they match, the pic I have found on the webite says Haggard.
      • Cindy Majczak
        12/29/2012 3:03 PM
        Sorry,,lol my email is, you know there should be something we can do about this. Our men are there fighting for us and they shouldn't be used this way. Mr. Cook, what can be done.
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  • Mohammad
    4/18/2011 3:17 AM
    Dear Reader,
    I hope this message finds you well, this is very intersting weblog.
    I have a question about Bazzar ? Can Afghans participate in Camp Bazzar.

    Really Thank you!
  • victoria
    5/19/2011 9:54 PM
    Thanks for the eloquent description of the Camp, it helps families to know what their sons and daughters are experiencing. I am grateful there is good food for all the deployed military, it is comforting to know that..
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  • haroon rasooli
    6/20/2011 9:57 AM
    hi dear honey
    i have company in kabul city if you have any order you can send e mail for me
    all kind log and cons....
  • Ray Parker
    6/22/2011 7:11 PM
    Great descripyion of Camp Eggars. How can I get a list of contractors doing work in Afghanistan? Also would appreciate information on the existing legal process, for example, how would an attorney in the US serve a warrant on someone at Camp Eggars to comply with a court order? Is there a SOFA for Afghanistan? Thanks.
    • trial
      9/27/2011 10:27 AM
      Who are you looking for ?
    • kabul
      12/17/2011 7:21 AM
      You cant serve a warrent even though it is an american base. You could contact the us military Military police and have them serve that person? we have the US Embassy in Kabul that may be able to use the federal personel that work at that site to serve the warrent. The best bet is to see them when they go back to the states. If they are staying out of the country, then the embassy can address the legal issue. If its domestic, forget about it. If its state or federal, then something can be done. The Military Police on eggers would always be interested in a Contractor that has a warrent or needs to be served... You can almost Google an MP contact.. THERE IS NO SOFA Agreement so that means its all up in the air. The US Military will send that person back to the states. OR his or her company willl... That is if they get on the flight back to the states... But the Embassy can pull their passport if it is serious enough.. Its me in Kabul
  • Hashim Sadat
    6/26/2011 2:25 AM
    Sir or Madam

    i have worked as translator/ interpreter for about 6 years and i have got lots of experience in this field but i dont have any reference at comp eggers so if there is any vocancy so please let me know by the following email address:

    thanks you so much
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  • Carrie
    9/1/2011 5:38 PM
    Does anyone know Msgt John E Washburn? He is currently at Camp Eggers training Afghan recruits. Lost touch w/ him and I don't have his infantry or unit address. Thanks.
    • Sally Bonadonna
      12/10/2011 6:03 PM
      I've been trying to obtain info about him as well. Does he even exist? Is there a Master Sergeant John E Washburn in Kabul? Who can answer that?
      • Zee
        12/17/2011 10:40 PM

        I have been in contact with Master Sergeant John E. Washburn by emails recently. Why do you question his existence?

        • Sally Bonadonna
          12/18/2011 5:43 AM
          I question whether the person emailing is actually him. I can't really find any info on him and when I questioned him he sent me a phony looking military ID pic. I just think it's odd that he needs me to send him money to get himself home early. I also thing it's bogus that he could start a tour 3 months ago, and finish in June. He's claiming to be madly in love with me and says he wants to marry me - hasn't even met me! I'm just very skeptical and a lot of what he has said doesn't ring true. What kinds of things has he been telling you Zee - I'm curious! Have you ever actually met him? Have you tried to find him on facebook or Google? There's nothing except for one little mention of a deployment in 2007, and it wasn't even in California. He told me he owns a home in Malibu. Any info you can give me would be helpful.
        • Nanc
          1/13/2012 8:14 AM
          Oh just one more time. See my post at the bottom about Johnny as he likes to be called.
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  • SRay Parker
    10/18/2011 6:24 PM
    Attention contracting community. Looking for any informatyion on the location of Maile Long Parker, contracting officer and or Turkish National Zaman Zaman.Last known to be at Camp Eggars and or Kabul embassy.
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  • Darlene Fuente
    11/30/2011 8:06 PM
    I was encountered my a scam artist. He sent pictures of a Steve James (Captain). The man in uniform has the name JAMES. I met him on He also has the e-mail address: But this scam artist said a care package had to be sent to
    Williams Amoako
    P.O. Box 1849 AT ACH-MKT
    ACCRA-GHANA, 00233
    I have pictures of a military captain, has red beret, in one picture. Is there a Steve James at Camp Eggers as stated by Williams a...?
    • sandy quach
      1/18/2012 3:43 PM
      I am just really happy when i found this web site ...because I am came from the country that i think we stuck together like" fate "...Viet Nam that is where i came from and US is my second mother Land to me ,America carrying Us and share with Us their soul ...We all way Thanks what so ever We had receiver
      Once again God Bless America...
    • mary
      6/2/2012 6:56 AM
      I just read about Steve H. James as a scam artist. As of yesterday he wrote tome he is the real one, while others stole his photos!! So i sent a package for his birthday to Diplomat Richard Bamfo, united natiions delegate since camp eggers is a war zone and apo takes 3-5 months!!! he's reitiring in july. Thank you John Cook for looking up 'our Steve James" who is not in afghanistan and a scammer.............Sadly, alot of women are so innocent nd gullible for affection with poetry and letters!! but my question is how can we go after them, can the FBI?? START MAKING ARRESTS?
    • mary w
      6/9/2012 5:45 PM
      Darlene, it looks like this capt steve james also wanted a birthday present sent to diplomat richard bamfo, po box 454, accra, ghana, west africa. since the apo takes too long and the diplomat can fly it. wow. how gullible. guess what i'm waiting for the webcam so he can see me until he retires! is there a way to make an arrest impersonating officers this richard bamfo who gets the package??
    • mary
      7/6/2012 11:25 AM
      Darlene, this Steve James has been writing me for 2 months. He sent me a retirement letter stating he is retirnig july 13th. I sent hima birthday present to Richard Bamfo PO Box 454, Accra, west africa. when the birthdaypresent got there Ihad to pay customs. 2 weeks ago he sent me flowers - i said i need to see u on webcam -- it wasn't him with the gray hair. i have now seen about 7 people all carrying his photos on different sites. I have called him a scammer and wish the military could do something. I have called the us army and wrote to John Cook at campt eggers to tell me Capt. James is not in afghanistan!!!
  • Debbie McMorrow
    12/9/2011 12:02 PM
    I too have been corresponding with a man I met on who says he is stationed at Camp Eggers. His name is Captain Dennis Lopez. He has asked me to send him some things and has told me that I can only send a package to him through a diplomat in West Africa. I had a feeling that something just didn't seem right and now after seeing Darlene's post, I am sure it is either the same man or the same group. Do you have any information on this? Thank you so much for your help! Also, if this guy is trying to scam me, I would still like to support our troops by sending cookies over there but I do not know how to go about doing it. Can you help me with this also?
    • Andrea
      1/20/2012 1:04 AM
      Hi,I just want to tell all the women who posted in this site ,I registered on badoo,it's a dating site.the guys all in construction over in Nigeria or lots of men pretending to be in the military .if they ask to send something after two conversation. You know they fake.or ask to talk about your feeling for them .Come on nobody fal in love overnight,you never even meet the person .they even have phone numbers you can call.only they accent is strong ,they think we don't recognize and African accent ,come on .can anybody tell me how you can find out if the guy is in the military? Any place they name you can look up?
    • patricia Troncoso
      4/30/2012 12:17 AM

      Dear Debbie,
      I want you to know exactly the same that happened to me in the MATCH.COM and twice (LOL) (change username) but the artist firts was called Staff Sergeant Javier Lopez (Roo) and then Sergeant Sam Lopez and also they asked for Iphone, Ipod, Cell Blacberrie, boxers, shirts, men cologne, money.
      I have several photos of the Navy sergeant in uniform and in civilian clothes with his child with his mother, they also were widowed and when he got back home we would get maried... the same... and also they asked me to send things to Ghana to this address,
      Felix Adu Ntim
      Annan lucky
      PO.Box at 2023
      Achimota Market
      Accra _Ghanna
      Well I want to join this, because I dont want this people use the image of our soldiers for this misuse and dont want to think how many women have fallen into this trap.
      PS. (I send a letter to and also send a letter to U.S. Navy explaining the situation)

      Debbie dear,
      well I want you to know that happened to me exactly the same in the MATCH.COM and twice (LOL) (change username) but the artist was called Staff Sergeant Javier Lopez first (Roo) and then Sergeant Sam Lopez and also the I asked for Iphone, Ipod, Cell Blacberrie, boxers, shirts, men cologne, money.
      I have several photos of the Navy sergeant in uniform and in civilian clothes with your child with his mother, they also were widowed and when I got back home we would marry and so on .... the same and also asked me to send things for Ghana to this address,
      Felix Adu Ntim
      Annan lucky
      PO.Box at 2023
      Achimota Market
      Accra _Ghanna
      good I join this because I do not want to use the image of our soldiers for this use and do not want to think how many women have fallen into this trap.
      (I send a letter to and also send a letter to U.S. Navy explaining the situation)

      Debbie dear,
      well I want you to know that happened to me exactly the same in the MATCH.COM and twice (LOL) (change username) but the artist was called Staff Sergeant Javier Lopez first (Roo) and then Sergeant Sam Lopez and also the I asked for Iphone, Ipod, Cell Blacberrie, boxers, shirts, men cologne, money.
      I have several photos of the Navy sergeant in uniform and in civilian clothes with your child with his mother, they also were widowed and when I got back home we would marry and so on .... the same and also asked me to send things for Ghana to this address,
      Felix Adu Ntim
      Annan lucky
      PO.Box at 2023
      Achimota Market
      Accra _Ghanna
      good I join this because I do not want to use the image of our soldiers for this use and do not want to think how many women have fallen into this trap.
      (I send a letter to and also send a letter to U.S. Navy explaining the situation)

      Debbie dear,
      well I want you to know that happened to me exactly the same in the MATCH.COM and twice (LOL) (change username) but the artist was called Staff Sergeant Javier Lopez first (Roo) and then Sergeant Sam Lopez and also the I asked for Iphone, Ipod, Cell Blacberrie, boxers, shirts, men cologne, money.
      I have several photos of the Navy sergeant in uniform and in civilian clothes with your child with his mother, they also were widowed and when I got back home we would marry and so on .... the same and also asked me to send things for Ghana to this address,
      Felix Adu Ntim
      Annan lucky
      PO.Box at 2023
      Achimota Market
      Accra _Ghanna
      good I join this because I do not want to use the image of our soldiers for this use and do not want to think how many women have fallen into this trap.
      (I send a letter to and also send a letter to U.S. Navy explaining the situation)

      Debbie dear,
      well I want you to know that happened to me exactly the same in the MATCH.COM and twice (LOL) (change username) but the artist was called Staff Sergeant Javier Lopez first (Roo) and then Sergeant Sam Lopez and also the I asked for Iphone, Ipod, Cell Blacberrie, boxers, shirts, men cologne, money.
      I have several photos of the Navy sergeant in uniform and in civilian clothes with your child with his mother, they also were widowed and when I got back home we would marry and so on .... the same and also asked me to send things for Ghana to this address,
      Felix Adu Ntim
      Annan lucky
      PO.Box at 2023
      Achimota Market
      Accra _Ghanna
      good I join this because I do not want to use the image of our soldiers for this use and do not want to think how many women have fallen into this trap.
      (I send a letter to and also send a letter to U.S. Navy explaining the situation)

      • Patricia
        4/30/2012 12:35 AM
        apologize to send the message too many times but when I read this I got nervous the truth ..... I could not believe it happened to me but now I see I'm not the only one, but now I feel worse!
        so sorry !!..
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        • Laura
          7/6/2012 10:17 AM
          TO all the women on this blog my heart goes out to all of you. I;m from a military family. The person I met was Lopez morgan He is supposed to be at Eggers he is also a sgt in the army. I was asked for the same items and a laptop clothes for a llittle boy and girl about 5yrs old Do you have a photo of your lopez also do any of you know a Richmond Sowokey th e address that I was given was P O box AH 283 ACCRA ACHIMOTA 0023 GHANA West Africa
          • ann taylor
            7/29/2012 1:06 PM
            laura please tell me about yr morgan lopez i have the same thing with the same name
          • ann taylor
            7/29/2012 5:13 PM
            he has not asked me for any money but has asked me for a laptop i refused he has now asked for a mobile phone do you have any pics and i can see if this is same guy he says he is a sergeant in us military i have been unsure because he forgets and tells a different story thanks ann
        • Cindy Majczak
          12/29/2012 4:26 PM
          we should be able to post their pics here for comparison. These men should be ashamed using our men like that. The man is using the name Sgt. Jimmy Kennedy Micheal. If anyone has heard from a man using this name let me know at There should be something we can do about this. Fraud or impersonating a military offical.
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  • William goods
    12/24/2011 11:12 PM
    am looking for sgt Ashley garrison, and sgt Billy garrison. they are with the Oregon army national guard, 1186 military police

  • Nanc
    1/13/2012 8:05 AM
    I too am questioning John Washburn. He has been relentless requesting money for an early return home. He also has told me he is madly in love with me and wants to marry me. He says if I send him money for a flight home he could leave right away instead of leaving in August. He is suppose to be training Afghans to among other things look like one is dead. I too was contacted by him through Match.

    He told me he just sold his house in Lawndale before he choose this deployment. If only he had met me more than 3 months ago he would never have gone to Afghan.

    I have looked for him on goggle/facebook and another site which tells you people's addresses and phone #s. He isn't there either

    I also found the 2007 deployment info from 2007. He has sent me several pics on in Uniform w/all the ribbons/metals and a couple more of him in a white office w/doors that have metal kickplates on the bottom.

    He claims his wife who died 10 years ago divorced him because she had liver cancer didn't tell him. She loved him so much that she wanted him not to be a widower but divorced. He has a son named Greg and he sent me pics of his mum and dad. He claims to be born in Glassgow Ireland and moved when he was 20 to the US, joined the army when he was 32 and is suppose to be leaving the service after 20 years after this deployment.

    He goes on endless about how he thinks he will killed if he doesn't get home. His birthday is 2/20/1960.

    I have never met him face to face either. He started writing me 1/2/12 He told me he wants to move in with me as soon as he arrives and then asked me to marry him.
    He told me he couldn't tell me more about him because:
    I told you I am nervous because you might just need me for your data collections and studying men

    I have no idea what that means. He has just decided for me I have a data collection and I am studying men?????????????????

    He doesn't seem to want to know anything about me either. He won't send me a picture of his son or wife. He says his wife was perfect as was his family life as is his son in Cambridge University. He had a range rover but sold it to pay for his son's school.
    He calls me Boo Boo or Hunniecalls me his darling

    He says cryptic lines to me when I refuse to send him money:

    Protect our relationship and always stand by her conviction
    You threw it all in my face
    You have painted me in a bad way, who could ever wished to come home to you after those words
    Every single word tears my soul
    You just don't know how to handle me yet

    I got more too
    • John Cook
      1/14/2012 3:57 AM
      Dear Nancy:

      I unsually do not reply to comments posted to by blog. However, I'm making an exception in your case because it bothers me whenever anyone engages in deception by claiming he is a member of the military. I can tell you that there is no one here at Camp Eggers by the name of John Washburn. I started this blog to give people back in the states an idea of what life is like here. I'm now considering if I should write a blog warning everybody that there are scam artists out there pretending they are one of us. In any event, I hope this has made you feel a bit better. Unfortunately, there will always be a few John Washburns out there but please don't let them influence the way you think about our military. These guys are first rate!

      Best regards,

      John Cook
      Camp Eggers, Afghanistan
      • John R Huff Jr
        4/4/2012 12:50 AM

        Hi John,

        Is there a Sgt Edward Holliman serving in Afghanistan (Kabul) Just received a suspicious email from someone by this name who said he had discovered 10.5 million dollars ina cache and needed me to invest it for him. Very strange. He He
      • Ginger
        7/26/2012 6:36 PM
        Hi John,

        I think I have been scammed by a so- called Sergeant Jason Antonio Griffin. He says he is retiring in 2 months after serving 20 years in the airforce. He is stationed in Kabu @Camp Eggers. I sent him a care package via a Mr. Divine from Ghana and then asked to pay $200 in duty fees for it to be released to this Mr. Divine. I just can't believe how foolish I've been in actually falling for this guy. If you can give me any information about him , that would be great.

      • Carrie A Moore
        7/28/2012 9:51 AM
        I have been emailing a man named Sgt. Peter Sherman who says he is at Camp Eggers and he asked me to set up a squareup account in my name and send him the password . Is he a member of the U.S. Army there or is he trying to scam me. He is vague about a physical mail address and we fisrt contacted from a dating site. He says he is coming home in August and his home is Bangor Maine. I don't want to be a victim here and if he is not on the base or lying I need to know because he has asked me about relocating for him.results.
        • Debbie Hinkley
          9/8/2012 10:20 AM
          Carrie I also have been writing to Peter. He has even gone so far as to ask me to marry him. We have spent countless hours talking online. He also asked me to set up a usaa account so that he could send money home for when he comes back to the states. He claimed that he put in for a leave but it hasnt gone through yet. Any other info I would love to share with you.
      • Lynley Leatham
        11/28/2012 7:49 PM
        Can you please check if there is a Gen Mark Edwards of US Marines stationed at your Camp. He has been contacting me saying he is coming on leave to New ZEaland. I would like to know if he exists
        Thank you for your help
    • Andrea
      1/22/2012 9:01 AM
      Hi,I been researching on the Internet ,I find it's site after I typed in google military dating scam,under the face of military dating scam you can see people upload pictures of fake persons ,maybe we should send them some of are guys pic so we can help other woman out there not to make a same mistake.they everywhere and is disturbing .
  • Nanc
    1/13/2012 8:12 AM
    Oh sorry I posted my reply at the end instead of here about Johnny as he likes me to call him
    • Alma
      10/15/2012 6:20 PM
      The scam is still going on was contacted about 10 days ago by a says hes a major at camp eggers knew something wasnt right told him i know hes a scammer he was still trying to get me to trust him glad i figured out what was up i even told him i was poor didnt mean anything
  • Sally Bonadonna
    1/13/2012 12:04 PM
    Ok, sounds like the same guy. He's quite a talker. I stopped talking to him awhile ago. Decided to move on with my life! Best of luck to him with his gold digging and lies. Life has a way of making things right eventually, and I'm sure it will with him too.
  • Nancee Belshaw
    1/13/2012 5:05 PM
    And he found out I posted here and he went off on me. I had to laugh he was mad that people @ Camp Eggers told him I posted here. Now you would think that ego of his would love all this attention.

    For every lady that posts here there has to be 10 more who have not.

    Gone out my life. All lies all the time
  • Zee
    1/13/2012 5:42 PM

    This sounds like an exact repeat of what I've been hearing from Johnny for the last few months. Send me your contact information so we can compare notes rather than communicate on this blog.
    • Nancee
      1/13/2012 6:33 PM
      okay you can email me @ Wow you lasted way longer than I did

    • Cindy Majczak
      12/29/2012 4:37 PM
      It sounds like I have been contacted on facebook by the same man using the name Jimmy Jimmy. My email is and lets compare notes and see if it is the same guy.
  • Nancee Belshaw
    1/13/2012 6:36 PM

    If you want, write me too at my email above and maybe all 3 of us could find an additional time to chat. I got 3 pics maybe we can all share those too

    • jamie
      9/8/2012 11:05 AM
      Iam writing for a friend can you tell me if johhny has gray hair standing by a helicoper?
  • Nancee Belshaw
    1/14/2012 10:28 AM
    Lieutenant Colonel Cook

    Can you please contact me with an email address I can reply to you with some additional information I prefer to send to only you? The email I did have was not accepting my emails.

    Thank you

    • John Cook
      1/14/2012 8:37 PM
      Hi Nancee:

      You should be able to reach me at:
      • Shelya
        8/26/2012 2:39 AM
        Hi Mr. Cook, my name is Shelya, I got your email address from this page and I tried to send you an email address directly to you it didn't go through. I am really desperate and I really need your help hoping with all my heart you can help me. I met this man on he said his name is William Castillo, that he was at Afghanistan but he was transfer to a special mission at another place. I want to know if he is real, if you can please tell me if he was there and if it is true that he was transfer to a special mission, he has sent me a lot of love letters and pictures, I have pictures of him that I can send you if you like so you can tell me if you know him or if it is true that he was there and if he has been send to a secret mission; I know his last name is Castillo because his last name is in his soldier's suit but I don't know if his first name is William; I want to know if he really exist. He told me he wasn't able to tell me that much about where he was because it is confidential; he only said that he was send to Malaysia, but when i ask him about what was the name of the city where he is or at what time he will work for that day or other questions, he is always telling me that he cant give me any information at all. We have been sending emails and talking through IM for almost 6 weeks already, and I am really in love of him. I just want to know if he is real because I have read the cases about scam soldiers and I am really scared that I am deeply in love of somebody that is not real or that he might not exist, and what most hurts me is that he had talk to my children through IM and they are really happy for me because he has tell them that he loves me so much and that he will come to marry me very soon; specially with my little son that he calls him daddy.
        Please Mr. Cook, I hope you can reply to me very soon with this information, I am very desperate because my kids are very happy about this.

        Thank you for reading my email and I hope you reply to me really soon.


      • Debbie Hinkley
        9/8/2012 11:24 AM
        Hello Sir. First let me thank you for your service to our country. God Bless You!! I am inquiring about a Col Peter Serman. In reading a post from another woman he claims to her to be a Sgt. He claims to be from Bangor Maine. He stated to me that he had put in for a leave back about the end of June and it has not gone through yet. My question is this - Is there in fact a Peter Sherman enlited ther in Afghanistan stationed at Camp Eggers? We have talked for countless hours and I have fallen deeply for him and he claims to have done the same for me. He has gone so far as to ask me to marry him. Is he for real? Please email me at debhinkley@hotmail,com. Thank you for your speedy reply to this matter. I am really at wits end by what I have found.
  • Nancee
    1/14/2012 10:31 PM
    Thank you Sir
    I have sent my email to you now.

  • sandy quach
    1/18/2012 7:53 PM
    Hi ..
    I really don't know what I have to do with my situation...but felling like I am the one have been played ...I hurt real bad and ,My heart broke and I don't know should I trust and honest to one of U.S.Army man that I been met over the last month ...I am just a woman want to find a good man to be return to the warm feeling of the family ,I miss the married life ...and I found one he say his name is Donals James and he is SSG and service in Kabul Afganistan ..we been talk about 2 week and he beginning ask me to send him stuff like clothe ,shoe,watch ,t shirt..and have to be at least 8 of each kind of item ..I mean the first in my deep heart I think if i can send to our soldier and i will be very welcome to do that but I beginning question him about why do you need a lot ?he say for his Commender too ..(i fell weird because his com mender will had the support from Army ..why he need even the boxer?(i am sorry)...and he also want laptop too ..i been told him i don't have that kind money and he keep beg me i think when he send me the pic of him(i mean who ever the SSG in the James ..)i think he look nice and good ...i really fell something strange because with me if i am a man,i am not going to ask my new girl friend send me stuff and beg like a begger...
    and i been ignore him ..later he try to talk with me and this time he say he will ask his commeder let he go home in 2 mth to spent time with me and come back Af.again ...(he don't remember that i told him my Son is in Marine for 5 yrs and he been in Af. Kabul before ) so that why i know he lie because when you Staff Sergeant like him you can not left your guy over there and go home to see your girl friend...and i ask him to call me by the office in Kabul he say no one let him ??(my son call me some time when he there ..and he Staff S.he can't do that ??)this time he ask for 2000 dollard so he can go home and marry me ...I just don't talk with him no more and take off the (that his e mail add.)a week later that mean just 2 day ago he go to and show up with the name Glen Beham and asking me to talk by Match ..first i don't ..but later he send me the pic.and i just want to pass out because that him and i cry so hard (he not never see me in real life)because in the deep i know i love the one in the pic.the one is my real James in pic. i don't know him and he don't know me (just for give me if he have his wife and his kid .)that i really love James the man in that much and i still cry every time that i think about him ..
    and he say he a real one an Jams who use his play with me .?i told him i don't beleive what he say and he still beg me to help him so he can do his Gold business ..i say i don't care his Gold and i will find the real Army people to report and try what ever i can from now till i die to find out who is my James IS?and even if he is married or he don't want me i will till happy just one time ..can i see him in real life ? ....
    would you the army strong ...
    would who ever read this letter please help me to find My James ...just one time help me to find him (i have his pic.with his uniform and i know he real SSG ..) and i think he the one don't know some one who use his name to cheat a lot of woman around
    now his name and pro file still in you can pull his file under nick name newyorker9016 and he say he living in brooklin florida ..(i do not report to Match .com because i don't want to hurt my James name )
    please help me and let me know at least some thing about this matter ...or i will be die by the sadness that i carry now
    I Sandy thank you so much and so sorry about this long message like this ...but i also thank's God that i found this web side ...God Bless our Soldier ...
    • mary
      6/1/2012 11:35 AM
      your James , please look at facebook under Richardson Miller, the same photo appears under here....

      I also, today for , 1 month now talk to Cap[tain James, hoping he is real. Another marriage, his wife and son died.............not money but gifts???

  • sandy quach
    1/19/2012 6:21 PM
    can I reach sir john cook at his e mail add. please..
    i use that but my mail fail when i send
    please tell me Can i reach him ?thank you so much..
    • Francis O Shaughnessy
      8/7/2012 1:22 AM
      I have tried sending an email to the same address and it also keep coming up 'sending failed'.

      It can't be the right address.
  • Andrea
    1/20/2012 2:19 AM
    Hi ,if you type in the Internet what to send to Afganistan ,they have a site for30$ send cookies to the soldiers ,or they explain how you can send thruogh the postal service and how to wrapp.
  • michael
    1/20/2012 9:52 AM
    I was reading your reply to a woman looking for some one in camp egger I have been corresponding with a sgt. Edward holliman is there a service man with that name there. cause I hope its not a scam..

  • Andrea
    1/20/2012 10:27 AM
    I'm try to look into how to find info who is in that camp and who is pretending been that camp.i will post my info ,when I have it. Andrea
    • John Cook
      1/21/2012 12:01 AM
      Dear Andrea:

      Please send any name directly to me at this email and I will tell you if that person is at Camp Eggers,
      John Cook
      • Laura
        7/24/2012 10:49 PM
        The soldier I am wondering about is Lt.Darren James? Is he truly at campegger!! We have been talking and I "think"he is for real cause he hasn't asked for anything thus far!! I have seen so many nasty reports on here with the last name James. Please tell me if he does exist there?? He says his wife died 5 years ago and his daughter is 20 and lives in NY? I would just like to know??
      • jamie johnson
        9/8/2012 11:25 AM
        JOhn cook can you please tell me if John James is on the Kabul base for a dear friend of mine.
        • jamie
          9/8/2012 11:29 AM
          John James is a Captian
  • Johjn Cook
    1/20/2012 11:54 PM
    Dear Debbie:

    I normally do not reply to comments on my blog but your comment definitely requires a reply. First of all, if you want to send a package to anyone at Camp Eggers, there is certainly no requirement to send it to West Africa. This is definitely an attempt to scam you. We have a great post office here. Hope this helps. If you have a message for me directly or any other question concerning life at Camp Eggers, you can reach me at:

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    John Cook
  • John Cook
    1/20/2012 11:58 PM
    Hi Sandy:

    You almost had my email correct. It is:

    You can send any question to this email address.
    John Cook
  • mikel
    1/22/2012 9:11 AM
    there is a nab going by the name Sgt.Edward.Holliman at camp eggers I figured he should be checked out. these people shouldn't our guys to scam people. its wrong. just figured i'd give u heads up on him..
    • John R Huff Jr
      4/3/2012 11:46 PM
      I also received email messages fro a Sgt Edward Holliman. The first were because he thought I was gay and he told me his father died and his Mother did not care for him anymore.. After months, He recently sent mea message saying he had come across 10.5 million dollars i a cache and wanted me to invest in it. The photos he sent me were of a very nice looking blond white man. I wonder now. if he is not really a black or Asian man or whatever? He He
      • Stevo
        4/11/2012 10:33 AM
        Yeah, I also got an email from Sgt Edward Holliman. He said he saw my email and was looking for an "good and trusted investor" because of the $10 million he had his hands on. I never fall for scams, and he would have to be a bloody hot bloke for me to even consider falling for something like this. What a laugh!!
  • tamim
    2/8/2012 10:13 AM
    dear sir
    how are we?
    i am a british citizan can i enter in the eggers base to register my company or do i need an invtation to go there

    thank you
  • Francis O Shaughnessy
    2/18/2012 7:50 PM
    I'm not sure if you can assist me but i could really do with your help on a personal matter. I am trying to trace someone who claimed to work as a Lt. at Camp Eggers by the name of Tyra Newton. I got to know her for sometime and, for reasons which i cannot go into right now, i am no longer in contact with her. She was quite detailed in her description of being in the army and being at Camp Eggers and i need to know if she is really there.
    I cannot say enough how important this is for me because i'm finding it difficult to move on with my life and i just need to know whether she is really there or not.

    Can you help ???
    • Andrea
      2/18/2012 8:22 PM
      I so sorry for you about the woman who said she is in campeggersafganistan ,they everywhere in the Internet woman and men ,doing a romance scam ,they make believe you they love you and you send money or not they diassapear.they not real person and they use stolen pictures.
      • Francis O Shaughnessy
        8/7/2012 1:41 AM
        Many thanks ...

        It has taken me along time to deal with this but i think i can finally put things to rest now... at least in my mind.

        She had me so convinced she was real and i fell for it. All the way.

        This is the email address she gave me ...

        If it's still active i'm sure there are people on here that have probably met her online and would like to say a few words or two to them.

        It's the least i can do to repay them for what they have done to me.
    • John Cook
      2/21/2012 12:41 AM
      Hi Francis:

      I can tell you with certainty that there is no Tyra Newton here at Camp Eggers. Unfortunately, your story is not a new one. A lot of people out there are pretending to be someone they are not and they are using by blog site to carry out this scam. You can reach me directly at Best regards, john
      • Francis O Shaughnessy
        8/7/2012 1:28 AM
        Thank for your response... however i cannot send any emails to the address you have given. It keeps coming up 'Failure to send'.

        Other people are having the same problems so it seems.

        My email address is ' '

      • Dorothy J
        11/19/2012 3:23 PM
        Is there a Staff Sergent Mark Hans Brown at Camp Eggers? I have been talking with him and something doesn't ring true.

        Tried to e-mail Mr. Cook, but his e-mails come back undeliverable.

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kathi
    2/23/2012 1:14 PM
    I would also like to have the site that you found the pictures on to check out some people I have met on line. Please send it to my email listed.
    • Andrea Matrai
      2/23/2012 2:25 PM
      I don't have your email
  • kathi
    2/23/2012 5:11 PM
    Thanks for getting back with
    • kathi
      2/27/2012 8:51 PM
      Andrea can you resend that site to me? Somehow I deleted it.
  • Ghulam Sarwar
    2/24/2012 8:45 AM
    Hi Mr John Cook,


    I hope this message finds you well and safe.

    I am an Afghan British civil engineer.
    I am very keen to join US Army as a Dari interpreter/translator.
    Please let me know if i can drop me CV to your email address or meet you at Camp Eggers in Kabul. I am currently in Kabul on a contract job, which is terminating on Feb 29th. I am desperately looking for a job.

    I appreciate your cooperation and kindness.
    Please feel free to contact me at

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Best regards
  • valerie swanson
    3/5/2012 1:08 PM
    Is there a General David Miller currently serving at eggars camp?
  • Andrea Matrai
    3/5/2012 1:19 PM
    I never hear anybody was actually a real soldier on the dating sites .they all scammers.
  • valerie swanson
    3/5/2012 3:35 PM
    this was not a dating site he logged into my skype site.
  • Andrea Matrai
    3/5/2012 4:30 PM
    They are desperate for money ,and I here sometimes they do that on Facebook
  • Diana
    3/20/2012 8:38 PM
    Hi John, i happen to come across this site , and i want to say how nice it is to genuinely see someone who cares, and actually takes the time to comment , and email these people back.Great job, :)!
  • Bismillah Turkmen
    4/14/2012 4:29 AM
    hi Dear Sir,
    Hope you All Fine And Healthy,

    I am Bismillah Turkmen From Kabul I Have Carpet Bussines In Kabul And I want Join ISAF Carpet Bazaar. Any Body Can Help Me To join Carpet Baazar In Isaf Camps In Kabul Plz Let Me Know Wat Is Procedure To Join ISAF Baazar. Plz Inform Me in This Contacts,

    Bismillah Turkmen
    Cell ; 0093 789 203 402
    Email ;

  • liz
    4/15/2012 11:13 PM
    Hi John Cook, my name is Liz and i got your info off line at your blog of Camp Eggers. I am a single mom with five kids and I have been communicating with a man who claims to be there at the camp. Can you tell me if he is really located there or not. He finally told me the name of his camp base. His name is Staff Sgt Clark Hans. He says he is in the Military Police department. He claims to have been there for two years now and transferred in from Bagdadd. He is claiming that right now he is wanting to come here to Fort Worth, TX and retire from the Army, but the Army won't pay his ticket home because of a big military secret. I find this really hard to believe. He said that he had a ticket and was on his way home a few weeks back when he and his buddies were hit in a car bomb and several died. He survived and is ready to come home, but now the Army has changed it's mind and doesn't have money to send the guys home. Please enlighten me on this issue. I have been talking to him for 2 years now and if it isn't real, I want to end this quickly. If it is true, is there any way to send him on his way.
    Thanks for listening. Liz
  • John Cook
    4/16/2012 6:29 AM
    Hi Liz:

    Unfortunately, it looks like you have been scammed. There is no one with this name in Afghanistan. Obviously, no American soldier ever has to pay his own way home. If you like, you can contact me at and I can give you more information concerning the various scams that are being used.

    All the best....john
    • liz
      4/16/2012 7:07 AM
      Thanks John for taking time to answer me here.
  • Aziz
    4/16/2012 7:09 AM
    Dear John Cook,
    Good after noon !

    As i always receive messages from eggar comp site therefore, i saw your message which was for Liz, actualy iam sorry for taking your time i have just somthing regarding my company wants to shear with you if you can help me please in the regards.

    I have a logistics services co. and i want to register my company over there in camp eggar till i can offer our service and get back to them at my soonest and lowest price.

    I am respectfully request from you if you can do somthing for us in this issue.
    Thanks from your time.

  • Diane
    4/19/2012 2:09 PM
    I've been reading this and now wonder if Sgt Mark West is there and being sent home in May 2012.
    If someone could answer it for me I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Heath
    4/24/2012 10:40 PM
    Wow! I didn't know that there were so many gullible women out there that are so desperate for love. I can't beleive anyone would even consider doing things like this. An honorable American Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine will never contact anyone via the internet and ask for money. If it really is an American service member and he is asking you for money then YOU DO NOT NEED HIM! We don't need your money. We actually get paid quite well. The U.S. government will NEVER EVER EVER leave one of their people stranded in a foreign land without transport back to the United States. It will NEVER happen. So PLEASE don't fall prey to these ridiculous scammers! Care packages to Africa? Really? How could you even question if that is fake? If you would like to send care packages to U.S. troops you can get addresses and instructions by going to anysoldier dot com. Please don't hesitate to send a package. I have received care packages while deployed to the Middle East and I can personally say that they are highly appreciated by many many troops. Care package treats are a welcome break to the monotony of chow hall cusine. If you would like the troops to contact you back leave a note in the box with your return address. Sometimes there isn't much to do and boredom is a killer.There are many troops over there that would love to have a penpal. As far as asking who is stationed at Camp Eggers and who is not. That information is For Official Use Only and should never be disclosed to the public. This is a violation of Operational Security procedures. While it usually is not classified information it is illegal to disclose personell locations to the public for unofficial use. Especially on the Internet for the world to see!!! U.S. military members and DoD employees are strictly prohibited from disclosing troop/personnel locations and movements.
  • bali
    4/28/2012 8:35 AM
    Can someone help me please. I want to know if a General o the US Army is genuine. He goes by the name of General Franklin Miller based in Eggers Afghanistan.
    In a week he claims to have fallen for me and wants to marry me and is going to come to London in July. we have only been chatting on skype for less then a week and i dont want to be taken for a ride
  • Pauline
    5/17/2012 12:30 PM
    Hello, Can you help me I have been talking to someone that says he is with the a US army in Kabul Afghanistan, I have looked on the scam sites and I have seen him on there but when I told him he says that his email account was hacked and I would like to know if he is with you or he is a scam-er please.
    Name ....Sgt. Morgan Arron Butterfield
    Age.... 47
    D,O,B .....1965
    Well that what he says
    would be appreciated,
    Thank you
  • John Cook
    5/19/2012 3:07 AM
    Dear Pauline:

    There is a SGT Stanley Butterfield here in Afghanistan. It appears that he is in Kandahar. His email address is I do not have a mailing address. However, if he gives you a mailing address that does include an APO number, this this is a scam. Please do not send anything to anyone that lists the name of the country in the address. For example, his mailing address should look a lot like mine:

    John Cook
    APO AE 09356

    If his mailing address does not look like this, then this guy is pretending to be SGT Butterfield. If it really is SGT Butterfield, then it will look like mine, with a different APO number. Hope this helps.

    • Chris
      5/20/2012 6:22 AM
      Can you please tell me if there is a

      i would like to know thank you Chris
      • laura frost
        12/1/2012 11:16 AM
        hes a fake he is a nigerian he confessed to me hes not real i have emails and pics
    • Chris
      5/20/2012 6:23 AM
      Can you please tell me if there is a

      i would like to know thank you Chris
  • AJ
    5/19/2012 3:53 AM
    Hello Dear sir,

    I hope you fine and doing well,
    please find out the attached file our agreement and emailing proces with contract officer
    Dear sir before 4 weeks ago our company award one contract from this contract officer when i want to check my invoice the contract number is worge now i need when i stared email to contract officer he is nor response us when i want call to his DSN number also not working i have a request from you if it is possible to help us in this case we are really in the problems sir

    see the below the contract officer information looking forward for your urgent response
    Thank you very much for your attention,

    1 Lt, USAF
    Contracting Officer
    KAF (Kandahar Regional Contracting Center)
    APO AE 09355
    DSN: 318-421-7917
  • Pauline
    5/19/2012 7:45 AM
    Thank you so much it was a very big help and i can tell you that he is a scam now as his is

    Hope you can do something to stop him .
    • Sunshine
      8/27/2012 12:38 AM
      Hello Pauline, had read about what you posted Sgt Morgan or Morrgan. I have any interest about him and If you got any pics him plz send to me through my e-mail:
      This man said me full name him: FRANK CHUCK LOPEZ MORGAN and I have some pics him. Plz reply my msg so soon and I thanks.
  • Me
    5/20/2012 11:58 PM
    Is true what you say, but I want to tell everybody to please look at)google) THE NEW DATING SCAM MILIYARY and you will see many of the photo of the military who have stolen their identity and others are false and you will realize that this is going on........ for over 2 YEARS and apparently no one can stop these people from Nigeria and Ghana, please get informed, there is also some news on (youtube) CNN and FOX.
  • jc
    5/21/2012 1:38 PM
    Hello John, first i would like to thank you for your service to our country and to all the men and women serving in our armed forces. I not sure if you can help me. I have been chatting with a SSGT Blake David Edwards for almost a year. He claims to be at Camp Eggers. I have several pics of him and an im and email address. I applied for him to come home due to a family emergency and was told there is a processing fee, not a ticket fee that must be paid, as everything has to be processed in Afghanistan. He has told me on several occasions that if i am not not convinced as to his id or where abouts do not send any money. The money was to be western union to a 1st Lt in Clinton Maryland... I have also received emails from a Major Guy, who explained where the money was to be sent to and the processing time frames once the money is paid. Is this for real and does Blake even exist or is it just another scam... I am a single mom of 2 and a student, so my funds are like gold to my family. If you could help me i would appreciate it,, Thanks
    • Diana
      5/21/2012 3:22 PM
      Hi Jc, I would save your money for your kids, more then likely its a scammer that is trying to get money out of you, save your money for your education, and meet someone locally because it will save you alot of grief. Any true man , in the army would not ask a woman to send him money, as they are paid while on active duty. ALL YOU WOMAN , AND MAN THAT ARE ASKING QUESTIONS, ABOUT PEOPLE THAT YOU MEET ONLINE, BEWARE ANYONE THAT ASKS FOR MONEY , STUFF OR FINANCIAL INFO. THIS PERSON IS PROBABLY MORE THEN LIKELY A SCAMMER. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THEM. I saw your post, and wanted to save you from sending money to a scammer..they will only keep asking for more money. Be safe, and i hope this helpled , save your moeny for your kids, and your education..
  • Damn
    5/23/2012 2:42 AM
    I also have met a girl by the name of Tyra Newton on Says she is a Lt. In Kabul, afghan in the Army. She sent me a vacation approval from the army wanting me to fill out with my info and send back to her so the Army would approve her vacation. She said part of her fees would be reimbursed but not all. Does this sound like anything the Army does?
    • Francis O Shaughnessy
      8/6/2012 7:04 PM
      I have been trying to do some searching on Lt, Tyra Newton today and Google showed me this reply. Your reply. I have been trying for months to find any information on her without any success at all but now i see someone who has had contact with her themselves and that is you. For months, last year, i had quite a bit of contact with her. If your reply is in connection with my story i posted on here some time ago them you know my story but if not then the break down is this. We became close and she said she wanted to see me here in the Uk. She asked me to help her with expenses, which of course i foolishly did, but at the last moment she could not, what a coincidence... I helped her with £1700 of my own money. She convinced me, absolutely convinced me she was in the army. The way she talked in her emails and about her work. I fell for it like a fool and i was conned. I know that now. I tried to do a trace on her email address which led me to a profile on facebook where she used the name Tina Newton and the profile had the exact same information on it as she gave me. I reported it to facebook and the profile was deleted but i did copy it in image format and can give anyone a copy of it if they wish. I have much respect for the US Army for the work that they do and maybe it was this that blinded me to actually helping her... that and i thought she cared. I still have some emails from her and have tried to trace the emails themselves in hope i can find out where they originated from but without luck. If you have any further information on her i would appreciate it... or if she has gave you details about her life which she hasn't gave me i would be more than interested to hear it. This is not over for me as far as i'm concerned. I was conned good style and i want this person to pay for what they have done to me. If you can give me any further information on her or what she has told you about herself can you email me... My email address is - This is the closest i have got to finding anyone who has any connection with her. My advise to anyone is this... DON'T BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS AND DO NOT TRUST HER -------------------------------------------------- She is very good at getting into your head and she can don't it perfectly. I would like to write to Camp Eggers where she said she worked... She claimed to work as Chief of Operations there. I want to find out if she does work there or not. All this time i have been referring to this person as a she but then again they could quite easily be a man. I don't know but would love to find out. Do you or anyone have an exact address for Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan ??? I know it exists but can't find a single address for it. I hope someone can help me with this. Many thanks...
    • Francis O Shaughnessy
      8/6/2012 7:05 PM
      I have been trying to do some searching on Lt, Tyra Newton today and Google showed me this reply. Your reply. I have been trying for months to find any information on her without any success at all but now i see someone who has had contact with her themselves and that is you. For months, last year, i had quite a bit of contact with her. If your reply is in connection with my story i posted on here some time ago them you know my story but if not then the break down is this. We became close and she said she wanted to see me here in the Uk. She asked me to help her with expenses, which of course i foolishly did, but at the last moment she could not, what a coincidence... I helped her with £1700 of my own money. She convinced me, absolutely convinced me she was in the army. The way she talked in her emails and about her work. I fell for it like a fool and i was conned. I know that now. I tried to do a trace on her email address which led me to a profile on facebook where she used the name Tina Newton and the profile had the exact same information on it as she gave me. I reported it to facebook and the profile was deleted but i did copy it in image format and can give anyone a copy of it if they wish. I have much respect for the US Army for the work that they do and maybe it was this that blinded me to actually helping her... that and i thought she cared. I still have some emails from her and have tried to trace the emails themselves in hope i can find out where they originated from but without luck. If you have any further information on her i would appreciate it... or if she has gave you details about her life which she hasn't gave me i would be more than interested to hear it. This is not over for me as far as i'm concerned. I was conned good style and i want this person to pay for what they have done to me. If you can give me any further information on her or what she has told you about herself can you email me... My email address is - This is the closest i have got to finding anyone who has any connection with her. My advise to anyone is this... DON'T BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS AND DO NOT TRUST HER -------------------------------------------------- She is very good at getting into your head and she can don't it perfectly. I would like to write to Camp Eggers where she said she worked... She claimed to work as Chief of Operations there. I want to find out if she does work there or not. All this time i have been referring to this person as a she but then again they could quite easily be a man. I don't know but would love to find out. Do you or anyone have an exact address for Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan ??? I know it exists but can't find a single address for it. I hope someone can help me with this. Many thanks...
    • Francis O Shaughnessy
      8/6/2012 7:28 PM
      My apoligizes... some how my previous message got posted twice.
  • mary
    6/1/2012 11:24 AM
    I met Ras on 'tag' but he's 43 in kabul, afghanistan.
    He introduces me to Captain Steve James and his birthday is 5/25/
    so i decide to send him the candy, cookies, boxer shorts, shower gel to
    diplomat Richard Bamfo, PO Box Accra, Ghana
    who is delivering it today!! is this a scam or are they real
    today he told me he is in camp Eagers, which is spelled Eggers???
    is there a Major Brown there. are all 3 real or scammers??? thank you.
    • B
      11/28/2012 1:51 PM
      Hi Mary,
      Would you happen to have any photos of this Captain Steve James? I was contacted by someone who called himself SS Alex James and was wondering if this might be the same person. He also told me that he was stationed at Camp Eggers. If you do have photos please email them so I can see if he is the same person. I will also reply with the photos he sent to me. Thank you so much.
  • mary
    6/9/2012 5:57 PM
    is there a way to arrest all these scammers who imperonate an officer , a united nationsl diplomat, etc/ thank you.
  • Capt
    6/27/2012 4:13 PM
    Please do not send them money, it is a scam, and they are definitely not military.
    If a US military member is having financial difficulties, they know how and where to go to get help. Every deployed member has the same briefing before they leave the states and every service is careful to take care of their members while overseas.
    • just in time
      7/1/2012 5:55 PM
      Well i must warn all of the ladies here of a scam artist.. It seem that someone or several someones are using the pictures of a one Ralph Edwards from Florida who REALLY was over in iraq and was a commando. These pictures were taken from his my space account and has had no activity since 2009.. The REAL Edwards is AWARE that his picture is being used, I have done a lot of research and so far I have come up with these names connected to the Edwards pics,, David Edwards, email is Blake David Edwards, email David Burke Edwards, Capt John Burn email, Maj, Guy, Charles Edwards, Alex and my work is not complete,, you can see all of these stories and more at,,,, BE AWARE LADIES
  • Astrid
    7/3/2012 3:48 PM
    How do you find out if a solder is for real? I have been chatting with him and he says he is in camp Eggers, Afganistan, but I see some red flags.
    • anne taylor
      7/29/2012 12:58 PM
      could you also tell me i have been talking to a so called sergeant and want to no is he real ?
  • Gina D
    7/5/2012 3:46 PM
    Also, looking for Sgt Mark Benson.
  • Darlene
    7/6/2012 12:11 PM
    Thank you Mary for your post. I nearly sent him a birthday present for him and 'his boys' months ago but luckily my niece intercepted and informed me about the scam artists in Ghana, West Africa and also here in the US. The sick part is he web cammed with me but I didn't see him, tight security you know. I had a sick feeling right then. I'm sorry to hear about you were also scammed. American women need to be more informed and at least this one blog can help some. He also has pictures of me in which I'm sure he's scamming other people just like the guy in the photo he used on us. Now I'm way more cautious. I'm glad you did what you could to report him.
  • Carrie
    7/28/2012 10:15 AM
    John If you could help me find out more about this U.S.Army SGT. Peter Sherman I would appreciate it . I will even post his picture if it will help keep someone from getting scammed or having their heart broke. I fell for this guy really fell and hard. I don't quite know what to believe but if he is truely in the army he would have no need for someone to activate a squareup account for him the army would take care of helping him send his money home. I am beside myself and in tears daily because so many of our soldiers put their lives on the line daily for our protection and freedom their dedication to us knows no bounds and I really have fallen for this guy and Just want to know where I stand. The U.S. Army in Eggers deserves to know how people are using their good name to destroy so many women's lives.
  • Carrie
    7/29/2012 11:35 AM
    I received another email urging me to open the squareup account in my name for Peter Sherman. Who is He. I am just wanting to make sure if he is a scammer he doesn't get away with it . I must know, so if you can help me find out I would deeply appreciate it.;;
    • Laura
      7/29/2012 3:06 PM
      Carrie if he is demanding things from you or to open an account for him don't do it you don't know who is getting your information Carrie do yourself a favor block those email report that email as a scam come on ladies wake up before it's too late and all your money is gone
  • Laura
    7/29/2012 3:00 PM
    Hi ann this Morgan Lopez is a Sgt he pictures with a litle boy and a little girl his birthday as he says is 7/30 he supposed to be retiring in august I contacted Col cook at Eggers I also contacted the Republic of Ghana This Guy Lopez is a scamer Ladies anything going to ACCRA ACHIMOTE is a facility in the Ghana Airport these guys are using this as a postal drop to pick up things that women from the states are sending to them DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THESE GUYS DO the research before you send something out to them GOOGLE THE address be SMART flip the requests they make ask them to send you a letter pictures through the mail or just ignore them block their emails you do have the power to stop this

    • ann taylor
      7/29/2012 5:18 PM
      hi laura i do not have a pic of him with any one else is it poss to send it to me at all i have not had an address off him yet as we dont talk all the time are you still in contact with him at present ann
    • ann taylor
      7/30/2012 4:33 AM
      hi laura can you tell me what site he was on for you to meet him as the one i did he has disappeared he has said a bout sending him a phone and has given me address which is the camp at eggers very strange ! did you get any response from anyone reguadring him if he is at that camp ? ann
  • Friend
    7/29/2012 4:11 PM I hope the website help all of the women that post on this blog daily and again thank you very much to COL. JOHN COOK for his kind words
  • ann taylor
    7/29/2012 5:23 PM
    hi laura yes this is the one i have can i ask how long you have been in contact i did test him with someone else and he spoke to her as well i have been suspicious for a while he denied it all thanks ann
  • Laura
    7/30/2012 1:52 PM
    Ann I don't talk with him after Col Cook told me he is fake a stop talking to him did you not see the post from friend with a website to check out once they feel that they are not getting you to do what they want they move on to the next one. They frequent dating site e harmony match zoosk facebook be smart let him go
    • ann taylor
      7/30/2012 2:16 PM
      hi laura
      i will not not be talking to him any more he has contacted me but i will leave it now thank you ann
    • ann taylor
      8/7/2012 12:09 PM
      hi laura hows things going with mr lopez has he been found out yet i see he is still trying to talk to other women ann
  • ann taylor
    7/30/2012 2:17 PM
    by the way sorry i forgot to mention he was actually on the wayn site but has gone now ann
  • Francis O Shaughnessy
    8/7/2012 1:59 AM
    I wish to say thank you to John Cook for finally putting an end to a query i have had for quite sometime now and you finally answered it for me.

    It was the query regarding the person i spoke about who called themselves.

    Tyra Newton.

    Who claimed to work at Camp Eggers. I can finally put this matter to rest now and move on with my life. After all it is the only thing i can do.

    This is the address she gave me when she first started contacting me.

    I'm sure there will be many people who like to say a few words to people like her. It's the only way i have of getting them back for what they have done to me.

  • Carolyn Toman
    8/9/2012 9:50 AM
    Well, I have read all the comments on here and finally got down to where I am able to comment. I also have been contacted by a gentleman thru FB who says he is stationed at Camp Eggers, is a US Army Sniper, Sgt, named Peter Hopkins. Pic in uniform has his name on etc.. Question is I am really talking to Peter Hopkins? How do I find that out? Is this man really stationed there and is he really talking to me on FB??? Please advise how to check him out. I have come across many foreign scammers they are easy to spot. Their English they write in very broken English. This man he sounds like an American talking/writing on the messenger. Need to know the truth tho. Time is too precious to waste on phonies. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much...
    • Carolyn Toman
      8/9/2012 9:02 PM
      Well, today he told me 7 men were killed coming back from Patrol.. That he is scared and did not want to die. Also said he has 7 months left there at Camp Eggers. Could I be his Girlfriend and ask for leave for him? That pretty much cinches it that he is NOT really who and what he says he is.. I told him, No... I am sure only family can do that and has to go thru The Red Cross for Emergency leave etc.... OMG what is wrong with these people to impersonate Military?... This is wrong on so many levels. All these people need to be exposed and prosecuted. This needs to be brought to the attention of the general public.. I look here online and see it is happening al the time. These are just not isolated cases. These people I bet do this for a living... How pathetic is that?
      • Francis O Shaughnessy
        8/9/2012 9:59 PM
        I know what you mean... It's sick how they can impersonate military personnel and something should be done. People should not have to go through this. Unfortunately for me i payed the price and lost alot of money.

        I was played expertly and i never saw it until it was too late... much too late.

        I have spent nearly a year hoping to find some info on the person i was looking for,,, or at least someone in Camp Eggers who can verify their existence and finally i have got it... John Cook has told me the person i was looking for does not exist at Camp Eggers and for me this puts something of an end to this but i would certainly like them to pay for what they have done.

        Feel free to mail me and i can tell you my whole story,

        I'm not sure if this is of any help but i do believe the 'Intercontinental bank of Nigeria' comes into the equation somewhere... or at least it did in my story. Maybe someone can investigate it.

        Anyway,,, please feel free to ask me anything.
        • Carolyn Toman
          8/10/2012 12:14 PM
          Francis, I e-mailed you today... TTYL... And thanks..
        • tina
          9/13/2012 4:52 PM
          I know what you mean. The guy I am talking to didn't ask for nothing, but once I started checking with the recruiting office the rank I was given was for air force not army and the service number was too short.
  • Karen
    8/12/2012 1:26 AM
    Hello, I am so afraid that this I am sadly, most likely, another foolish woman. Is there a way you can confirm if this person ( identity private to send in an email if possible) is the real man and stationed there? If not then I want to report it to and anyone else that is appropriate. I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and life. It is disgusting that people could do this to another, and even worse that they are using our soldiers identity.
    For those of you that have fallen victim to the scamming, I am sorry, and feel for your hurt.
  • Carolyn Toman
    8/12/2012 10:53 AM
    Karen, if your gut feeling in he is not for real then he is s phony. Has he asked you to do anything for him? Has he given you his military e-mail address, or APO or FPO for snail mail? If none of those are forthcoming then he is a phony. Trust your instincts on people... The one I told you guys about as soon as I said No, I would not ask for leave for him he stopped talking to me... I honestly thought I as talking to the real Sgt . Peter Hopkins until he started in about a bad day, 7 people being killed, I'm scared want to get out of here would I ask for leave for him. I am not well educated about the military but anyone knows the person has to do that themselves. Red Cross for Emergency situations. One learns that from seeing movies on tv.. Oh yes, also on a secret mission. What a load of CRAP!
    Don't want your time on a joker like that. Match will remove him yes. He will just come back with another fake profile... These people do this to MAKE A LIVING..... They are on every site. I complained to several they told me all they can do is remove them-- the can't stop them etc. That I should be careful etc. If you have been taken for money YOU have to try and take legal action yourself.. Pretty hard to do when you don't know who you are really dealing with.. They are most likely sitting in a room behind a computer in some foreign country. Laughing at us dummies.... But you know what in the end GOD knows and he will deal with them. One day they will meet him face to face and have to account for what they have done. It won't be pretty! Let go and get on with your life. Your time is something you can never get back. Don't waste it on people like that.. Time is precious and money in the scheme of things is nothing... One can always make more money. One can NEVER get time back..... And God is a God of restoration. You were trying to help some one, HE will reward you... Just wait and see...
  • Karen
    8/12/2012 6:12 PM
    It is truly sad that someone would seek out people in order to inflict emotional harm. I am still baffled as to why he never asked for anything at all, why whoever he is, would spend a month and several hours daily chatting to someone... I guess you can't make sense out of evil.

    For John Cook and all the soldiers and families of the US Military, You have my utmost respect and sincere thanks for all that you do and all your sacrifices. i pray for the safe return of all to their loved ones as soon as possible. Your service does not go unappreciated.

    I feel terrible for the military people that are victims of this as well. The man in the pictures was not the man behind the screen and is therefore another victim along with his loved ones.

    I can take what is done to me, but to the man in the pictures and identity that was used, I am so sorry for what has been done to you through this scam.

    May God have mercy on their souls, sadly, I am not so forgiving.

    Thanks and respect to all,
    (I am just another lonely soul looking for someone to love and love me.... a happy ever after)
  • Carolyn Toman
    8/12/2012 7:11 PM
    Karen, I agree with you. I don't get why they would spend so much time either talking and writing e-mails etc.. The one I was dealing with we talked online daily also. At least twice a day. He came across as talking very American. Some of the personals scammers their e-mails are in very broken English. Their profile sounds great no hint of being foreign.. This Sgt. I was talking to was totally American sounding. That is why I at first thought he was Legit...
    If you do a little research online about this type of scam
    you will see they even used the names of dead military etc also. It is disgusting..
    In the end we all want the same thing. To love and be loved in return. The scammer's are banking on that and using it against those of us that are real and sincere. It is sad... In the end tho you must know that God will deal with them... Please keep that in mind. HE will help you get this this hurt and disappointment. Hand in there. This too shall pass.... Good luck and God Bless you.
  • Carol
    8/24/2012 7:31 PM
    Dear Sir
    I have been looking for any info on Carl S Billie he is somewhere in Afghanistan I think he is at Camp Eggers or at least has been there could you please tell me if he is still there or still in Afghanistan at all. Any informantion well be greatful.

    Please Keep your head down and chin up and come home safe for all.
    Thank you Carol
  • Sunshine
    8/26/2012 11:44 PM
    Hello Laura I also know any thing about that Sgt Lopez Morgan and he asked me about any money, cell phone and clothes for himself and I could to be sending to Richmond Sowokey there Ghana. He said to be Base Military in Kabul. Ihave some pics about him and also he said me full name him: FRANK CHUCK LOPEZ MORGAN. Plz have any interest knowing If are talking about same person. I can send to you through e-mail the pics I have about him. Plz reply so soon this msg.

    • Sunshine
      8/27/2012 12:50 AM
      Hi Laura and sorry me talking about same person (Sgt Lopez Morgan). My e-mail:
      Plz If you have some pics about him I ask sending to me cos is very important to me to see If same person we're talking. Once again thank you very much. If I may ask again, plz reply so soon.
      • Laura
        8/27/2012 5:56 AM
        send me the pic you have for lopez
      • ann taylor
        9/10/2012 12:48 PM
        hi just to tell you i to had the same experience with this man for 6 mths he is a very very clever man i wish he could be stopped he is still talking to others to this day ann
  • Eileen
    8/27/2012 2:17 AM
    thank you sooooo much for posting this info. I ALMOST fell for this on and of course the man pics were GORGEOUS and he loved me and he was going to be retiring and moving here with me blah blah blah but something just didn't seem right
    his name he uses is SSG Joey Robles and I can post his pic if anyone wants it but thank you for the info this is disgusting that men would do this especially when we have men and women fighting for our freedom it is sick
    • laura
      8/27/2012 6:14 AM
      sunshine and eileen good morning pls stop all contact with him Col Cook has assured me he is a fake the Ghana authorities has confirmed to me that swokey and him are using a postal mail box from inside the airport STOP ALL CONTACT NOW BLOCK THEM CHANGE YOUR USER NAME come on ladies you are stronger and smarter than they are
    • Cindy Majczak
      12/29/2012 4:49 PM
      You know ladies I am wondering if this is the same man using different names. I have pics is anyone would like to see who has been trying to scam me. I am onto him but he doesn't it yet. Humm what can we do here. I am if anyone would like to share stories for support. When sending an email ladies please put army stories in the subject line so I know who you are.
  • shelya
    8/27/2012 5:17 PM
    Please if somebody knows anything about William Castillo, let me know apparently I've talking to him through email and IM, he said he was in a secret mission, everything looked so real the things that he told me, I am still doubting if he is real or not.. I confronted him and i told him that i had to get more information about him, I asked him for people or family members that I can talk here in USA, he got very upset because he said if I loved him i had to trust him in everything what he said plus he said he didn't have any family members, only a son 7yrs old, anybody else, I spoke with his supposedly nanny, but she had a lot of accent because she said she was from Philippines, it was really difficult to understand what she was telling me. I dont know what to think about all this, with everything he has tell me, i believe that is him, but after I read all this cases that had happened, I am really scared that i am in love of a person that is not real. Again if anybody has any information or pictures of William Castillo, contact me, I have a lot of pictures of him. He got really upset with me after I told him that I wanted to know more about him and he said that he was really sad about my doubts, and that I was going to regret once I see him and find out that he was real, that is why i feel so bad, what about if he is real and he is saying the truth? I have look for his pictures everywhere and I cant find any information. I found his email address on a scammers list but he said that maybe it was a set up from a girl that she met before me.
  • Misha Marie
    8/30/2012 1:32 PM
    Ginger, Please email me, I too have been romanced by
    Jason and was intoduced to Divine.
  • Diane Koch
    8/31/2012 4:06 AM
    I have been corresponding with Staff Sergeant Kevin Roth James who claims to be in the 249th Battalion 3rd platoon assigned to the Army Corp of Engineers. He is a Combat Engineer E-6 He works the electrical power squadron. He has been in the Army for 24 years. This is his 3rd deployment. He supposedly has an early retirement. His original date to retire is October 12 2013. He claims there is a endorsement and clerical document fees of 2350.00 that need to be paid before he can come home and retire. Is this true ? He claims to be stationed at Camp Eggers and is the platoon leader. Is he a real soldier or a scammer ? He says all packages have to be brought in by a diplomat. Thank-You for any information you can give me
  • Carolyn Toman
    9/8/2012 10:53 AM
    For Debbie Hinkley : I got notice of a new post. Can't find it listed here tho. Not yet. You also direct yours to a Carrie. You only mention a first name. Peter. Is is Peter Hopkins? I talked to him on FB he is a fraud. Block him and do not do a thing. This guy also asked me to say YES to him... When they ask you to put in for leave, bank accounts anything of that nature run don't walk away as fast as you can... They are PHONIES... Please do not do any of those things for anyone you meet online.. Some of these people posing as military etc I understand do this for a living... Sit on the computer and talk all day to people and get money out of them... SCAMMERS-- professional scammers... Sorry you had to deal with this BS too...
  • Debbie
    9/8/2012 11:30 AM
    No I was referring to a Peter Sherman
  • Debbie
    9/8/2012 2:52 PM
    I was talking about Peter Sherman.
  • Debbee
    9/9/2012 9:39 AM
    I too have been talking to Lt. Darren James. He hasn't asked me for anything yet, but has told me the same story about his wife and daughter.
  • Francis O Shaughnessy
    9/9/2012 6:45 PM

    The email address i use to communicate on this site was specifically setup for this purpose and since then i have got, in my junk mail, 2 propositions and someone trying to tell me i have won a lottery i have never even entered..... IN SPAIN...

    It seems as though this site is being stalked by people who also stalk dating sites.

    This is my guess anyway.

    I urge you to be careful and if you are going to use an email address on here simply set one up for this purpose... just like i did. At the end of the day you can delete it if you don't need it anymore.

    I hope this message reaches many and stay safe.
  • michellle schultz
    9/17/2012 3:37 AM
    i would l;like sheyla to get back to me asap please as i have photos too
  • shelya
    9/17/2012 2:14 PM
    ok michaelle, this is shelya, my email address is, could u please send me the pictures that u have, i will send u the ones that i have after i receive ur email address
  • laura holloway
    9/17/2012 10:25 PM
    I would love to help with supplies And listerine just let me know thanks......laura holloway
    9/25/2012 12:00 AM
  • tamim
    9/26/2012 2:34 AM
    Dear all seniors first of all accept my Greetings to all of you i m new here i want to say that any one can help me how to get a job as a interpreter with US or ISAf or Nato Armies hope to hear from some one soon through my this is (
    Best Regard to all

  • Francis O'Shaughnessy
    11/9/2012 12:54 AM
    Sometime back I posted a comment regarding someone called 'Tyra Newton'... I did a little searching and found they have a profile on 'myspace' now. I urge anyone not to even contact her but also I would like to think that someone can help me stop them. Surely there must be something to stop them.
  • kate s
    11/9/2012 3:45 PM
    what is the number on the front of the helo in the photo please - this is important. it may be a picture being used that is of a soldier currently deployed and 100% unaware of this situation. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP.
  • zabi nejrabe
    11/28/2012 12:25 AM
    dear john cook my name is zabiullah nejrabe i live in afghanistan i born in 1990 in kabul city in a bright thinking family i finish up my school in 2008 year now i need for a job to help yours and support my family. because the economy of our family is not good.plz help me.i am ready to work with yours ,
    zabiullah nejrabe
    skype zabizabi858
    mobile +93779551017 +93788654805
  • Brenda
    11/28/2012 2:38 AM
    Dear Mr John Cook:
    Hello, first I would like to thank you for all you are doing to help people on hear talking about the scammers. I have the utmost respect for any serviceman serving our country and protecting our freedom, but I too have been contacted by a man claiming to be E-7 Staff Sergeant First Class Alex James in Camp Eggers, Kabul Afghanistan. Could you please tell me if there is a E-7 SS First Class Alex James stationed at Camp Eggers? I have read all the post on here and it saddens me to say I may be in line with the other women on here. If you could email me and let me know it this Alex James is a true person stationed at Camp Eggers I would truly appreciate it. Thank you for all your help and for your service to our country. Brena
  • Brenda
    11/28/2012 2:40 AM
    I sent an blog a few seconds ago and noticed that my name did not come out right.... The name is Brenda ....
  • Lynley Leatham
    11/28/2012 4:14 AM
    I would like to know if Gen. Mark Edwards exists. He has contacted me thru skype and I believe it is a scam. I have pics of hime but he probably doesn't exist. If anyone can tell me it would be great. I live in New Zealand and he says he is coming to visit ha
  • Lynley Leatham
    11/28/2012 4:35 AM
    Hi Shelya
    Similar story to mine I would love to see a pic of your man he might look the same as mine who calls himself Mark Edwards at Effer Base. Send me a pic on and I can confirm
  • Anita Thompson
    12/1/2012 6:19 AM
    I have been speaking to a supposed soilder since September he states he is in Kabul, Aghanistan, his name is Gailey Jason Johnson, he state he is an SSG in the USA Military Army could you please let me know if this man exists.

  • Sunshine
    12/6/2012 9:47 AM
    Plz someone there I'm looking at Major John Marth in Kabul - Afghan and If any people can help me with any information him as some pics or any comments about him I thanks. Really I wish knowing If is also a scamm . Thanks again.
  • Gerri
    12/19/2012 11:33 AM
    Dear John Cook, can you please tell me if there is a Sgt. Samuel Streel Carpenters at Camp Eggers, he messaged me on FB, there is a picture of him in uniform with his name only it says Carpenter, we have been talking for a month, he has not asked me for anything, but like the other women, I would like to know if he is real?
  • Gerri
    12/19/2012 11:40 AM
    Dear John Cook.
    I also wanted to thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country from the bottom of my heart. Also can you email in regards to Samuel Carpenters, I tried to send you an email at but it was returned by mail demon saying it did not exist, thank you for your time
  • lulobeth lopez
    1/2/2013 12:48 PM
    first of all i realy appriciate those army who is serving fully give thier services ,,GOD bless all militarys
    i send u letter to ask u if theres anyone name as wo2 pedersen cole deployed in camp eggers afghanistan he told me ..he is serving there as a peace maker in kabul afghanistan base in camp eggers..any information will be is thanks ...
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Connie
    1/2/2013 10:26 PM
    I am trying to find out if there is a SSG James Couper (E6) stationed at Camp Eggers. I too have received professions of love from someone who has never met me. He has also requested an ipad and cell phone along with a nice wrist watch sent in a care package to him. Originally he told me he was a Grad of West Point & 2nd Lieutenant with 2 MBAs, then said he was a SSG after I caught the lie in his military uniform picture. Wondering if anyone knows a James Couper.
  • Hamed Haseeb
    1/4/2013 4:24 AM
    Hi, my name is Hamed Haseeb I have a logistic company by the name of haris haseeb logistic company I want to register my company in camp eggers. please send me an email for my registration
  • bettyboop897
    1/10/2013 8:00 PM
    I been talking to sagt Daiel Garces. I would like to know if he is real or scammer
  • Karen
    1/12/2013 5:52 PM
    Hi to All
    This person has been sending me e-mails and of course asking for money. (It's a Nigerian scam!!!) I have been trying to get as much info out of this person as possible. (names, address, phone numbers) Next step speak to Camp Eggers. He says he is Ssgt Mike (Miguel) Vando, of Jeffery Hansen of Bravo Company, 1st battalion level, stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. Sad that this person really did or does exsist, but I know it is not the one I am in contact with. Now I just need to know if this Ssgt Mike (Miguel) Vando was or truly is at Camp Eggers. I have already been in contact with the IC3, but you have to have some empathy for the real Mike Vando. His name is being used on 4 different Facebook pages, as well as at least 3 other social media sites. Bad news for this poor soul. Thanks to all for any information you can provide. I am going to string this person along for as long as I can, the joke will be on them..... but the more infor I can again, supply to IC3 the happy I will been. There is no honour amounst thieves... :(
    Cheers Karen

  • Beverly H
    1/15/2013 12:05 AM
    Well, I guess I have been scammed...Evidently my package got to James Kevin Ricky, who said he was at Camp Egger, even had the uniform that had James on the patch, because I have not heard from him in days. He also sent a picture of him cutting a birthday cake (1/13/1961) with two other men in picture, which he said was his Commander and Friend. I would like to compare pictures.

  • Marcy
    1/18/2013 6:52 PM
    First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all currently serving the military as I come from a military family. I have been corresponding with : Msgt Hurley Desmond, stationed at Camp Kabul. We have exchanging emails for several months, which have me questioning his validity.Several components of his story do not add up. Can anyone confirm this person?
    Thanks especially to John Cook for addressing some of the concerns of this forum.

  • Maria
    1/21/2013 3:16 AM
    I also met seargent in match and i had sending him money to come home
    his name Cheng Huynh originary from japan. I sent to the doctor army Ademola Kareem in nigeria. around 4000, now he said he is arrested in dubai and need to pay 33000 toget back his passaport and 33000 for a box of gold he had. He send me his bank account and log in but bank require a pass militrycode which he said he need to be in usa to use his bank account. It is very difficult to me that alll this is happen to another women, but it is good that i see this site because i was trying to get a loan to get him to usa. This all seemed very real to me because he has a lot of photos with his uniform and his son even his bank account. Just to others know about this
  • Maria
    1/21/2013 6:48 AM
    Just because i saw this site I realized that i was going through scam. this person Cheng Huynh even send me how to log in in his bank account and that he has 160 thousand while try to transfer to my bank so I cound send him the money he needing ask me for a military code which he said could not use his account until he come to usa and delete the cashless policy of the army in active duty. If any lady like me want to contact me about the photos.
  • lynda
    1/23/2013 2:34 PM
    need information if Sgt Mark G Wayney is in Camp eggers
  • Maria
    1/25/2013 8:21 AM
    I saw pictures of Mr Huynh already registered as scammed.

    the person who received the money ADEDAMOLA KAREE (scammer)
  • Marty
    2/14/2013 11:19 PM
    First and foremost, thank not only for your servie to our country, but for this blog. I too have been cooresponding with someone gromn camp eggers. And into day's email, they did give me an APO address, stating Camp Eggers and the address went something like APO SE ####, Kabul, from reading this blog, I can now say I 100% believe that this is a true person, I have seen pictures of him in uniform with the same last name on it, and with the Eggers address, I know I can now let my feelings and share even more about me with him. You don't know how much this BLOG has helped a heart that was healing from a bad break up when this service man sent me a message. Now I can move forward. THANK YOU!
  • Maria
    2/15/2013 6:24 AM
    Marty just be careful because i also received photos with his last name on the uniform but these photos are stolen. an APO he can get it online a fake one. Scammers are using too much photos of soldiers.
  • Marty
    2/15/2013 10:07 AM
    Maria: Thank you for the information. The APO i received is for Camp Eggers...I will send my first letter with HIS name at the camp eggers APO. I figure if this is really him, I will get a nice one back or an email thanking me. If the enlisted, whom from a new story I know is in Camp Eggers sends back a ltter asking who the heck I am, than, well, we will know that too. I guess I was lucky to be able to find a news story with his face, and ranking. I have searched all the known scam alert sights and his name does not come up. We have been talking for a month, and never has he brought up money or the like, so....I pray to Spirit that this is right....
  • Beate
    2/19/2013 11:44 AM
    Hallo Mr. Cook,

    I am Beate from germany. I found your emailadress in the matter of scam single weman. I have a problem, maybe you can help me.

    Since some weeks i get pictures of US Military Army persons from Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan on my pc.
    Now, I want to know who is this person Staff Serg. or Captain James, in camp Eggers. the case is: one time his name is Staff Serg. Allen Blau ( he is calling James) in camp phönix and now he is Captain Steve James in camp Eggers.
    I have got same more names, these persons should stay in camp Eggers:
    Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, Staff Serg. Mark Morison (camp phönix or eggers), Captain Steve James, Gen. Carter Ham.

    It is possible to investigate this matter, because the persons don't know what is happend with there pictures.

    I did not send anything to him/them. I know now the nigeria's scam the single weman and men, I saw.

    expl: If I see he is staying in afghanistan, i do not send anything to west-africa, that is a bit stupid.

    I hope you can helpe me and reply asap.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Best regards

  • Debbie
    2/21/2013 8:15 PM
    Does anyone know if there is a Staff Sgt James Weinberg at Camp Eggers? Just checking things out before I get too involved. He has said a few things that make me a little skeptical, such as his APO address was turned off. I didn't think that was possible. Any info would be helpful.
    Thanks. Debbie
  • Sunshine
    2/21/2013 8:36 PM
    I was looking at Major John Marth, in Kabul - Afghanistan for ten months. He asked me for money and gifts saying that will be coming to me in December 2012, but never cames. He is a fake and scammer! He showed me a reserve of a plane ticket to deceive me. I have pics of him passport and ID. Women, very caution, because am sure that he deceive other women!
  • Michelle
    2/22/2013 6:16 PM
    Army Steve James at camp eggers struck again....such a liar and to portray himself as a military man! I busted him very quickly and I hope he changes his ways.

    Michelle in NC
  • Gayle Dybel
    3/5/2013 7:28 PM
    Lt. Col. John Cook, It seems there a quite few people who have gone through these scams with men portraying themselves as in the military. I starting chatting with a AKA. Master Seargent Christopher Hofmann. He told me he was at Camp Eggars and that he is Combat Engineer 27D Paralegal Specialist. He sent me pictures. Is there anyway you can identify the men in the picture? Here I have been chatting with this man for 2 weeks. I was getting ready to send him a care package and he asked me I could send him a machine. I thought that was odd and I asked him what kind of machine. He said and IPAD. I feel bad for these men who they are taking pictures and then setting up accounts on dating sites.
  • shawna
    3/10/2013 8:48 PM
    hi im looking for anyone that has info about a man named david jones..he says he is a sergt. in the marines over at camp eggers.. just wondering if anybody can help me with this. not sure if it s a scam or not. thank you
  • Mujeeb
    3/12/2013 8:30 AM
  • Karen
    3/12/2013 9:26 AM
    The sad thing about all these or mostly enlisted men on this site and many other websites, is that the names given are only the names and photos that the scammers have stolen from the internet. It is really hard to get one's head around the FACT that you are really NOT communicating with the real individual. These scammer are well trained to work on the vulnerablities of women and make millions of dollars every month scamming women around the world. If it sounds to good to be true .... IT IS!!! No honourable man would ask for money or anything else...... especially if they have never met you in person. The internet is the easiest place to boldface lie without having to be accountable for one's actions......... Their Karma will get them for what they do.
  • Chaney
    3/13/2013 9:43 PM
    Add Robertson James to the scam list.
  • mary
    3/20/2013 10:35 PM
    John cook

    I need help.
    I'm looking for a person named Kelly Johnson, says being Sgt Johnson - Camp Eggers is a military base in Kabul, Afghanistan. [1] located near the U.S. Embassy and the President of Afghanistan's Palace. The camp is named after Capt. Daniel W. Eggers. Says random from Florida be in service there. Well I have received emails through it promised many things and one of them married. I would just like to know if it is there. I was sent by Johnson or Kelly or James Rue which with this last name I found on facebook. 'm from Brazil and do not speak or write English, so I use a translator ok?
    I picked up this address for blog; No exist (lol)

    and if you can not help me please indicate who can.

    Please wish him being real or not he did not leave this subject here.
    Thank you
    Lucy Mary
  • Karen
    3/20/2013 11:17 PM
    username: sgtkellyjohnson
    I got this off of one of the scam site, that would mean that one or more poor woman have been scammed by this person already. Sent this fraud packing.... This person is a liar and a thief and is only using this name, this person is NOT really Kelly Johnson....
    Hope this helps.
  • shawna
    3/21/2013 1:11 AM
    If u could email me the name of that scam site I would greatly apperciate
  • shawna
    3/21/2013 2:53 PM
    ladies n gents...i have found on my 3 week investigation that a man named david jones is not in fact who he says he is..he claims to be us marine..he says he in camp eggers..i did a reverse ip address look up on ip-adress lookup it free..if u get an email from thees guys run a look will tell u where they r and everything...its says he in ciaro egypt...that is not where he told me he was....any questions on this email me
  • Susan
    3/29/2013 7:53 PM
    I have been speaking to a Capt Marcus Harry, Orthopeadic Surgeon with AMMED, under ISAF in partnership with ANSF, who said he based a Camp Eggers, I would just like to know if he is based and is who he says he is. I just want to make sure he is ligitimate. Thank you.
  • Marty
    3/29/2013 9:39 PM
    Ok ladies and gentleman, here is what I did, and this works, and yes, usually it proves that they are fakers, but hey, I do believe there is a gem out there, and someday he may find me. I have been emailing with a Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan. He claims to be at Camp Eggers, with 5th Mountain Regiment of the army. There is a Kyle Keenan, but he is not in Camp Eggers, I found an article on him when I did a Google search. This guy says it was a different Kyle Keenan, sent me 7 pics of a guy in a uniform that says Army and Keenan on it, YES I WANTED TO BELIEVE. But, first people, read the emails carefully, I notice broken english in the way that it was worded. So, I asked for the address to Camp Eggers, whih I already knew what the proper APO was. He gave me the proper APO. So I sent him a card. And yes, two weeks later, I got it back in the mail with RTS - Attempted Not Known. Which means there is no Kyle Keenan currently at Camp Eggers. I did report his personal ad on the dating website the he contacted me through and they have since deleted his account. We all want to find love, and that is what the scammers and fakers are hoping for, we want to believe. But simply tell them that you want to send them a card, something physical that they can hold onto. That it creats a beter 'connection' between you two. If he gives you an address, then send one, and I suggest you send it with a small care package, nothing expensive, some chips or candy bars, and do not tell them you are sending the care pacakage. If they are real, they will thank you for the card and the surprise package, if they are fake, it comes back to you. If they give you something other than the real APOI for Camp Eggers, than you know they are not real, or if they tell you that they can't get mail there. The correct address ifor camp eggers is as follows, the guys name
    Camp Eggers
    APO AE 09356
    I hope that your person is real. God bless everyone out there. If they are fake, do not let it color your heart.
  • Susan
    3/30/2013 5:20 AM
    Thank you Marty I did as yoy suggested and asked for his APO address, he has replied saying he cant give it out because of securiity reasons, and I don't know if that would be the correct. Are American personnel unable to give their addresses out? Can someone please let me know, Im from London and have been trying to pin him down, but he comes back with such plausible answers and yes he English is a bit broken. He has sent me pictures, some in uniform, but I doubting its him, and one of a young child he said was his son, he said he was divorced. He said he comes from San Mateo, CA. So far he has not asked me for anything, but mentioned in passing that his accounts were frozen because he was in a war zone. This was when alarm bells start to ring If this is a scam do you know where I could report it, Im sure that using someone's picture on line cant be legal.

    I will drop him a line and send it to the Camp address you gave me and see what happens. I too really want this be real, but after reading these experiences from other women Im beginning to have serious doubts.

    Thank you so much for your help.
  • Marty
    3/30/2013 11:34 PM
    Susan. First there is no reason that I am aware of that they can not give an address...This is an APO or FPO box which is Military...It goes to a post office in the US and then is sent on to the proper location, so that is the first lie. Second, ALL ENLISTED service members are given a unigue email address, that they can use to get info from the military AND for family and freinds to use...this adddress usuallys ends with .mil or .gov if he says he does not have one or can't afford the fee...he is lying, there is no fee and EVERYONE gets one, for about the last 10 years!and CAMP EGGERS has an never believe the 'accounts frozen' line. Yes, I have done alot of research since the the guy started scamming me. Mine never asked for anything....but I may have caught him before he could, we only emails once a week for 3 months. And for any men out there, I am a gay male, so this is not just a warning for the women, they will scam ALL of us.
  • Gayle
    3/31/2013 1:18 AM
    Susan, I too was recently chatting with someone who claimed to be a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army who is finishing his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. After further research I learned that there are alot of scams coming out of Ghana and Nigeria. They sign up on the these dating web-sites, ask you to chat and then start e-mailing you. The miliatry is allowed to SKYPE and they do get hazard pay. This one asked me for an IPAD. It does hurt because he really had me believing too.
  • Nicholas
    4/1/2013 5:35 PM
    Marty, I too am a gay male who responded to a profile on a gay dating site and began corresponding with someone claiming to be Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan, age 32, currently deployed with the Fifth Mountain Regiment of the US Army and stationed in Camp Eggers, Afghanistan. We've been corresponding for about a month now, and today I had some suspicions as to whether he is who he says he is so I began doing a little research, and that's when I came across this site and started reading all the comments about scammers posing as US military personnel, particularly yours Marty. Thank you so much for posting it because thanks to you I now know, in all certainty, that Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan is indeed a scammer. It's early in our correspondence and thus far he has not requested I send him any money or packages, but after reading the comments here I'm sure those requests will soon be forthcoming. I just received another e-mail from him today and so far he doesn't know I know he's a scammer and that I'm on to him. Do you, or any other commenters for that matter, have any suggestions as to what I might write in my last e-mail to him to expose him, or should I play him along for a while? I'm trying to figure out a way to nail his a$$ good, lol, sort of turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak! Would love to send him a computer virus but have no idea how to go about that, lol. Maybe I should ask HIM to send ME money or maybe an IPad. Any suggestions are welcome and can be sent to me at . Stay tuned everybody and I'll let you know how this all plays out. This should be FUN!!!
  • shelley
    4/2/2013 6:10 PM
    ok everyone this is going to shock you all Please DO NOT be fooled over these so called soliders as they are not realok. At first they seem to make you feel like they are your soul mate start sending love letters, photos and what not. But then they ask for leave and this is where they fun begins. They get half way to you then the stories keep coming . They say that they are stuck in wherever they are, then they get sick and use their acomplishes to text you on their phones, then they keep asking for money to come home to you. so please dotn be fooled here as they are not real and do not come home. And just for the record some of them are even using the general for the mails. By the general i mean LTG Caldwell.
  • Jackie
    4/13/2013 10:36 AM
    Capt Marcus Harry.. Medical unit at Kabul. One son 6, born in the uk, both parents dead, moved to us at ten.. Nothing comes up on linkedin or Facebook.. Actually fb has a young boy with that email address. His address is
  • Susan
    4/13/2013 4:03 PM
    Hi Jackie so are you telling me that I made a mistake and this guys for real, or are you saying that I was right and he's not? Not sure by your message?
  • Francis O Shaughnessy
    4/19/2013 9:09 PM
    Sometime ago, along time ago now, i talked about a person claiming to be someone working in Afghanistan calling themselves Tyra Newton. Since i severed contact with them i took it upon myself to try and find the real identity of the person in the pictures they sent me and after a year of searching i have now found out who they were.

    The pictures were of a Private Sam Huff who died in a roadside bomb in Baghdad and there are links below that will show you that.

    It's a shame that her photo's were abused in this way but if anyone encounters someone calling themselves Tyra Newton and they are using these pictures ,,,.. Well at least you know who she really is now.
  • Sunshine
    4/20/2013 11:09 AM
    Warming to all women: I was looking at LARY JOHN on Nigeria and he said me that is a Captain of Army of U.S. He asked for money saying that would be coming to me in my Country. Women, he is fake and scammer. He use a pics on his profile, but it is fake, because he showed himself through a cam. If you don't give to him the money he insult you. Hug to all the women and be smarts.
  • shawna
    4/21/2013 2:03 AM
    Dear francis o hi I was wondering if u could email me was very curious with ur story..and I would love to try in find out who my pictures belong to..and I was wondering if u could lead me in the right direction...thanks shawna
  • beth von
    4/26/2013 7:55 PM
    WOW! As this has been going on since well it appears to be forever, I am very angry. As the daughter,sister and mom of U.S. Military men, I am appalled that this continues. First, to the woman who was contacted by a Navy Sgt. -the U.S>Navy doesn't have Sgts'. Next what is happening is clear. They copy and save Military Pictures from every available social network. It is too easy and every service person, should be warned in basic training to only share with people they are certain will practice OPSEC. Finally the Military itself shares too much information on their Facebook Pages. There is a plethora of pictures with names offered up for the taking. There should NOT be open access to these sites. There should be a better OPSEC practice by whomever is running these Facebook Pages and other web sites. Make it only open to spouses and family. Perhaps close friends ...but there should be password protection at the very least..PEOPLE THESE ARE OUR MEN AND WOMEN PUT AT RISK TO LOSE THERE IDENTITY ! This does not have to happen. In the future if you are contacted by someone claiming to be an American Soldier, Airman, Sailor or any other branch member, ask for immediate proof. Most of them are either married or have girl friends back home. WE have to be the ones to protect our Military men and women from Identity Theft,After all they are protecting us and maintaining that wall of freedom ! Good luck and God Bless!
  • beth von
    4/26/2013 8:05 PM
    Their Identity and a few other writing errors...anger got the best of me...but re: the password to get into photos on Military Web pages and Face book and is a no-brainer...considering every time some one logs on, it is recorded. I actually was contacted yesterday, through a social network by a person who claimed to be stationed with the logistics team at-you guessed it... Camp Eggers. My response was an immediate request for his APO so I could send him some cookies.
    Again Good Luck,
    and God Bless,
  • roselie hunter
    5/17/2013 2:40 AM
    I want to know if their is a Sgt Mark Gilbert Fisher, stationed at Camp Eggers. A widower with a daughter, He says he is from Flint Michigan and was in Bengazhi for 3 weeks. and goes on patrol ever day and since the Tailban has stepped up fighting doing double patrols now.
  • MG
    5/17/2013 6:55 PM
    There are many out there who steal pictures off the internet and create fake profiles on the dating site. If you want to know if he is real ask him to SKYPE with you. And don't believe him if he states that he can't because of security reasons. Also ask him for his APO. The one I met claimed that his first wife and son were killed in a car accident.
  • Crystal Slaughter
    5/18/2013 3:01 AM
    I have been chatting with a Seth Walker, and E6 Sargent stationed at Camp Eggers. Something feels "off" about him, and I would like to know if he is a real person at Camp Eggers.
  • Roselie
    5/22/2013 2:35 AM
    MG your telling me you were corresponding with Sgt Mark Gilbert Fisher? I have his APO address. I just want to know if anyone can verify he is at Camp Eggers. I also have a picture of him wearing a uniform with his name and rank on it and a civilian picture, he is listed as an alumni of University of Detroit Mercy
  • Marty
    5/22/2013 9:00 AM
    Roselie: I am sure Mark Gilbert Fisher is an alum of the Unifersity of Detroit Mercy. I am also pretty damn sure you are not really talking to Mark. I say this because I was scammed also. I had reg and militray pictures of the guy I was talking too and yes his name and rank was on the uniform, they were stolen pics. If you can not write to him AT the apo, not any other address or can not skype with him, then it is a scam.
  • Kathy
    6/7/2013 6:57 PM
    I was contacted today by a Jonny Collins who claims to be stationed at Camp Eggers. Says he's divorced with 2 girls, wife cheated and divorced him. Will be coming home state-side August 20, 2013.
    I've already called him about about nigerian scam the minute he told me he was deployed. He he will get skype account and talk with me.
    Anyone out there heard of this guy?
  • John Cook
    6/9/2013 4:30 PM
    Dear Kathy:

    I created this blog site back in 2010 for the purpose of telling people about Afghanistan. I am now back in the states. Unfortunately, scammers started using my site to take advantage of innocent people by claiming they were in the military stationed at Camp Eggers. I deeply regret that this has happened. Please feel free to contact me at my personal email address and I will give you more insight into this issue.

    Best regards,
    John Cook
  • sharon bumstead
    6/17/2013 8:55 PM
    ive been talking with a sgt. elliot mcglone, from camp egger in kabul,afghanistan. and he is asking me to send money for him to be granted a premature leave of absence. he says that his money is frozen. he found me on have been writing for several months now...and i havent sent it,but he is still asking. i have even saved letters from a general allen and then a general dunford almost demanding to know if im going to make good on the money for sgt. elliot christopher mcglone to recieve his pre mature leave of vacation. but he wont answer any questions and makes me feel like im horrible for not just trusting him and sending money to some place,here in the united states. and ive googled him and found a facebook with pics of him in army uniform. and a handful of young girls,as friends...but he wont even talk to me about his facebook,or give me any information to confirm his true identity. refuses to call me,and wont give me information to send a hand written letter to him. and refuses to send me one. ive been faithful and actually fell for this guy. and im a single mom already having alot of problems. im asking you to let me know if there really is a sgt elliot christopher mcglone in camp egger. and if someone using his pics and info to scam me? because his name and very few pics that i could find,when i googled him,do seem to line up. please let me know something as this is actually heartbreaking. and if this man exists,and is at camp egger....does he even know about me at all? i really need to know soon p;ease. and this soldier has the right to know if someone is using his identity to scam people. thank you and God bless you ! and all of our soldiers and their loved ones! you guys are in my thoughts and prayers (:
  • John Cook
    6/17/2013 9:17 PM

    Please do not be fooled by this guy. This is a scam, understand? No General Officer in the military would even suggest that you send money to anyone. Please send me a message at my personal email address and I will explain all of this to you. It is

    Best regards,
    John Cook
  • sharon bumstead
    6/17/2013 9:22 PM
    and thank you john cook,for caring enough,to take time out of your day and help alot of confused and hurt people. thats so very kind and sweet. and i believe The Lord will bless you for it (: im kind of at a loss for words as ive been in so much heartache,and ive felt so horrible,yet i just couldnt find the right website to find out facts,that i can rely on. so,i thank you sir (:
  • John Cook
    6/17/2013 9:45 PM

    I started this blog over three years ago because the leadership at Camp Eggers asked me to. I am a professional writer and I wanted to explain to everyone what was going on there. I never dreamed my site would be used to scam people. If I thought that would ever happen, I would have never done it. Please drop me a line at my personal email address and I will tell you what I have discovered.

    best regards
    John Cook
    6/24/2013 8:29 AM
    Hi, I have been chatting to a 1stLT Keith Steele for a few weeks and I think it is proberly a scam, he says he is with the 4th brigade combat team, 4th infantry division based at Camp Eggers, has anyone else heard of him please
  • Tonya
    7/7/2013 5:22 PM
    I would to know if you have a Captain Eric Mathis stationed @ Camp Eggers
  • John Cook
    7/7/2013 5:31 PM

    Please send me a note on my personal email and I will explain how you are being scammed.

    John Cook
  • Faye
    7/29/2013 12:55 AM
    John cook I just sent email and it was returned. But I would like to add mark James with army as a scammer. He states he jumps from planes but right now they do foot patrols. Claims his wife died of cancer and had a daughter in boarding school and a adoptive son in Africa with grandma. He one time said his son was in Ghana So please be aware of him ladies.
    7/29/2013 10:15 AM
    I have an really important ques. I wanted to write a soldier to show my appreciation for the military so i started to look on my f.b. for info. two days later someone popped up on my and wanted to be friend. He was on f.b. then got cut off on it. so now he emails me. He is always talking and now getting serious with me. He has not asked for no money or anything just my love and to wait. Im scared not knowing if he is for real or a scam... he has photos of me and says hes coming to look for me when he gets out of the service.I need to know if there is such a person by the name of sgt,jordan rvan page or sgt jordan ryan page says he is at camp eggers now..I need to know a.s.a.p due to him emailing me all the time. i am a single girl and am scared of this person if he is not who he says he is. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! ALSO how do you get info to write a true soldier.
  • John Cook
    7/29/2013 10:24 AM
    First of all, this guy is not at Camp Eggers. And you don't need to worry abpout him coming to look for you because he is operating out of Africa. My advice is to stop talking to him. Please send me a note at and I'll explain other scams that these guys use.

    Best regards,
    John Cook
  • JulietAlphaMaryEchoSierra
    7/29/2013 10:18 PM
    Got a strange email from a PFC Karen Jackson about a divorce matter. Sounds a little fishy. Any help figuring this out would be appreciated. For starters can you confirm whether U.S. Army-1st Battalion,503rd Infantry Regiment is stationed at Camp Eggers?
  • Kiji
    7/29/2013 10:57 PM
    Ladies, I have 2 more names to add to the pile of scammers
    Derek Bean-picture is a young man with a leprechaun hat and big glasses standing in a rugby store. Also, SGM Richard Nathaniel Clements---bomb detector...this is the one my girlfriend is in contact with, but he has not asked for we are unsure.
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Faye
    7/29/2013 11:48 PM
    The man I was talking to, Mark James, also just talked about how much he loved me in just 1 week. He would often say how much he would like cookies so I told him I could do that. Then out if the blue he wanted a phone or iPad so we could talk more. Said his was dropped. He ever asked for money but then he had me email his diplomat for instructions as he claimed the APO address system was down. He said he lived in Texas all his life but his English was broken I found this site as if today I told him I was into his game. He tried to convince me otherwise but since then has stopped. Just beware and read the words clearly. If they sound funny it's a good chance he is phony. Good Luck!!
  • Cathy young
    8/5/2013 2:44 AM
    I have been talking to a byron clement say he is at camp egger..I would like too know if a true person or a scammer...thanks
  • Kim
    8/5/2013 7:10 PM
    JulietAlphaMaryEchoSierra, I too received a weird email from PFC Karen Jackson. When I questioned her further, "she" stated that her previous attorney Leo Branton Jr. died and she needs a new lawyer. Leo Branton Jr. was a Los Angeles attorney and we are in Washington State. "She" never really answered any of my other questions re: name of ex, county where matter was filed etc. The spelling is fairly bad as well. It appears to be quacking like a duck
  • Kim
    8/5/2013 7:21 PM
    Re: PFC Karen Jackson. In her first e-mail she lists her contact information as 2D Battalion, 503D Infantry, U.S. Army Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan and in her second one in the afternoon, she had gone from the 2D Battalion to the 1st and typed: 1st Battalion, 503D Infantry Regiment, Camp Eggers APO AE 09320, Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • JulietAlphaMaryEchoSierra
    8/5/2013 8:03 PM
    Kim, thanks for the post. I exchanged several emails which also led to nothing. I was suspicious after the first email but figured I would see where this exchange would lead. I too was informed that the former attorney was Leo Branton, but no such lawyer was ever licensed in my state way down south. I even got a military photo ID from this "PFC Jackson" and a copy of a COLLABORATIVE LAW AGREEMENT that looked totally doctored. Thank you for your post. You pretty much confirmed what I had already concluded was a hoax.
  • John Cook
    8/5/2013 8:03 PM

    This is clearly a scam............the APO for Eggers is 09356. Please send me a message on my personal email,

    John Cook
  • annette
    8/7/2013 11:24 AM
    Dear John

    I need your help with finding out about a Sgt.Paul Chamberlain and he is suppose to be in kubul Afganistan in Eggar camp I would really like to find out about him if you could.And if he isn't he need to know someone is using hi on facebook and yahoo and meetme.
    8/8/2013 10:20 AM
    Dear Sir,
    Can you tel me if there is a SSGT Mark Jefferson stationed at Camp Eggers?
    I have been corresponding with him for about 4 wks now, and after reading about all these scams, I'm beginning to wonder...
    Thank you for your assistance,
    Kim Hardman
  • John Cook
    8/8/2013 10:46 AM

    Please contact me on this email and I will give you the real story.

    john cook
  • Rodney
    8/14/2013 8:12 AM
    Hi, just trying to locate Sgt Kelvin Vankleect who was supposed to be based at camp Eggers and deployed to Northwood army base in the UK at the end of May 2013. Any news would be appreciated.
  • annette
    8/20/2013 1:03 PM
    now have a gmail if you could give me anything on Paul Chamberain please
  • quince
    8/23/2013 10:27 AM
    The advice of policeman to everyone who was blackmailed by scammers: Emotional manipulation is easy to get over. Takes time but eventually you will be a better person for it. If you were financially manipulated you will beat yourself up for the rest of your life a about it. All humans require companionship. Basic human nature. I hope you find someone will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Just be safe and go in with a bit of a suspicious mind. It's sad to have to be like that but that is what our world is today.There is a big question:for what the American soldiers want to get money on the net, if they receive suitable supply?
    Hold yourself up securaly over all.
  • Cathy
    8/23/2013 5:45 PM
    Could you find at if there is a ssgt bryon clement at camp egger.
    Have talking to him for a month now...
    He wants me to open bank acc and they send him money after his sister puts money in it from Nigeria ...
    I think this is a scam. Could you please help me
  • Diana
    8/23/2013 9:41 PM
    I would save your money for yourself, this guy is obviously a scam artist if he is trying to get money out of you. LADIES AND SOME MEN OUT HERE, IF YOU MEET SOMEONE ONLINE AND THEY ASK YOU, TO SEND THEM MONEY OR THINGS, DON'T FALL FOR IT THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTISTS, AND YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THESE PEOPLE. SAVE YOURSELF YOUR MONEY , and meet someone locally .I hope this helps alot of you out there..If your gut feeling tells you something doesn't sound right , then trust it and don't fall for their lines, which ususally are, they need help cuz their money is being held, there is an illness in the family, or want you to invest money in their company, or confessions of love after not really knowing you for very long.,,I hope some of you will read this, and become more aware of the scammers that are on , the online dating sites..I'm not an expert by any means,,but hopefully some of you will have read this...
  • quince
    8/24/2013 1:25 AM
    Be sure, ssgt Bryon Clement from Nigeria, he is a scammer. Lots of scammers coming up from Africa, from Nigeria or Ghana, but between their are white people (woman/man) too, they living in usa or somewehere in the world, and they playing their cruel Games with kind woman on the net, the perfectly goal of their acts to get it a money over all.
    Please you don't make a transfer to nobody on the net, specialy you don't your act through the Western Union.
    If you would like to trace the person who try a contact with you:----> Google/ Spokeo Free/White page. You copy the email adres of scamer and you'll see the result ( f.e. they are discovered 70 network), be sure he is a scammer. If you can have a payment to "Spoke Service" (about just $1 usa) you can read details about the personality of scammer and his IP" adresess too. If you know the IP adresses, try to find "Ultrace" site at Google paste the IP adresse, and you'll see the locations of IP adresses and domaines.
    The results shall shocking you, but you can hold yourself up safely.
  • kiji
    8/25/2013 5:36 PM
    Best thing to do is to stop all conversations with him. Yes, he is a scammer. US soldiers do not require money.
    If you have been friended by a US soldier whose Facebook account is less than 6 months old....this is a scam. If they are showing affection to you very quickly...this is a scam. If you are on Facebook with them you need to unfriend and report/block. You also should change the privacy settings on your FB account because guaranteed, they will be contacting your friends and then their friends because YOU have left yourself wide open. This has just happened recently to me where a friend of mine is in conversation with a soldier and then her friend was contacted, than I was I have 2 friends that were contacted. It is now up to you to protect yourself and YOUR friends by changing your settings and posting what has happened to you. There are still too many women out there that don't know about this is up to us to make it more difficult for them by passing around the information.
    On another everyone is aware....this is not a crime. In our minds..yes it is! Legally, the US Army and government/ Canadian police/government can do nothing about this. The crime originates in Nigeria and or elsewhere. And unless it is a 'crime' in Nigeria, nothing can be done. Certainly the Nigerian government couldn't care less. You can report it to the FBI or the CID, (google), but you will not get your money back.
  • Cathy
    8/25/2013 5:53 PM
    Bryon is at camp egger he says,but sister is in negeria working...I met him on a site called tagged,not fb I have stopped talking to him,he cussed me and ask me why..I told him I knew he was scamming me...he said the scammers have a pool they put ur name in ,if they can not get too u maybe someone else can..I talked too one guy,u friended him then he came back as a diff person...they are so sick ppl also there is a site called pigbusters that is alot of help
  • Sandie
    8/30/2013 5:12 PM
    Dear John Cook, I want to first thank you so much for your service! I to might be a victim of a scammer. I'm looking to see if a 1st Sgt. Kevin Stuart James is there? It seems the last name James is popular here? I also have the story of his wife dyeing. He is suppose to be retiring in a couple of months. It was suppose to be his birthday yesterday. I was skeptical he has sent pictures and io have sent him some. Well I asked him to send me a picture of him holding a piece of paper up with my name on it. He wasn't real happy replied a little upset I doubted him, but he would do what I asked. And hoped it would put a smile on my face. Well after a day there was a picture of him with a paper that said I miss you Sandie! Anyway the background there was a picture of me on a wall. But it wasn't in a tent it was on a wall . He had his green and tan uniform on with James on it. So I don't know if it was photoshopped or not. And after a month and a half he now is asking for a care package? Please can you help me? He is a handsome man with grayish white hair. Anyone else have pictures or would like to share. ..... Thanks , John if there is anything you could help me with. I would be so happy. Sandie
  • Cathy
    8/30/2013 6:27 PM
    Is there a army base in nigeria
  • Cathy
    8/30/2013 6:28 PM
    Is there a army base in nigeria
  • John Cook
    8/30/2013 6:34 PM

    Please send me a message on my personal email, It sounds like you have been scammed..........john
  • claire
    9/5/2013 2:13 AM
    I'd like to know if there's an LT Alex Johnson at camp eggers, been talking for awhile but have my suspicions, I haven't come across his name on any scaming sites yet so maybe a new on? Says he has a friend there called Craig Milo, please can anyone let me know if either of these people are at camp eggers
  • claire
    9/5/2013 4:37 AM
    Does anyone know the phone number to call someone at camp eggers?
  • Florence
    9/21/2013 1:22 PM
    Dear Mr.Cook; I know that you must be a very busy man but, I am requesting you help and finding someone at Camp Eggers: Andy Clark Webb Staff Sergearnt E-6. He told me that he was the only person by this name and I have exulted all my research of him. He has not asked me for anything but my love for him, he tells me that he is on his 2nd tour there and has been in the army for 22yrs. he is retiring in December and was to come home to me. I am a widdow and I am very fragile for I have given my heart to this man, I guess all I'm asking is if you know if he is for real for he says that he is, PLEASE HELP. Sincerley, Florence
  • John Cook
    9/21/2013 1:36 PM

    Please send me a message at my personal email account, and I will answer your regards, john
  • Garry Waterhouse
    9/22/2013 5:33 PM
    I was recently contacted by a SGT Elliot mcglone, from camp egger in kabul,afghanistan,a suspicious friend decided to look online with regards to this guy and found this site,I just read sharons story and it seems i have suffered the same fate as her.This experience has happened twice before,all three occassions was on the
  • Mary
    10/1/2013 12:07 AM
    Florence, he can't be going to your home in December, because Andy Clark Webb Staff Sergearnt E-6 is coming to live with me for the rest of my life! LOL We've been scammed, but at least I didn't mail anything!
  • Florence
    10/1/2013 5:55 AM
    Mary, I don't know how often you check this but I just wanted to know just how long you have been talking to this person for we have been talking for 1 month and I did sent him something for his birthday and just if you can tell me just on what site did you find each other for we met on this thing called top face I would be greatful to share any information with you also. Thank you
  • Mary
    10/2/2013 5:33 PM
    Oh, Florence...We only talked for 1 week...we "met" on He told me that he was a widower, with a 15 yr old son, Kelvin, at school in England...He said his birthday was Oct. 10th & asked for some clothing essentials and an IPhone! He said his wife Esther died 5 yrs ago of breast cancer. He said our song was "Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You." He said he retires in December, would spend a couple of days in Georgia for paperwork, then fly to me to live happily ever after. There are no birth or wedding certificates associated with him or Esther... One evening, he said "Good night FLO." So he was talking to both of us at the same time....Diplomats do NOT shuttle packages around to soldiers! He asked me to send a package to a Joseph Adenyo in Ghana. Google that name, and you will see who was chatting with you and me...I'm ashamed to admit that I was being pulled in by his romance, but glad that I have blocked him now. It's a learning experience...On men who are "widowers, retiring from the military" Try to laugh it off, Flo...There are still good men out there! BTW the photos he stole to use for his profile are of one HOT Sergeant!!!! I will miss looking at that face!
  • Florence
    10/2/2013 6:39 PM
    Thank you Mary for I'm still talking to him and I'm going to let him know that the news is out and I sure have learned my lesson I should have been smarter.thank you again Flo
  • Mary
    10/2/2013 8:48 PM
    Flo, please just please do NOT pay for "customs & duty" charges! He is still trying to contact me! Smart has nothing to do with it...I am PROUD that after a bad marriage, I have not lost all trust in men! If you don't have trust, you have nothing! BUT...keep your antennas up...first question, QUESTION big! Good Luck!!!
  • Mary
    10/2/2013 8:55 PM
    Flo, by any chance did you share the photo with Lt. Col. John Cook? I feel sorry for the real Sergeant whose photos are being used to scam women!
  • Florence
    10/2/2013 10:13 PM
    Mary, I or should I say he did get me for I did pay customs duty fees not knowing any better in the amount of $450 which I did freck on him for it but this joseph person said that he didn't have any extra and he also got me for another $200 for joseph had to stay and extra day waiting for the package which he said he would give it back to me when he gets here which I frecked on him again I told him that there is no more money exchanges again for I just wont do it again I usually talk to him at 7:00 every night our time and didn't t him tonight If we can do this over our own emails that would be better and easier mine is Thanks
  • Nanci
    10/8/2013 4:56 PM
    Hi there John, I have been contacted by SGT Justin Bowen, of Camp Eggers, Afghanistan we met on on Sept 23, 2013 He says he is a E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the UN. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad of 216 men here on the peace keeping mission. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military..
    He asked for some parting gifts( tshirts and candy) for orphan children, being a mother and having foster children, I was happy to send them,, I was to send the packet to Jerome Johnson, a retired army diplomat ,,who was a father like person to him, his address was in Achimota-MKT, Accra -Ghana, 00233, HIs fedex address was the same except that his business address is 50 Orange Tree Road. I believe the two may be one in the same person, or working together in scamming women through their emotions. He also asked for cologne which could not be shipped, as it is classified as a dangerous good, this was to be a parting gift for his CO.
    You guessed it he is retiring in 2 months, after 25 years of service., bank frozen due to security, no .mil address only a account for email and IMing , his photos are on Facebook ,which he also sent in an email to me. .. SGT JUSTIN BOWEN, CMR 12050, APO AA 09394-1900... Please can u tell me if he is legit or not....
    thank you in advance
  • John Cook
    10/8/2013 5:05 PM

    I'm afraid you have been scammed. Send me a note at and I will explain...............John
  • Cerstin
    10/12/2013 5:17 PM
    I am talking to a Sgt.Marcus Billy Pedersen and i think he is a scammer also.He gave me some army admin mail adress where i had to send his leave request.they got back to me and wanted me to pay some fees,for a missing weapon and half for ticket.He was supposed to come here on 13th of September and then i received a mail from this admin that he got shot on his way to Airport.Now they wanted me to pay again for ticket.And i did not heard from them since.His flight Details came from Gen.David A.Allen,Multi-National Corps Afghanistan,Public Affairs Office,Camp Eggers,APO PRT060300.Please can tell me anybody if this all is true please!!
  • John Cook
    10/12/2013 5:53 PM

    You are definitely being scammed. Sen me a note at john
  • Olivia
    10/24/2013 8:41 PM
    I know this was not the intent of your blog but I think it goes without saying that everyone listed truly appreciates what it has become and appreciates your continued assistance in these matters. Unfortunately, I too am in need of your assistance. I hesitate to mention his name simply because I have been unable to find any information on him to date and do still want to believe him to be legit. May I contact you via your personal email with his information? If he turns out to be a scammer then we can add his information here. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • John Cook
    10/24/2013 8:50 PM
    Yes Olivia, you may contact me on personal email..........................john
  • Conquer company
    10/26/2013 1:35 AM

    Sir, I want to register my company with your deemed office for the solicitation of logistics and services
    However we are registered with many contracting offices in Afghanistan. and i want to register with your office for solicitation of logistic and services. So please see my
    JCCS NO: 71351
    D-U-N-S NO:850528302
  • randi
    10/28/2013 2:33 PM
    Hello,am sending this message from Norway.
    I was contacted by a person which claims to be stationed at Camp Eggers,his name is Sergeant David Gillis Jonas,he sais he is from San Bruno,Calefornia.
    Has anyone else been contacted by the same person?or can I find him at Camp Eggers?
    I also have some pictures of him.
  • Connie
    10/28/2013 9:26 PM
    I have been chatting with a gentleman that found me on He says his name is E8 Master Sergeant Mark Heinrich. He says he is from Ohio and is now stationed in Afghanistan on his second tour over there He says he is an IT person and lives on base. However he had no idea what Dog Tags were or the Pay..LES site. He tried to tell me he was getting ready to "Go on the Front Line". He says he will be retiring from the service in a month or two. Wants to start his own Company either here with me in Indianapolis or back home in Ohio. Says he has a son in Georgia military. I set up a Google voice and found out he had been chatting with another girl for over a year and told her the same thing.. I took my google mail down. He says he doesn't get paid over there so he does not get any form of pay sheet. He even went as far to ask me to marry him ( I said we needed to meet face to face first) Says he gets up at 4:30AM every day so he cant talk to me at 7:30PM my time. Right...for the record this was the 4th man to contact me from that said they were working construction over there, that had a daughter, that was living with her grandmother in Spain. That their wife had died. After the third one I told him I should give him the other Mr Johnson's address that he might know him also. No more emails. No more

    Shame on these Cowards to have to hide behind lies. Well this one is to smart for them. I think I busted him good. But if there is a way, I would love to get him in serious trouble! Legally!
  • kabul hero
    11/3/2013 2:20 AM
    thank you
  • Katherine
    11/6/2013 8:39 PM
    I am communicating with someone I met on Match his name is Staff SGT E6 Joseph Robles. Told me he was in love with me on the second communication, asked for a cell phone and clothes, cologne and body spray on the third communication. Told me to email for the address to send him these things. said he is getting out in two months after being in for 24 years currently stationed at Eggers in Afghanistan. He has sent pictures and more pictures, cards and video music to try to warm my heart. Told me he is in love with me and wants to get married to me... wow am I really this desperate to believe that after reading all of this? OMG somebody shoot me NOW!!!! He even emailed me pictures of him holding my pictures!!!!
  • Toni Tobin
    11/7/2013 11:12 AM
    Ladies, Please make note if you are contacted by any military men from facebook, or any dating sites more then likely they are scams...
    These people will steal photos from the people that are actually serving our country to gain profit from someone that is dumb enough to fall for their stories...(and they all will tell you the same story)...
    You can google military dating scams and read all of the horrible stories that have happened to the females that have fallen for that...
    Please be safe and if at anytime you have doubt that should tell you something...
  • Roland Weiner
    11/9/2013 9:24 AM
    Since two days, i do not have any contact to Angela Spears, stationed at Egger, would be highly appreciated if anybody can give me Information, if she is ok
  • Buffie
    11/11/2013 3:20 PM
    I met this guy on He called himself Raymond Palmer and he told me that he was stationed at Camp Eggers. After three conversations, he told me that he loved me. then he wanted me to send him money to come home on promising me that the military will repay me. I was in the Air Force and thats not how it works. He is calling himself Capt Raymond Palmer. I asked for an address so I can send him a care package and he told me I would have to send it thru an agent which is currently deployed to Nigeria. I dont think so...
  • John Cook
    11/11/2013 3:25 PM

    You are so right. Contact me on my personal email, and I will explain this scam......regards, john cook
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Ulli
    12/14/2013 9:11 AM
    Hey, I would like to know if a doctor George Wesley is working at your Camp.
    We write us but I'm not sure if everything is truth.
    Thanks for your help
  • Dorothy M
    12/14/2013 12:55 PM
    Hello Mr. Cook my name is Dorothy and I believe I am being scammed. He claims to be at your camp. He says he's Dennis Matthew siegel. He also says there is a Captain Robert Shaw who is in charge of EGGER'S CAMP and I should send him $1700. To the Agent in charge a Ms. Anita Riley in Franklin Furnace Ohio. Well I sent the money and now they're asking me for $4,000. More. Mr. Siegel claims he's in Camp # 378hu CA He even gave me a social security # 560-02-1751 and states his mother's maiden name is Preston. Can you please help me to find out if it's a scam. Thank You for all you have done to serve this Country and for providing this site for people who have or maybe scammed. God Bless you and all the soldiers in EGGER'S CAMP.
  • John Cook
    12/14/2013 1:05 PM
    Dear Dorothy:

    Please contact me on my personal email address and I will tell you what's going on. This guy is definitely a scammer.
  • Christina Anderson
    12/23/2013 5:04 PM
    I too have been scammed by a Sgt George Paul eynold who claims to be at Eggers camp kabul, has anyone else had dealings with .
  • John Cook
    12/23/2013 7:42 PM

    Please contact me at and I will explain how these scammers work.....regards...........john
  • kathyybass
    12/27/2013 2:55 AM
    yes I have been chatting to a person male sergant luis mark Patrick he says he is in camp egger please let me know I have contact the m p's and investagater this man says he is from new York he was deployed from for brum to Kabul camp egger please get back to asap on this need to no something I think he said his d-o-b was dec 18th 1968 he said he just turn 245 I was born in 1963 I am 50 please let me no asap he all so said his gen, was Daniel Jordan (
  • John Cook
    12/27/2013 10:34 AM
    Dear Kathybass:
    Contact me at and I will tell you more about how these scammers operate.
    John Cook
  • John Cook
    12/27/2013 10:35 AM
    Dear Kathybass:
    Contact me at and I will tell you more about how these scammers operate.
    John Cook
  • Louis
    12/28/2013 11:53 AM
    I have recently been receiving notes from Sgt Elliot Mcglone. As I have two friends in Afghanistan and I'm always teasing them about setting me up with a nice gay soldier, I thought it was from one of them. After about the third letter where he wouldn't answer questions about simple things like what was he eating, was he stuck with MREs or did he get real food, and then the letters started to get really weird about his loving me and that we would be together. Fotunately I have an excellent inernal alarm and asking my friends if they were trying to set me up with someone, the scam became clear. So keep on the look out boys and girls, SGT Elliot Mcglone doesn't exist in real life. --Thanks for having this sight.
  • Mary V
    12/29/2013 2:03 PM
    Hi I have met a George W. James on he is at camp Egger until March, 1st,2014. Says he if from Warrenton, VA. His son is with friends in Ghana?? After reading some of your information, this guy must be a scammer!
    Thanks for the information!
  • John Cook
    12/29/2013 2:55 PM
    Dear Mary:

    Your instincts are good. Please contact me at and I will give you more details on what you should look out for.

    John Cook
  • Christina Anderson
    12/31/2013 10:41 AM
    Are the Authorities ever going to put a stop to the disgusting scammers who continually break women's hearts , and use identities of some soldiers that are dead and others who may be happily Married with children,it beyond human understanding they should round all these scammers up in a firing line and get rid of the lot of them.
  • Deb
    12/31/2013 1:36 PM
    I have been in touch with Captain Ryan Mendez from Has anyone had contact from him about dating you? He seems genuine.
  • MGLC
    1/2/2014 12:51 PM
    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Please add our company email to your database .MGLC is the company which has worked in Afghanistan for ten years till now in Logistic section.
  • Roland from Switzerland
    1/2/2014 2:09 PM
    According Information i get from London concerning Srgt. Angela Spears Special force , she seems in trbls in London because of a gift pack she wanted to send to me. As i know Angela only from Facebook Chat, i want to be sure that Angela is real, she left Kabul on 20th December, and quit the Service per 22. December 2013, for time beeing she seems to be in London. I have passed three days in London as from 26 to 29th december and had talked by phone to her, according Information i got from the deliveryman of this gift pack, she can not leave the LHR Airport. I could'nt see Angela in London. Is it possible that a soldier after his Service can fly on private Basis from Kabul to London?
  • John Cook
    1/2/2014 2:37 PM

    I'm afraid you are being scammed. Please contact me on my personal email, and I will explain how it works...l..regards.........john cook
  • Khurasan Pul logistic Services Company
    1/6/2014 11:24 PM
    Dear Sir/Madam
    I hope be fine and doing will.

    I have a logistics company by the name of, Khurasan Pul Logistics service company (KPLS)

    and I want to register our company in the data base of all contracting offers,
    So please forward my request to him (Contracting Officers) and I am hopeful to register my company in your vendor list.

    Thanks wish you all the best

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    I am looking for replay sir.

    thanks again.
  • Debbie
    1/12/2014 3:41 PM
    I have talked to a Joey Robles or so he says. He says he is joeyrobles701: I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
    joeyrobles701: 25years
    joeyrobles701: I am currently stationed in Kabul , the capital of Afghanistan. I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Afghanistan. My first mission to Afghanistan was in 2004.
    joeyrobles701: My mission ended in 2008. Went back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years.
    joeyrobles701: I am now looking for the one whisk to my heart,a woman who will love me for me and not for what i have..i am looking for true love to spend the rest of my life with. : Hope things will change from one stage to another.I like you and you are very beautiful as well.I will be home in two months time and retiring from the army to settle down

    Does this look familiar to anybody??
  • Kathy
    1/15/2014 10:34 PM
    I have also talked with a E-6 Staff Sergeant Joey Robles He has said the same thing to me as he did Debbie on 1/12.2014. But this one says he is stationed in Ghana, Afghanistan he said he was cheated on also and wants me to send him a care package I have learned to research things through very well before acting on any of these People that are foreigners using other people profile pictures and trying to scam American Women. I also had one SSG Steve Shneider and finally he admitted to me that he was a foreigner posting pictures of a USARMY man named Steve Shnieder stationed in Nigeria. Steve talked with me for about a month and said he was divorced and was looking for happiness again and he loved me and wanted to marry me and then asked for $950.00 to fix his knees where he was going to have to have surgery and he would have to pay that amount before they would do the surgery then asked for Prepaid Phone Cards $300.00 worth. These people are all scammers like Joey Robles came up on a dating Web-Site called Cherry Fun and I winked at him and he started talking to me on Facebook and now he is asking for a Cell Phone, Pre-Paid Phone Card, T-Shirts, Boxers, Candy, Computer with Web Cam and is looking for a long lasting relationship with a WOMAN that will not cheat on him but there are two facebook profiles of him on facebook He also says his money is frozen and will be going home in two months to Bedford, Texas. These foreigners will try anything to get what they want even ones that are not in the Military so ladies please be aware of all scammers you can go to google and read up on all scammers.
  • Debbie
    1/16/2014 1:37 AM

    Joey Robles keeps e=mailing me says he's getting out in 2 months and going back to Bedford Texas in 2 months to retire. He's sent me lots of photos. One even had a sign that said I miss you Debbie. Says he loved me and requested a birthday package which includes a iphone gold with sim card unlocked so he can talk to me, boxers, socks, cologne, corn flakes, and says he will pay me back when he comes to the statesI am like you and did research. I won't be scammed and I reported him to cig and told them I will send the e-mails and photos. Joey said he was cheated on and they were together for 14 yrs. Please EVERYBODY BE CAREFUL!! This is crazy stuff. He sent me youtube videos and paragraphs that confess love. Kathy did he send you a lot of photos?? We could exchange and see if same photos. Thanks for writing and I also thank John Cook he has seen photos and looked at the e-mails. I appreciate everyone who has commented on here because without you all these people could scam a lot more women. I'm sure they get away with some of it because some people believe everything they read. Again Thanks. If anybody has any questions about this Joey Robles let me know.
  • Debbie
    1/17/2014 12:28 AM
    I have been sharing emails with Tim Tuddock who stated he is 2nd in command at his camp in Kabul, we met on, where it said he lives in Sacamento California, he too is going to retire in 8 weeks and return to the states, he has 2 daughters age 8 and 10. being raised by his 86 year old mother back east tonight we were chatting on FB and his location showed as 'Nima,Volta,Ghana" my heart sunk! when I questioned him, he said he didnt even know where Ghana was..he sent me pictures too, I dont know what to believe, he has not asked me for I dont know what to think..
  • Christina
    1/18/2014 8:15 AM
    Okay girls here's another one to add to the list Roland Leichliter from Auburn, Alabama, deployed in china 44 years old, divorced caught his best mate in bed with his wife, has a 3 yr old son who suffers fom a serious respitary condition, The best was when he emailed me he used exactly the same letter Id had from another scammer they are all arseholles, has anyone else heard for this cretin .
  • mary kay
    1/21/2014 8:50 PM
    would like to know if a sgt.ivan david angle as stationed at egger camp...i met him on date hook up...i think he is a fake..but just want to make sure....blessed be..
  • Deborah
    1/21/2014 10:03 PM
    Everybody I am sorry that these men have been lying about who they are and pretending to be in our military. I have reported the guy who messaged me to cyber crimes and also to because seems to be their main base to find women. Luckily they didn't get anything from me but e-mails and some conversations. I have photos if anyone wants to see the picks this Joey Robles was using. He was good at photo shop. Please be aware and thanks again John Cook for this site and blog because you've saved a lot of women from losing money and having broken hearts. I'm proud to be a military mom and for researching and not trusting in someone who fakes who he truly is. First question to ask is what is mailing address and if it's not an APO address it's most likely fraud. If you want more info send or post message and I'll respond. My e-mail is good luck ladies and don't give up.
  • John Cook
    1/21/2014 10:31 PM
    Mary Kay:
    Sorry to tell you this but your guy is a scammer. Please drop me a line at and I will fill you in................john
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  • kathyybass
    1/26/2014 3:03 PM
    hello my name is Kathy and I just wont to say that I hate these men who use are army men to hurt women !!! I do thank god for( LIEUTENTENANT COLONEL JOHN L COOK ) for that he does and for all that he is ( NOW HE IS A VERY GOOD HONEST AND TRUE MAN ) he has help me so much so god bless you john:)
  • Christina
    1/27/2014 1:59 AM
    Kathy you are so right about John Cook, he may not be able to track these swines down but he always has words of comfort for the victims.I wish we coud find a way to stop these scabs from insulting these soldiers and bring them out into th open but it's like wishing for th impossible it seems to be getting worse Ive had 3 try to scam me on top of the one that did, but I know hw they work now and I just report them and delete them.
  • Bob
    1/28/2014 3:23 PM
    Receiving email from a Sgt. Kelvin Vankleect. He said he is getting out of the military from Afghanistan this summer. I just happened to google his name since he said he wants a relationship with me, but I got suspicious when he doesn't answer specific questions. He said he is from Port Huron Michigan, I saw a guy on this site named Randy who also asked about this guy. Is he real or just using one of our heroes pics for his own gain.
    thanks, Bob
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  • Bob
    1/28/2014 5:29 PM
    thanks for your help
  • John Cook
    1/28/2014 5:29 PM

    Send me a note at and I'll fill you in....................john
  • Donna
    1/30/2014 6:44 AM
    Dear John. I have been talking to an Erick James Ross who says he is at Camp Eggers. He told me he is coming home and was leaving the 29. Says his home base is Fort Hood. He wants me to pick him up on the 3 of Feb is there a way I can check this infro? Please help. Thanks for your service
    Regards Donna
  • Heather
    2/6/2014 12:44 PM
    My name Is heather and i have been talking to someone,named My name Sgt Major Billy R not sure if its a scam or not but i asked him what base is he on and he says,they move around alot.. Hes online every day around,the same time.something seems off But something
  • John Cook
    2/6/2014 1:15 PM

    Contact me at and I'll fill you in.

  • Burnaby girl
    2/10/2014 11:40 PM
    I have another name. He is asking for laptop and cell phone, boxer shorts, tshirts, bible, playing cards and food. He asked me to send to a post box in Ghana, and is persisting me to send ASAP. I would like to verify the name without posting it online as it might be legit,
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  • John Cook
    2/11/2014 12:06 AM

    Please send me a note at and I'll tell you what is going on. This is definitely a scam.
    john cook
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  • Sue Parker
    2/13/2014 2:13 PM
    Is there a Major Daniel Phillips at Camp Eggers?
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  • John Cook
    2/13/2014 2:47 PM

    Send me a note at and I will fill you in. Also, tell me why you are concerned......john
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  • Terry e Beauchemin
    2/24/2014 8:06 AM
    I have been talking to a lieutenant commander dave a maynard stationed in Kabul,,,camp eggers
    he has not asked me for money as yet but did send me a 4800.00 travelers check he wanted me to send over to Africa to his daughter Danielle ,,I refused also have not received it as yet ,,,he was angered that I did not trust him I have no apo address from him ,,for three months we have talked love and marriage as he is suppose to be retiring from the navy end of February ,,,his birthday is february 20th ,1951,,,or 52 he just turned 63,,is he is he in camp eggers?i have photos of him is he real?
  • Barbara Milller
    3/5/2014 12:14 PM
    I have been talking with a soldier my the name of Steven Anderson in Kabul , Afghanistan for about three weeks he told me he loved me and said he wanted to marry me and no I do not take him seriously but it really looks bad on our troops that are out there fighting for our freedom and risking there lives for our country. Everything I thought was serious about his family and he has two daughters on his facebook profile and says he is in the U S ARMY and his wife died of Cancer, until on 3/4/2014 he asked me to send him $700.00 for which I did not. I then called him a Scammer for which he turned around and got very abusive using vulgar words and I just unfriended him and blocked him from my facebook John Cook there are not enough words for me to express how much we THANK YOU for doing the job that you do to keep our troops from people like this. I do not know if he is Steven Anderson or who he is he would not give me his Birthday or his yahoo account, but I thought that talking with a MILITARY Gentlemen I am sure they do get lonely and like to talk with someone, but to ask a lady for money is out of the question. What was so strange was he wanted it sent Western Union to Lagos, Nigeria. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated if anyone has talked with him or has any contact with him. He did write me all the time to my yahoo ID and sent me a picture of him in a YELLOW OUTFIT and there were a lot of Yellow Tents around everywhere in the background. Thank you so much for what you do JOHN COOK!!!!
  • Deborah
    3/5/2014 12:58 PM
    Barbara, I'm glad you didn't send him money. The one I talked to was saying his name was Joey Robles and said his wife cheated on him and said he was at Eggers but I caught on quick. First I asked what his mailing address was because I have 2 children in the armed forces and know they get an APO address and they never ask for money. They try to say they gotta buy a ticket home or ask you to send a specific cell phone, money cards, clothes. I saved everything he sent me and I talked with Mr. Cook he is a god send and he has saved a lot of woman from being scammed . He deserves a medal in my eyes for everything he's done and saved so many of us. It makes me sick that these guys are pretending to be our military in such a way that is so wrong we have so many good military people deployed and at home that put their lives on the line to protect us and even protect others in other countries. Those people and their families are the true Heros and it saddens me that these scammers pretend to be someone they are not. I sent a complaint to cyber crime division and they said save messages, emails, phone numbers because they may need them as evidence sometime so I put it all on a flash drive. I told the guy I talked to that I reported him and hoped they catch him. Again from the bottom of my heart thank you Mr. Cook your our hero!
  • John Cook
    3/5/2014 1:36 PM
    Barbara Miller:

    Please drop me a line at and I'll fill you in on the Nigerian connection........................john
  • Christina
    3/6/2014 1:44 PM
    Deborah don't send him anything, and Im sure Jihn Cook will put you right on that.I unfortunately have been scammed and lost money and I have learnt the hard way they are very controlling and try to win you over with the right things to say , I know we all like to be told this wonderful things I love you and want to Marry you,I have had 4 all together but luckily I know enough to tell them to get lost, delete them and report them.IC3 is the best place to report them and also the dating site you met him on good luck!!!
  • Deborah
    3/6/2014 3:11 PM
    Christina, I never sent them any money. I have had 2 so far and I did talk to Mr. John Cook about them and reported them to the dating site and also cyber crimes. Mr. Cook had a link on his web page to report stuff to so I did that as well. Thank for all the information and I am forever thankful to Mr. Cook for his website, and helping us with these scammers who are using our military in such a horrible way. Thank you everyone.
  • Monique
    4/3/2014 8:15 PM
    First allow me to say thank you for the information contained on this site. My story is similar to all the others and wanted to know if Staff Sergeant Wilson Sigrid is currently stationed there. His bio is that he’s single, 49 years old, only child, parents died last year and owns a home in Austin. (Did a property search and did not find him - ex was a realtor). Spelling and grammar is very poor despite stating he was a military graduate. He has sent several photos which I am now finding on I asked to send him a care package however he stated that the APO was not working. I did ask other questions which he would not answer but had asked after I sent him money. I believe this guy is a scammer and I will be more than happy to provide emails to help with any investigation that may be in progress. How can I get him reported?
  • John Cook
    4/3/2014 9:02 PM
    Dear Monique:

    Please send me a note at and I will fill you in. You are definately a victim of a scammer...............john
  • beth von
    4/3/2014 11:45 PM
    Hello Again Ladies..[and John],
    First, John what you are doing is admirable. From the very first description of Camp Eggers to the [probably now well into the thousands] of explanations to the victims of these horrible scams.
    PLEASE-IF CONTACTED WITH UNSOLICITED 'LOVE LETTERS' OF MANY TYPES...[WHILE WE ARE ALL INVOLVED EMOTIONALLY ENOUGH TO WANT TO HELP] YOU HAVE TO DO A FEW SIMPLE THINGS TO PROTECT OUR TROOPS FROM THIS ON-GOING IDENTITY THEFT: DEMAND A CURRENT APO OR FPO ADDRESS...IN A NICE MANNER. I REPEATEDLY REQUESTED HIS APO OR FPO TO SEND HIM SOME HOME MADE COOKIES. WHEN HE REPEATEDLY TOLD ME HE WAS NOT PERMITTED TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION i FINISHED THIS BY TELLING HIM THAT IMPERSONATING A MEMBER OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY MEMBER WAS A CRIME AND I HAD EVERY INTENTION OF REPORTING HIM TO THE AUTHORITIES. Each email is from an assigned ipo addy. This scam has been going on for years but if we all stay alert we can stop these scams and protect our troops. There are legitimate organizations in place to put you in a position to help raise the morale of our troops. This really has to stop...imagine that the troop whose ID has been stolen is your brother,son,husband, lover, boyfriend, there are rules ...and the scammers believe that YOU are stupid and will be able to be scammed into opening you wallet and heart to them...The only way this will stop is for each of us to make certain that this word gets out...PERIOD. I wish all of us the best of luck in working together to stop this and help protect the ID's of our troops.Good Luck and God Bless...
  • Shannon Wilson
    4/8/2014 12:08 AM
    Hello everyone!

    I was contacted today on Skype once again by a General James Miller... He is supposedly stationed at Camp Eggers (yeah, Not falling for that one), has HORRIBLE grammar and types like a teenager texts. He has two phone numbers listed on his Skype profile, one listed in San Francisco, CA and the other Nashville, TN. He attempted to try to get to know me more in a romantic type spirit but I put the halt to that by informing him I'm currently dating an officer in the military who is also an MP. Since then I have heard nothing except that "[12:31:02 PM] General James Miller: that is nice to know..amnot luck man"... Really?

    Ladies, please don't fall for this stuff. We have enough on our plates than to fall for this kind of BS.

    Shannon Wilson
  • Christina
    4/13/2014 11:21 AM
    Ive already posted on here the fact I have been scammed by a George Reynold, I have at long last got rid, Ive also had another one using the same profile who tried it on, but has since admitted Hes a 28year Nigerian looting for money for his education at college.He has apologised and said he will not do it again, then I gets a phone call from my Brother in Devon, England, to tell me he had a friendship request on Facebook and didnt accept but looked at the profile, ad low and behold it was a young girl from Ghana trying to obviuosly make her way into my Brothers life having No thought for his wife and family, obviously he refused her and blocked her also , but this situation is getting far worse, and am I thinking right that there are no US Military left at Eggers Camp now it's been taken over by the US Goverment,
  • laurel barnes
    4/24/2014 11:43 AM
    I have been chatting with a seagant hanks williams think his real name is henry i want to know if he really exist he is stationed at camp eggers he talks to me on facebook and emails me told me he is retiring at the begining of next year does he exist is he single like he has told me
  • Emma
    4/26/2014 2:35 PM
    I'm chatting with Dan Barden, says he's a medic….of course, no phone or webcam…Is he real? he's at Camp Eggers as well…..
  • Annick Meuleman
    4/27/2014 6:16 PM
    I too was contacted by Sgt. Paul Lopez, via
    This is part of his credentials:
    I'm the second in command of my squad. I work in the Junior management of the military.I holds a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University, a Master of Arts degree in Military Art and Science from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and a Master of Science degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from National Defense University.
    I've been awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters), Bronze Star Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster), Defense Meritorious Service Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster), Meritorious Service Medal (with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal (with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Army Achievement Medal, and other awards and decorations,
    I too was told to send a package via Diplomat Isaac Gamor, in Ghana, he is on Face book, the kids seems like 20 yrs old, flags went of and I did not do it,
    I too was sent pictures of Sgt. Paul, aka Jimmy Lopez.
    Mind you, if the real Lopez in those pictures exists, You are a good looking man!
    He even sent a picture with his tent mates, and a picture of him with an Afghan girl and Afghan gentleman.
    In the mean time I tracked him down twice on face book under different usernames, but using same pictures. He has a picture with blond child on his shoulders, one seated in the grass with long sleeved white t-shirt, one in a doorway with friends, one on a motorbike with child, one in uniform at camp next to a tank and flag, one in a living room with a friend. He also sent me shots in full army attire without helmet seated against a wall.
    Sgt. Lopez, the real one of course, you seem like very nice person, thank you for being in the troops and sorry that this ignoramus used your nice pictures.
    I guess it's a lesson learned.
  • pat
    5/7/2014 11:07 PM
    Is Wright Leblanc stationed at Camp Eggers? I have been corresponding for months and have sent money twice.
  • Christina
    5/8/2014 5:47 AM
    I don't know if anyone else is feeling the anger at the moment but there's President Obama and the English government buffering help over in Nigeria to find these school girls that have been kidnapped and yes while that is a awful vile act, if they can do that why can't they send people over to Nigeria to find some of these scammers who are becoming more and more rife surely some red tape could be lifted and something done about it does anyone else agree ?
  • rosa maria kurth
    5/27/2014 8:27 PM
    hi mr. cook .can jou please check ,it there an commander fred wason (williamds9192).he has been contacting me from skype . my name is mimi from southgermany.ask me in 2 months going home to texas . he was also in fort hood inn illen . he ask me he had an son 15.years lod and the women are sorry my scoolenglish is bad.he contactet me befor 4 days and ask me , he is falling in love with me and will married me, i cant believe this ,send me an picture its an attraktiv mann .greetings mimi
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • Keira Valdez
    5/27/2014 11:37 PM
    I am talking to this person that claims to be stationed at Camp Eggers his name is Alex Ortega.. I would like to know if he is actually real or an impostor... He claims to have a son and lost his wife 5 years ago.. Thank You very much for your help..
  • Mary D
    6/4/2014 12:56 PM
    I recently started communications with a man who claims he was born in Qatar and started military training in the U.S. when he was in his 20s. Apparently he's about 41 years old now. Said he's an engineer based out of Chicago and is in Ft. Eggers now. He and I have very pleasant communications and he has not once asked me to send him anything and doesn't ask me for personal information. But I'd still like to confirm if he's an actual U.S. soldier and if he is indeed stationed at Ft. Eggers. I don't want to post his name on this website but is there someone I could confirm this information with so I know if I should continue or end communications with him?
  • Christina
    6/6/2014 4:15 AM
    Has anyone heard of Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Scott or maybe had any contact with him, suppose to be at camp Egggers on his final month there before he retires.
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • Carmen
    6/16/2014 8:25 AM
    After reading this blog I am completely shattered by the fact that I too am being scammed!
    I was contacted through SKYPE on/or around March/April 2014 by someone named "Chris Bowen " who wrote till he convinced me of giving him my personal e-mail, then we began writing on one of his early emails he wrote:am okay and am doing very well, though we are having tough times here but God will see us through okay, recently, 3 American doctors have being killded, rain storm and army planes have crushed killing four soldier, its really hard but we are okay. I know how you feel  but i think its destiny that we meet and i want to use this chance to make some good changes in my life, wont hurt you nor your feelings okay, i promise okay and i know as time goes on we will get to know more about each other, well My name is Chris bowen. I was born on the 10th of April, 1974 at Baptist Hospital of Miami. I started A & A Children Academy at 4 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn't spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field.
    I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non-commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.As you already know, I am currently stationed in Kabul , the capital of Afghanistan.I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Kabul and I have already spent 6 months here in Kabul. My first mission to Kabul was in 2005. My mission ended in 2010. When back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years, she got to court to have custody of our two kids, they are twins, Ethan and Nathan but i won her so i have full custody of my kids and they live with my mother in Germany, i miss them though but they understand what their dad does and they are proud of me and  i am of them. i have being divorce for four years now and i have being single since then. i never went on  a date, was just me.I am now looking for another woman to involve myself with. I will be home in few weeks. Actually, we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself. A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her too. I will not be able to call you because we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders on phone. Everything is monitored. but i can create time to chat with you or send you emails which i can i assure you of, i really want to get to know you."
    Of course he now claims to be "in love" with me!
    Has has sent me 5 different pictures.
    And after reading a post on here about a similar name from a writer named Nanci dated 10/08/2013 I feel awfully concerned, could it be the same "guy (s)?"
    Has not asked for money up to now, so please help me find out if this guy is real!!?
  • Christina
    6/16/2014 9:27 AM
    Carmen, please contact me on my email this Chris Bowen has sent you exactly the same crap that I had from a Jeffrey Scott, have you any photos and could we compare correspondence, everything he has told you is the same just ironic please contact me
  • Christine Butlrt
    6/17/2014 7:21 PM
    I have been in communication with a Selman Caldwell stationed at Camp Eggers originally from California one son called John going back home in the fall is this person real or another scammer?
  • Myrna Shebagegit
    6/19/2014 7:02 PM
    Hi im canadian and i started recently talking to a cpt morgan james wilson ... After reading all theses scary comments i would just like to know if he is real and if he is there really .. I have nvr known american military person before he is a first for me so im kinda scared of this
  • John Cook
    6/20/2014 2:15 AM

    Please send me a note on my personal email,, and I will explain how these scams work..................john
  • Anny CK
    6/20/2014 2:36 AM

    Your website is really resouceful and I hope someone can help me to verify if this guy exist or not. His name is Kevin F Tucker and is a major. He said he was deloyed in Camp Eggers for 2 years already. I was in contact with him for 3 more months and we were deeply in love. He would due to retire in Sept then we would get marry. However, I lost contact with him since Wed (Jun 18) after his operation. Actually he did not ask anything materialized except love from me. Now I am only worried about his safely. Could anyone pls help to find out if he is still well or he does not exist in Camp Eggers? I know I have to live my live on. So pls help. Much appreciate for an early response.
  • Amanda Thompson
    6/21/2014 11:11 AM
    I have been reading the comments above. i am looking for Master Sargent Thomas Nash. I met him on an on-line dating site. Was just wondering if he was there.

  • Melissa Hadeen
    6/22/2014 10:48 PM
    I met a Sgt. Deandre Lamont off of he claims to be stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan.He is originally from Newark, New Jersey. Wondering if he exists or if I'm being scammed?
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • KAY
    6/25/2014 11:34 AM
  • Christina
    6/25/2014 2:25 PM
    Hi Kay would you be willing to email the photos on my email it's always good to see if they tie up?
  • Heather
    6/25/2014 3:09 PM
    Im starting to think most of theses guys are using the same pictures if anyone would like to see the pics of the guy billy I was talking about please email me at
  • KAY
    6/25/2014 11:31 PM
  • Christina
    6/26/2014 12:10 AM
    Ive just opened my Ipad have in the last half an hour had a Sgt Jackson Roberts from Camp Eggers trying to make friends and a email from a Az Lakaki from Kabul just warning you all , it never ends please get rid of these cretins someone !
  • KAY
    6/26/2014 12:29 AM
  • Christina
    6/26/2014 12:38 AM
    Kay possibly could be they stop at nothing I have got to the stage where I don't even read their emails and as far as friend requests go if I see US army in Kabul they are deleted straight away no the way Kay never got any pictures please email them to me
  • Christina
    6/26/2014 12:45 AM
    Another one to watch out for ladies Simpsons Bird US army stationed in camp Eggers beware !
  • Carmen
    6/26/2014 4:23 AM
    My dear ladies,
    As much as we have been lied to by these cowards, who have been using a “One for all and All for one” type of messages to play around with our feelings and our pocket books, we must join forces somehow to stop this “group of scammers” at least from continuing to harassing us or others who are yet to fall into their dirty games, I’m writing to you because as I sit here reading from everyone, I began to think that it is very possible that they are also reading this blog, so we must be more careful not to give our e mails here for they also become public even to them! So, I thought that we should be smarter than “them” and hopefully if it’s ok with Mr. Cook we could all share emails, pictures or phone numbers to write to each other from another point of contact, and not through here (unless Mr. Cook feels it’s safe for us to do so on here). I’m thinking that hopefully if Mr. Cook could help us get a secure way for us to contact each other, that would be great, other than that, I think it is good idea that we are bringing our case to this forum to relate it to others, stating our experiences with this “scammers” for other ladies to be aware on how “they” go about their “dirty business” but I would suggest to only write information about them on here, not ours! The reason I’m saying this is because I noticed that as soon as I posted my concern on here for the first time, the so called “Sergeant” stopped writing to me, now “he or they” could also be getting a “list” of all of the girls who have “caught on to” their game and who knows could even be taking note as to whom they can no longer keep on lying to or even will keep lying to using a different name or alias, and may even be getting our new e-mails through here!, just saying, one can never be too careful, it’s just a suggestion, what do you think?
    By the way, I found out that the “scammer” who was writing to me has been using other aliases with the same last name, such as: Justin Bowen, Lawrence Bowen, and Chris Bowen so far. And some of the e-mails he uses are: justinbowen1@yahoo, chrisbowen700@hotmail. On Face Book there’s a profile under the name of “Bowen Lawrence” where I found more pictures of the supposed “Bowen” including one (you guessed it!) of the one’s he sent me! Saying it was “recent picture” and on the “Scamming FB page” it is dated “he” posted it (the picture) back on Dec. 2011!! I don’t doubt this handsome man is real (or was real, who knows he may not even be alive today) just saying that unfortunately someone has been posing and using this true Army Soldier’s last name (which is shown on his army suit) and his pictures to “scam” ladies into his/their own “easy money” way of living. I pray that God will do us justice and that these people are caught and punished for all the wrongdoing!
  • Christina
    6/26/2014 4:31 AM
    Carmen never a truer word spoken , God works in mysterious ways, and of corse don't forget Kharma, it has a way of coming back to those that cause hurt, it may take some time but it will happen I am dead certain of that.
  • John Cook
    6/27/2014 3:15 AM
    Dear Carman:

    I just read your post and I think it is a great idea. Please contact me at my personal email address, and I will give you my ideas. I like the way the way you think and I think we all, together, can really mess these bastards up...............john
  • Amanda
    6/27/2014 1:23 PM
    I have been a victim of a scam. The name was Thomas Nash. We started on an on-line dating site. We communicated for less than a couple of weeks when he professed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. then came the asking for money. I questioned his motives. i uploaded one of the pictures that he had sent me to Google Images. What I found made my stomach turn. There were all the photos he had sent me, even the ones from the dating site. Several emails and names were listed. All with Nash in them. So please google the pics before you send any money or get your heart crushed. I was a lucky one. No money but was devistated. If anyone needs to know how to Google images just send me a note to
  • Amanda
    6/27/2014 2:48 PM
    John, can you send me the appropriate sites that I can forward the emails to?

    Now I have John Nash contacting me.

  • Christina
    6/30/2014 2:09 AM
    Another one trying to make friends with me Edwards Atkins from Texas yes you've guessed words fur UN.
  • Rika
    7/2/2014 1:48 PM
    Hello, I sent John Cook an email regarding a guy from Camp Eggers who I had been communicating with. Do you know how long it takes him to respond?
  • John Cook
    7/3/2014 3:35 AM
    Dear Rika:

    I will respond to you when you contact me on my personal email, which is Please send me a messgae at this aggress and I will regards..........john
  • Rika
    7/3/2014 7:09 PM
    Hi John,

    Thanks for responding. I did send you a message to that email on Sunday. I checked my email and it was delivered. I did not use my real name on this site in case the guy I was talking to has been looking at this site since I already confronted him about a few things that didn't add up to his story. (but my name kind of rhymes with rica). My email is pretty detailed and has information that might help you help me. If for some reason you did not receive the email, please let me know and I will gladly resend. Thanks so much for your willingness to help. Truly appreciate it.
  • John Cook
    7/4/2014 5:01 AM
    Dear Rika"
    Please contact me at and I will discuss many things with regards.................john
  • Anny CK
    7/6/2014 11:39 PM
    Hi John and everyone,

    Hope this message finds all of you good.

    I have struggled for long to write this or not because I thought it was another kind of scam and it would be necessary to make it aware to everyone here.

    In brief, I posted my first message on Jun 20. As in my first message, I tried to locate this guy, Kevin F Tucker. As a result, I heard from him after two days, Jun 22. He claimed that he returned without deading from an operation but he was seriously injured on his leg, he also sent me the picture of his open-wound. After that he asked me to receive a package on his behalf. And it was a very important to his life. I honorned to offer my help by receiving this. As a result, a company contacted me for sending this package but I was asked to pay for 3270 pounds before the delivery. I was asked to tele-transfer the amount via westcon union or a Chineese Bank. I had not responded in the first place, then they emailed me and asked again so as not to delay the delivery. Again I had not responded because there was no document followed against the delivery. On the first email requesting for making transfer, they only mentioned about the weight of the package and pushed that if I did not make the payment, there would be delay in making delivery. I did not respond again.

    Now, I loss the contact of this guy and also the company who claims to be helping in making the delivery. And I strongly believe this may be a kind of scam. I have more information but may not select to disclose here just in case the scammer may also look at the same messages here. So I prefer only to discuss the details with John (John: if you have a minute to talk further, it will be so great).

    Anyway, I am here to make everyone alert that the bad guy may try another way round asking to send money to them in this form.

  • Comment removed by admin.
  • lynn
    7/9/2014 3:39 AM
    hi ive been chatting with a guy who says hes deployed to afghanistan and his base is campeggers his name is jones william brian .hes wanting money from me so that he can get ts2 communications so that he can call me and also see him on cam his he real and he also says that on a morning he does combat training if true how often do the soldiers do this .thanx for your help
  • Aundria
    7/9/2014 10:38 AM
    Hello Kay!
    I am the Aundria that you mentioned. I have been conversating with Jack for several months now, but he has never asked me for anything. It could be due to the fact that I have close family in the military and am somewhat familiar with what goes on. Please email me at The story you gave about Kelvin and Jack's family is the same story he told me. I have not been able to find a facebook page for him and I certainly don't want my name associated with any scam. Thank you in advance!
  • Kay
    7/9/2014 7:02 PM
  • Deborah
    7/10/2014 2:22 AM
    Lynn, your probably being scammed. Don't send them any money!! Talk to Mr. John Cook he will fill you in on these scams. Know your not alone, most of us on this site has been in the same situation. I was lucky to have some military knowledge and only lost some of my time, and emails, and text messages. Here is a copy of one of our messages. Hope it helps someone else is he uses the same name and I have photos he used. I reported him to cyber crimes and I pray we can put a stop to these scammers who are using our brave military members who put their lives in danger for us in this manner. I'd love to put a stop to these guys.

    I have talked to a Joey Robles or so he says. He says he is joeyrobles701: I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
    joeyrobles701: 25years
    joeyrobles701: I am currently stationed in Kabul , the capital of Afghanistan. I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Afghanistan. My first mission to Afghanistan was in 2004.
    joeyrobles701: My mission ended in 2008. Went back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years.
    joeyrobles701: I am now looking for the one whisk to my heart,a woman who will love me for me and not for what i have..i am looking for true love to spend the rest of my life with. : Hope things will change from one stage to another.I like you and you are very beautiful as well.I will be home in two months time and retiring from the army to settle down.
    Does this message sound familiar anyone? Be careful!!
  • Christina
    7/10/2014 2:33 AM
    Yes this is exactly the same message that I received from a Jeffrey Scott this being about the 5th scammer who's tried to con me.I now just tell them to do one and delete I only wish there was a button we could press and delete them all to stop them breaking our hearts and banks!!!
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Roselie
    7/10/2014 3:02 AM
    Does anyone know a CMSgt US Air Force Jeffrey Fried, stationed in Afganistan
  • lynn cross
    7/10/2014 7:38 AM
    dear lieutenant colonel cook.please can you help me .ive been given my soldiers apo address im wanting to know if hes a real soldier based at camp eggers kabul.his name is jones william brian his apo address is INFANTRY OFFICER,11 SENIOR SERGEANT BATTALION .RG UNIT 98Z 56839 AFGHAN KABUL1001.john hope this info i got from him helps you to let me know if hes real or not .you do a great job and my full respect to you regards
  • John Cook
    7/10/2014 6:46 PM

    Please contact me at: and I will explain how these scams work. Also, this goes for you too, Lynn. Just get in touch with me...............john
  • April
    7/11/2014 7:02 PM
    I'm wondering about. SSG Ryan Downs.
  • Amy T
    7/12/2014 4:54 PM
    Can anyone tell me about Sargent Sam Lopez (Secret Agent Man)? He asked for an Iphone5, a gold watch for his "Cammander" who does not exist. Hispanic features. 54 years old and after chipping away at his identity, I he claimed to be a Secret Agent. I confirmed this to be true when he gave me an e-mail address to "John". I was asked to ask John for Sam's identity and location confirmation and he told me Sam was working for CIA, Homeland and NASA. 25 years in service. I need to know because he's put in his paperwork to leave and wants to marry me which is kind of scary because I honestly do not know who this person is. He claimed to be at an outpost an hour outside of camp Eggers. Any information at all would be appreciated. I'm scared to death.
  • Christina
    7/19/2014 3:37 AM
    Here's another one to add to the numerous scammers Thomas James aged 54 from Houston,Texas,one child living with nanny in Ghana, uses first name of James, deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan.beware of him,very full of himself.English very poor, but full of the scripted verses we are so fully aware of.
  • Christina
    7/20/2014 1:11 PM
    Heres another Wilson Brown from Miami don't know his age never Evan accepted friendship I can suss them out a mile off, this is the 4 th one in less than a week, there like bees round a honey pot .
  • Amy T
    7/20/2014 1:48 PM
    Yup! I found out that this fake soldier was also posing as a fake secret agent man! His gmail address from which the con artist corresponded was also the same con with the aol address where he claimed to be working at homeland and told me "Sam" was with CIA and NASA. It took some serious investigating, but I managed to connect all the dots. Ladies, here's a lesson. If you get the feeling that something's not quite adding up and you may be dealing with a fraud, YOU ARE!!!!! If anyone asks for anything more than a friendly reply, you are being scammed. Good luck.
  • Comment removed by admin.
    7/31/2014 2:59 AM
    I am amazed at the amount of deception! I hope the person I'm communicating with is "real." I'm beginning to wonder.
  • Amy T
    7/31/2014 4:24 PM
    It is amazing!!!! And if you're feeling uneasy at all and can't get any straight answers, drop the person like a hot rock and move on. These scammers do this full time and are very savvy at it. This man, in particular, pops up on scammer sites under dozens of false identities and stories. He must have at least a dozen FB accounts as well. What's shameful is that scammers like these sully the reputations and honor of REAL soldiers by pretending to be among them. In my opinion, that's the real tragedy. Not the string of broken hearts and bank accounts left in their wake.
    8/1/2014 12:56 AM
    Amy T, I took your advice. In the process of going through these emails, I saw the almost identical nonsense (wording) that was sent to me. Bless you, John Cook, for your patience and wealth of information for those of us who have become victims. I did not lose anything monetary, but the craziness of it all is unsettling. As the daughter of a 30 year, CMSGT USAF (E-9) father, I was probably less vulnerable. I'm somewhat savvy about the military life and customs. Again, thank you everyone!
    (; starwild12; He also sent pictures and I can share those too if anyone is interested (GIs around heavy equipment; individual photos).
  • DIANA C.
    8/1/2014 10:03 AM
    FOLLOW-UP! FREE WAY TO STOP SCAMMERS! or any other DATING site: there is a way to know the country/time/date from which an email generates. I discovered this morning that emails to me were generated from GHANA! Go to and when you send your email:

    I am an educated, professional and intelligent woman. If I can be FOOLED, anyone can! My Texas gentleman, green beret, retiring in a month scammer turns out to be a nobody from GHANA! Watch for clues! I knew GREEN BERET was NOT a RANK! Good luck to everyone, because I'm through with the online dating scene. Single is safer!
  • Kim T
    8/6/2014 4:18 PM
    Just another scammer - please be aware of James - He is using photos that have been on the scammer sites as belonging to another officer. Supposedly 56 getting ready to retire. Has not asked of ranything yet, but I still feel pretty stupid. He contacted me via IM on I also uploaded the photos that he sent me to google images and did a search and saw that he is operating under match aliases. Be careful out there.
  • tanya
    8/15/2014 11:12 PM
    I had a Ron Arnold contact me about 2 months ago said he was in Kabul Afghanistan.I want to know is he real or fake. He also has 7 Facebook accounts they all say he lives in or works in Kabul Afghanistan. He has asked for money but not for him to come home but to.send to his mom and daughter in Africa to the lawyer to help get his late dads property. I told him no. I would like to know if he is real and someone is just using his pictures. Thanks
  • Francis O'Shaughnessy
    9/3/2014 8:19 PM
    It's looks like 'Tyra Newton' has popped up on the grid again.

    I'm not sure when this image was posted but it has to be recently, over the last few months because it wasn't their before i'm sure.

    They are not who they say they are, trust me, i know.

    This is the real person in the picture.

    If there was only some way to stop or even catch them.
  • Renee' A. Rooney
    9/5/2014 12:30 PM
    I have been getting emails from ?? U. S. Army soldier name Dan or Steve Skye states he's in Kabul.I don"t even know If the pictures and emails are the same person?? no money talk yet.
    He won't answer my questions Ummm!

  • Christina
    9/5/2014 12:34 PM
    Renee it will come the money begging some of them take longer that's others,he's proberly polishing you up with romance and poems.Beware !!!
  • Renee" A. Rooney
    9/5/2014 12:51 PM
    Typo last name supposedly Dan Or Steve Syke
  • Amy
    9/5/2014 2:17 PM
    Been doing research on these soldier stalkers. Here's your first clue. If the "soldier" in question has an e-mail address without a military suffix, (for example, a hotmail, gmail, yahoo) he's a fraud. If he will not answer basic or pointed questions, he's a fraud. If he claims to be a widower, he's a fraud. If he proposes marriage or pledges his undying love for you after only a week and is someone you have never even met, HE IS A FRAUD! If you are concerned enough about him to be posting questions on this blog, he's a fraud. If you have an uneasy feeling that perhaps you are being scammed YOU ARE. Listen to your gut or be fully gutted. C'mon folks, smarten up. And if you still have concerns, log onto a romance scammer website, not this one because that's not what this blog is for. It's primary purpose is to inform people about Camp Eggers, not about scammers. There are much more informative sites you could be using that have photos, names, e-mail addresses and other scammer stories. Use them!
  • Christina
    9/9/2014 5:58 PM
    Be aware of a Barr Victior stationed in Quabar Afghanistan,originates from Orlando, Florida.Full of the normal patter but he's Facebook has just been deleted as a scam!!!!
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • Christina
    9/30/2014 12:56 PM
    There is a Austin Thomas on Facebook attached to USA a marines, but I think his story is to far fetched,, like most of these scammers !!!
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • Christina
    10/2/2014 3:45 AM
    Warning folks of a Greg Anthony working as a drilling expert in Long Beach California, originates from Las Vegas has one son called Viki wife died of cancer he is a very quick love God , but not asked for anything talkig for a few days his last words pledging his undenying love and devotion and then vanished off Facebook a complete liar a,,,
  • Nora
    10/9/2014 3:28 PM
    Anyone know?
    Justin James a United States of America soldier stationed and serving in Kabul, Afghanistan.You are a captain in United States army and command a unit of soldiers here in Afghanistan. you are a trained military pilot. 44 years old and single.I want to know he is real, and sent photos
  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/9/2014 4:55 PM
    Hello John.
    Is it okay for you, I send you an email? I've got several questions about a female US Marine deployed since 2012 at Camp Eggers. I even have an ID of hers. Unfortunately in this blog I can't mention her name, maybe she checks this blog.
    Greetings, Johannes citizen of the European Union
  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/10/2014 8:12 AM
    Can some one, please provide me with the address of Camp Eggers in Kabul or telephone number, when possible??

    Thank and regards,

  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/10/2014 12:34 PM
    Can me someone from the email address provided by J. Cook? I have sent emails to the address below, but everything comes back.

    Thanks in advance
  • John Cook
    10/10/2014 1:10 PM
    Please contact me at this email address: This email address is correct.

  • Jozsefne Budai
    10/11/2014 10:25 AM
    Dear John

    Can you help me?
    I sent an email to
    I sent photos to
    I would like to know if he really is who he claims.
    He wrote about himself:
    Justin James is the United States of America and serving soldier stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.You are the United States Army and captain in command of the unit of soldiers here in Afghanistan. You are a trained military pilot. 44 years old and single.
  • Amy
    10/11/2014 10:30 PM
    Justin James is a poster child for military scammers. Just log onto one of the many anti scammer sites provided and you will find him. This individual has multiple Facebook accounts as well claiming to be everything from a secret agent (HINT: secret agents generally do NOT post pictures of themselves on ANY PUBLIC FORUM), to a Harley enthusiast. Forget he ever existed because, technically, he never did. Sorry for your troubles. These scammers are true sociopaths.
  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/12/2014 2:14 AM
    According to Col. L. Cook (thanks for the information and God Bless you, sir), I became a victim of scam. Incomprehensible that the person who impersonates a female to be Sergeant 10/11/2014 contacted me again!! The person is still willing to come to the Netherlands and want to share her/his life with me.You understand that I can not mention the name, it may be that the impersonator's reading this blog.Send me an email and I let you know the name of the person, from whom the ID is stolen. This person has the brutality to contact me, although I have set traps. NATURALLY ALWAYS EVASIVE REPLIES ARE GIVEN TO MY QUESTIONS. Now it is me more sensitive / difficult, given the fact that I live in the Netherlands. Therefore the following questions:

    Is it possible that someone provides me with some information on Camp Eggers - Kabul, for example,

    When is Camp Eggers - Kabul closed / removed?
    What was the postal address of Camp Eggers - Kabul?
    What was the phone number for Camp Eggers - Kabul?
    Does anyone know how I can defend against such scammers in a legal manner in the United States? Perhaps
    Do anyone of you know someone who can trace IP addresses?

    It is unfortunate that mr. Francis O Shaughnessy does not respond to my email.

    Would anyone be interested im my story , please, send an email to:

    I hope for many comments / answers.

  • Nora
    10/12/2014 6:24 AM
    Hi Amy

    I thought!
  • Amy
    10/12/2014 11:14 AM
    No problem, Nora and sorry Johannes and everyone else who has been caused unneeded distress by these scammers. It is relatively simple to find out if you are being scammed IF you know which sites to log onto and how to navigate them. Facebook has an entire page dedicated to helping people find out if they are being scammed by hooligans posing as soldiers. These sites are prevalent and free of charge. If you are not internet savvy, and need further assistance, please feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns and I will do my best to help you find out if you are being scammed. Unfortunately, to date, there is very little in the way of seeking retribution against these scammers. Being well informed is your best defense strategy. Once again, sorry for your troubles dealing with these romance fakers posing as soldiers. It's reprehensible but it happens all the time to people all around the globe. Best wishes.
  • Lindsay
    10/16/2014 4:50 PM
    Please help......I have been communicating with someone alleging to be based at camp eggers. He is saying that to communicate by phone I need to email with his and my details so we can communicate via secure satellite. The reply I got surprisingly asked for. Registration fee....he is trying to convince me that this is legit....but I keep hearing alarm bells.......can anyone put my mind at rest either way please.........thanks you all
  • Comment removed by author request.
  • Amy
    10/16/2014 5:38 PM
    Just a reminder. In almost ALL scammer cases, the individual in the images is NOT in on the scam. They know nothing about it. They are innocent soldiers and civilians who had their pictures stolen by a scammer or scam operation. So, don't be angry with whoever is in the picture, okay? I just want to make that clear. These individuals are victims too.
  • lindsay
    10/16/2014 5:43 PM
    Hi Amy
    I really feel for the poor guys who's pictures have been used.....i tried to find a way if finding mine to let him know but didn't get far....shame as well because he is rather cute.
  • Amy
    10/16/2014 5:48 PM
    Also, if you log onto scammer sites and search for images of your scammer, most of those images have been stolen as well and the individual knows NOTHING if the scam. They are also innocent even though they have been reported as scammers and have had their photos posted without sound investigation or confirmation!!!!!
  • Amy
    10/16/2014 5:56 PM
    Yes, Lindsay. This is a deplorable situation. It is nearly impossible for the average person to definitively identify and inform these poor innocent people. Even if you did, there is very little that individual could do to clear his/her record. Anyone who has ever posted an image of themselves online is at risk. I will continue to look into this and see if anything can be done to stop this, but the odds are quite unfavorable. I wish I had better news.
  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/17/2014 10:16 AM
    With this I would like to sincerely thank Amy for her help and support. She has become a true friend !! Amy, I thank you will all my heart and that God BLESSES you !!
  • Deborah
    10/18/2014 11:13 PM
    Lindsey, I have been a victim of a scammer more then once. Best news is that I never sent them anything and just wasted my time with email contacts. Mr. Cook is a god send and I am grateful that he has helped so many people realize they are being scammed. My daughter in in the military and first be aware that anyone in the military has a military email address as well as a APO or FPO address for snail mail. They are never allowed to communicate where they are stationed or located for security purposes. You can't just call them on the phone nor can they just call you. They can't use their personal email addresses or use Facebook or any social site unless they are in a port or other in a stationed base. They don't make you join anything to talk to them. They have to call you. You can usually get a message through a FRG or Ombudsman or the RED CROSS in cases of emergency. Good questions to ask are what is your mailing address? Ask for their military email address. If they evade the question and won't give you those things they are most likely not legitimate and scamming you. The military will get them home free of charge. They don't need your money for that or for any kind of transportation. With those things in mind I hope that helps a little.
  • Ellen Ramirez
    10/19/2014 12:40 AM
    I am looking for a Welbeck or Thomas Barr, supposedly a Sargent stationed at Camp Eggers, Kabul.. Anyone heard either of these names?
  • Ryan
    10/19/2014 6:16 AM
    I want to know if there is any military lady called Grace Honda ?because she said she will be out of the camp after her mission and am yet to see her after all the money I sent to her
  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/19/2014 9:20 AM
    I agree with Deborah. Deborah and Ellen Ramirez, maybe you wanna send me your emailaddress and we can exchange some info. Ellen I've got some info for you
  • Deborah
    10/19/2014 9:51 AM
    Ryan you most likely have been a victim of a scammer and she probably wasn't a she. Sorry.... Johannes you can email me at
  • Ryan
    10/19/2014 12:42 PM
    Is this true ???they do this to men too ?
  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/19/2014 1:21 PM
    Unfortunately yes, RYAN. They tried to fool me too, luckely I was aware of some information about for instance Camp Eggers etc. Ryan if you want, send me an email ( I'm Dutch ) and I send you some photos of my " future " wife to be.
  • Amy
    10/19/2014 4:18 PM
    Once again, If you are posting to this site to find out if you are being scammed, almost without question, YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. Do not send money or valuables to anyone in any amount for any reason, I implore you. Do not confront them, inform them or respond to them. Just disappear as surely as they will disappear the INSTANT you cease being a source of financial gain. This is NOT PERSONAL! IT IS BUSINESS AS USUAL!
  • Ellen
    10/23/2014 2:01 AM
    After sending John Cook some information about the person who was trying to scam me, I asked John if it would be good idea if I shared my experience with all of you. He said he thought it would be a great idea.
    I was first contacted by someone posing as a soldier from New York stationed in Afghanistan asking for me to friend him. Normally if I don't know the person I do not friend them unless they are a friend of someone I do know. Since I had been in the Amy many years ago I decided to go ahead and friend him. After a few conversations on facebook he told me someone was hacking his facebook account and could he have my phone number so we cold text each other. I told him I wasn't comfortable yet with doing that but he could contact me by email. Once he received my email address his facebook account disappeared.
    He told me that he was divorced because he cam home and caught his wife in bed with another man. He said his parents were killed in an automobile accident when he was10 and he lived with his grandfather until he passed away. Although he discovered right away that I was old enough to be his mother (he said he was 49. My two children are older than he is by a year or two), he had no problem with that.
    After a few emails he told me about a large amount of gold that he and his men found when they were supposedly dangerous mission. He said they decide to decided it up amongst themselves. (This is a big no no. It would have been confiscated by the federal government). He said he had 300 kilos, but he wanted me t help him get ownership papers and he would share the money with me when it was sold. This amount of gold is about 660 pounds of old & would be worth about $12 million.
    I guess when I asked him how he was going to sell that much gold, that I could not do anything that was illegal, that I would rather stay poor and that if this was going to cost me I had no money to pay for anything, he decided I was no good to him. He never answered my question about how he was going to sell that much gold or who to All of a sudden he was too busy to answer my questions for now. He only answered one me email from me, but very briefly.
    My advice to all of you is to do whatever you can to investigate anyone you decide to become involved with, whether he lives next door or a million miles away. Do this no matter how much you trust them. If you can't do it have someone else do it (a pastor or someone you can trust) Never, ever give or send them money. You are all too good to settle for a free loader. Look for someone who wants to take care of you. Do not sell yourselves short. You are all children of God and He loves you and cars for you and wants the best for you.
    If any of you wish to talk to me please feel free to email me at I hope you all find what you are seeking. Be happy!!
  • Johannes Karelsen
    10/23/2014 6:38 AM
    Hello Ellen,

    I'll send you an email, with some info I've experienced.

  • Roberta
    10/27/2014 12:05 AM
    Am checking to see if there is a solider named Roland Fernandez stationed in camp eggers. he said he arrived in May, and would be deployed back to the states in Nov, but was not given the date of discharged,,,, just want to make sure his is a solider stationed there...
  • Rob Robben
    10/27/2014 1:16 AM

    yesterday 10/26/2014 the last official american camp was transfered to the afghanistan goverment. sorry for you, camp eggers is more...................
  • Cheyl
    10/27/2014 4:13 PM
    On Oct 16th I received a friend request from a Michael Lewis via facebook, I saw his profile and pictures and was interested, so I accepted. we chatted via facebook, a real charmer, he said he was a Colonel in Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan, had a profile pic of him and two younger men, who he said were his son, even gave me names and ages. this is after we talked via facebook for 3 days, he said he was 54, this was his 15th mission and his last, he also said he was a widower for 4 years, at first he would not say how his wife passed when I asked, on about the 7th day e said from childbirh,I started to get suspicious, I know I should have picked up so much sooner, especially after being called "baby". He claimed he saw my profile and my pictures and he was very complementary. Then he started to say that he wanted to hear my voice and that I should go on some site and request phone access. he did warn me that it would cost for the registration fees, but that it was refundble after 10 hours of connection. I actually wet on that site and sure enough a very realistic paper saying where to sent 575$ to by Moneygram or Western Union, oh plus the 55$ charge, Thank God my transaction did not go thru. On the 25th he kept insisting I try to use a credit card, by now I knew what was happening, I know about time! so I played along to see how far he would go, I finally could not stand it anymore that this creep had stolen the facebook identity of an American soldier, so I asked the creep out blank why he was pretending to be Michael Lewis, He kept insisting he was the real Michael Cole Lewis, A middle initial even. I can't post the things I said to him, I did report it and told him so, over and over he kept saying "i swear my parent grave" I told him no American soldier says something like that. Even towards the end he says go don't worry about the access card and that all he wants is my love. What I would like to know first, Is there really an American soldier who's name is Michael Lewis in Kabul, his facebook profile's last pictures were from Dec 31st which stated he left the Army, it also stated that he is from Denver , Colorado. I feel so bad that this jerk stole his identification and I would like to contact him, If any one knows how, please let me know. Also, I hate to think this, but is there an American helping these creeps out. I had told the jerk that i liked football and that my favorite team was the Seahawks early on, so then i was testing him later on after I caught on and asked him if he remembered, took a long while then he says "huskys", plus how would a Nigerian know male names like the ones the jerk said were his son names. Also, is there anything being done to catch these less than human beings. what happens to the real Michael's facebook? Do the poor soldiers even know what has happened? I really want to tell the real Michael how I feel about what happened! please let me know how to get a hold of him Thank-you!
  • becky
    10/29/2014 5:01 PM
    I would like to know if there is a John F. Blake in this camp he says he is a ground solider I just want to if Im being scam or what not
  • becky
    10/29/2014 5:22 PM
    Im also try to find a Steven Bryan from camp bastion for a friend of mine she is hopping he is real too but either one of us can find him does anyone know how we can find out if these guys are real
  • Kim
    10/29/2014 5:27 PM
    Becky. If you have pictures, try loading them into Google Image search. Also there are military scam sites that you can put in the names. My guess is that if you found them on Match they are probably not real.
  • Christina
    10/29/2014 5:31 PM
    Kim can you tell me the name of the scam in site where you put the names in ?
  • becky
    10/29/2014 5:37 PM
    john found me on ok cupid and steven found my friend on fb
  • Denise
    11/9/2014 7:44 AM
    I am here to say i am a newly divorced vulnerable women and had met a Sargent major Ryan Westie Rancourt on date a cowboy on Facebook and have been talking to him for just over a year. All this time he has been promising me that he was coming home to pay me back what I have sent him around 67k. I have been nieve with him and has caused me legal and financial problems. He has given me pictures of him and his ID and several seem to be altered. He says he is from Chardon Ohio. And he attended from revenna to camp egger's. I am having a very hard time believing him now. I can seem to find information on this guy. He has literally messed my life up for being dishonest. There is not a day that goes by that i don't blame myself for being totally nieve. I blame myself even though i did nothing wrong. I only thought that i was helping him out. I am writing this to help people to understand that there are a lot of people out there that have no kindness and do not care to take advantage of you and to harm you . This has been a very expensive lesson for me. I have save all my emails and transaction from this individual and some of his state references. I can't express enough to people that you have to go careful out there. Don't believe what people say to you. And most of all dont give them money. No matter how much bs they throw your way.
  • Jacob
    11/12/2014 10:42 PM
    Receiving email from a Sgt. Kelvin Vankleect. He said he is getting out of the military from Afghanistan this summer. I just happened to google his name since he said he wants a relationship with me, but I got suspicious when he doesn't answer specific questions. He said he is from Port Huron Michigan, I saw a guy on this site named Randy who also asked about this guy. Is he real or just using one of our heroes pics for his own gain.
    thanks, Jacob
  • Gloria Doty
    11/22/2014 11:34 AM
    Hello, I have been t,alking to a man that said he was in camp eagger the last year. But he was coming back in the state in Dec.this y. He hasn't asked me for much. When we first started talking I told him I have been scamed before. He told me not one those people.. I just want to know if he is at camp eagger an if he is real. He said was snipper in the us army at camp eagger an be the army 7 years , he said he was E7 Class Sergent from Texas. He Name is Jones David Robert, Is 47 years old. He said he is close to his commander. I just wanted too know if he is real or not, if is he ok. I care alot about. I,m worried him I have herd from in almost three weeks. If you could let know.. please. Thank you gloria. My email is : globaby52@ his email was : j.robert1@ please reply back soon. Thank you.
  • Christina
    11/22/2014 11:49 AM
    I have just tired to email you Gloria but it's saying your email does not exist I asked you if you had any photos as this gut sounds familiar
  • Gloria Doty
    11/22/2014 12:29 PM
    YES ! I do have picture you can use my other email address it . I just my yahoo account and sent to him hoping he would get hold of to make sure he is ok. He had his PC go down on him once before. So send me a way to send pictures to you. Don't to post yhem on here. Thank you. You have gave me hope. Gloria
  • Olivia
    11/24/2014 10:52 PM
    I met James on badoo. Have been in contact with him supposedly stationed Kabul. Told he can not skype, is this true? He has not asked me for any money, or anything to be sent. In seeking to verify he is not a scammer I asked to send him a package with nothing more than handwritten notes and things from around the house. He gave this address.
    James hislastname/ E-6
    Morale, Welfare, and Recreation, (MWR)
    NTM-A/CSTC-A, MWR, APO AE 09356
    I mailed today and if it is returned is that my answer he is fake? I have told him that I don't think he is real and like I said it's been a couple months and he has never asked for any money or goods to be sent. His English is not broken but he is a widower and has a son staying with his grandma in Nigeria which to me is a huge red flag. Thanks for any help. Also had different photos sent on separate occasions. Is there a way to verify with photo? Thanks.
  • Gloria
    11/25/2014 1:35 AM
    This if you seen me a email address i can send you the pics he sent to me. He never ask me to send much either. If you would send. I if you send me the pics. I will send you the one I habe of him. I can tell you what they told me what do to check out. Make sure.
    You can email me
  • Ellen Ramirez
    11/25/2014 2:21 AM
    Hi, just got an alert in my email about your emails. I have an earlier post about my experience with someone trying to scam me who said he as at camp eggers. This sounds very similar in many ways. I have since discovered that if they are in the army at Camp Eggers they should have a military email address. Even though the address he gave you says APO in it, it doesn't look right to me. If you told him you had been scammed before and he hasn't written you for three weeks, he probably never will because he knows you are suspicious that he is scamming you. Also, he would not have his son staying with a relative in Nigeria. He is probably a Nigerian himself. Run, do not walk away from this one. If you want to writ me an email to talk more about this my email address is
  • becky
    11/30/2014 3:42 PM
    I have a question to ask anyone who can help me to find out if I'm being scammed by a guy who is telling me that his is stationed at camp eggers he is tell me his is Captain John Blake here is my email if you can tell me if he is real or not I do have pictures if needed
  • Terri Ainsworth
    12/1/2014 4:31 PM
    Looking for information on Robert Hans Jarvis, says he is E8 Staff Sergeant stationed in Kabul. However in researching ranks, this should not be the case.
    Has not asked for money but his story is similar to that of others on this site, married 14 years, came home to find she had betrayed him. Misused properties, etc. Grammar is bad. Phone number he gave returns to Michigan.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Eloura
    12/4/2014 11:45 AM
    Just letting you all know of a scammer that says he is serving at Camp Eggers. He goes by Bill Cy and Bill Cary. He says he is divorced w 2 kids and retiring in 2 months. He says that he is 50. The 2 pictures he sent show men in their 30s. He was always pressing that you are the one and only. Using a lot of babe and sunshine when he chats w you. He also is very pushy. I can not remember the rank he uses. Luckily he unwittingly insulted my sister and her beliefs and she told the family.
  • nancy arellano
    1/25/2015 3:24 PM
    Hi, Im new at this ..but i was reading all the horror stories and i hope and pray that my friend is real and in the army. His name is George Wilson and hes been contacting me through gmail address. He told me hes stationed there in camp Eggers in Kabul. Said hes from our city of Charlotte,NC. I haven't heard from him in about 3 days ,after talking to him quite often. Hes a nice guy but idk, i feel like somethings not right. thank you for your time
  • becky
    1/25/2015 3:36 PM
    Hi Nancy Arellano just to let you Camp Eggers has been closed since 2014
  • nancy arellano
    1/25/2015 3:58 PM
    becky, are you in the army ..because i need to know if there was a soldier named george wilson stationed there at one time...i just need to know thanks
    when in 2014 did it close?
  • becky
    1/25/2015 4:16 PM
    hi Nancy
    No I'm not in the army but I'm someone who said he was from camp eggers and I ask about him on here and someone said it was closed and I google it and I saw it was closed then I ask him what camp he was at and he told me camp black horse so ask him what camp he is at
  • nancy
    1/25/2015 6:17 PM
    if your not in the army, Becky,how could you ASK ABOUT GEORGE and then turn around and said that you then proceeded to ASK HIM personally, in which he told you camp black horse, and for me to ask him where he is. Im concerned about him..because i care about him, not being nosey. Hes supposidly only got 3 months left and then comes home to NC, which im looking forward to. if you see or talk to him by any chance, please tell him to contact me nancy asap. thanks
  • Debbie
    1/26/2015 10:33 PM
    Nancy, I seen your letter and thought I might write you and tell you this just for fyi...Camp Eggers closed i October 2014. If the gut is truly in the military he would have a military address. My daughter and son are in the service and they are not able to use facebook, or personal email addresses when they are deployed unless in a port if in the navy, they buy minutes, or burn phones to call home. They have either and APO or a FPO address. They can't use instant messenger either. If they get into a port and can find a internet cafe or something they can skype but my kids are not even allowed to tell me where they are or where they are going. OPSEC is VERY strict about giving out to much information via internet whether it's a web page, social media. To much info can get our military personnel in danger. So PLEASE don't send these people any money, gifts, phone cards, phones or whatever. Protect yourselves. I caught the scammer early because I have knowledge and info about what can and can't be relayed if your in the military. If your gut tells you something just isn't right then it probably isn't. I have seen people get in financial ruin, bankruptcy, charged with theft, going to jail because of these scammers. I hate these people are impersonating a US Military official and getting away with it. I saved everything the scammer sent me, the photos the name he used was Joey Robles, he sent me photos, requests for iphone, money, phone cards. All I lost was some of my time by having conversations/emails. Please EVERYONE be aware and don't believe everything these people write you. Good luck I hope this helps others to just be aware. Save everything ad report these people to cyber crimes and maybe hopefully someday soon these people can get caught and go to jail for impersonating a US Military officer, soldier, pilot etc...God bless
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  • Sissy
    2/26/2015 7:28 PM
    Well, It seems that I am another victim of the scammers. Someone mentioned that I should report to cyber crimes... how do I go about doing that?
  • kathy
    3/1/2015 9:17 PM
    I need to know if someone is real? his name is edward chase montoya at camp eggers unit b4
  • Laura Sarvey
    3/3/2015 9:48 AM
    Looking for Major Scotty Edwards who was chatting to me on Faeboob until his account was removed.
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  • Melisa C
    3/5/2015 5:02 PM
    Comment is in regards to Sgt.Deandre Lamont of Newark NJ, if anyone is chatting with him, he is without a doubt a scammer
  • Sweta
    3/26/2015 8:59 PM
    Dear Readers,

    This scam has reached India too. The person concerned here says that he is an orthopedic surgeon originally from UK but working for the UN peacekeeping force. He said that he is from Indian origin and is registered in a matrimonial site. He said he is in search for a soulmate and that his tenure in the camp will be over in May. He pretends to be in love and then proposes marriage, speaks to my sisters too. One day he says he has to go on a mission and after 3 days says that the mission was successful and that they could recover a huge amount from them which was divided among the men who went on the mission. He states that it is not safe to keep the money with him and wants to transfer that amount for which I have to pay some charges as per the transfer policy. Something didn't seem right and when I refused he lost his cool and started abusing. I would like to warn everybody about this imposter. If anyone is in touch with him kindly ignore. I have pictures and phone number that he has shared, get in touch with me if you want to know more.

    Please be safe and stay away from scamsters !!!!

  • Kay
    3/27/2015 11:51 AM
    Ladies these stories sound so familiar yo me. My scammer Jack Rose claimed yo be at camp eggers also. He went on a special mission and found gold bars and they equally divided it.. right before surgery he gave his share to a doctor. The doc set it up in some type of holding company in London and I was to pay to have it shipped to me. Only to find that this is a group of young african males sitting in an internet cafr at some in africa being coaxed to run the whole scam. I was destroyed after recieving the news from the other woman an attorney from Texas. Same lies same story....these filthy thieves prey on the premises of how we love....sad but true the federal government needs to get involved. Due to the fact that this is identity theft of our armed forces service members whom in which protect us. They go on social media sites and steal the pictures and other personal info. If these crimes were committed by us on american soil.....we would all be doing hard time. This is a huge injustice to our society. So we have to protect and think for ourselves. If it does not feel right,step away. . Any man that truly wants a place in our lives and heart, would prove himself. And he wont demand or stand for us or any other woman to take care of him. I was tragically broken emotionally and spiritually by my scammer. But he gave mr yhe knownledge to never be a victim again. Take it as a lesson learned.
  • Lisa
    3/29/2015 11:25 PM
    Can anyone tell me if a Seargeant Michael Casey Webb is really in Kabul Afghanistan? Says camp Eggers? In US army. Thanks
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  • Patricia Wells
    4/27/2015 10:15 PM
    I have spent the past 12 months comparing names and pix. I, too, was scammed. I have a gigabyte of dirt on these Nigerians. They're convincing and cunning. They don't know American slang and always saying, "what do you mean by that". When the new lover sends you a picture, google the image, and answers will be right there.
  • antoinette
    4/30/2015 10:48 PM
    ive been talking to a gentle named Billy Giroud he says hes a sergeant an thats hes in nigera please help me is he real or a scammer please message me back my email is hes asked me for money says his bank account is frozen that hes from texas an wants me to send him money to nigera
  • antoinette
    4/30/2015 10:48 PM
    ive been talking to a gentle named Billy Giroud he says hes a sergeant an thats hes in nigera please help me is he real or a scammer please message me back my email is hes asked me for money says his bank account is frozen that hes from texas an wants me to send him money to nigera
  • heather
    4/30/2015 10:54 PM
    Dont send him anything hes a scammer he tried that to me
  • Sharon Seymore
    5/9/2015 5:35 PM
    It's sad to know there are so many scammers !
  • Dave
    5/15/2015 10:11 PM
    @Jacob - Sgt. Kelvin Vankleect told me he was from Ann Arbor. He would not answer any personal questions for me either. I would not send him any money after he asked.
  • Laura Sarvey
    5/16/2015 1:41 AM
    Have anybody had contact with John Wilford supposedly a General with NATO in Kabul?
  • Ellen Ramirez
    5/16/2015 3:24 AM
    Yes they are all scammers and they are everywhere trying all kinds of tactics to get your money. I have my own business as an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I get scammers trying to scam me out of my products and money all the time. We all have to be on our toes and be skeptical of anyone who tells us a story of why we need to send them money or products or whatever. Just know that in most cases there is nothing you can do to stop them. You can just make sure they don't scam you. As soon as they start asking you for money or merchandise you need to cut off contact and go find someone who is honest and cares about you, not your money.
    If any of you would like to contact me my email is and I live in California, USA.
    Ellen Ramirez.
  • Cherie
    5/19/2015 9:49 PM
    So exactly which one are you dating? Oh and by the way, I’ve never seen a soldier unless it was on an official page (such as the base commander’s page) that uses his rank in his name.

    Soldiers Don’t Have Time For This
    99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

    But he said he loves you and wants to marry you….even though you “met” last week
    I’m assuming if you’re falling for this, you’ve never been in a military town. Go downtown in a military town to a club one night and let me know how many single soldiers are there looking for the love of their life….not exactly what their goal is. And when you’re thousands of miles away from each other, he doesn’t have the opportunity to sleep with you. So the point would be???

    Many of these stories contain comments about him saying he loves you within a few days/weeks of starting to talk or he wants to marry you as soon as he returns. Let’s get this straight – you haven’t met and certainly haven’t had the opportunity to have any kind of physical relationship, yet he wants to marry you? Does this sound feasible to you? If you’re even hesitating on the answer, I’ll help you. It’s not. They’re lying so they can get in your wallet. And they’re doing this to many others at the same time they’re doing it to you. It’s just who is going to open up access to their bank account first.

    But you asked him if he was a scammer and he said no!

    Come on, think about this! Why would he admit it to you? Or even better, he told you he is in fact a scammer but he REALLY loves you… long as you keep sending him money.

    He hasn’t asked for money yet though

    Don’t worry, he will. If any of the above signs sound familiar, it’s only a matter of time. He may get pretty far into his story before he asks. He may wait until his plane is suppose to leave and you’re meeting him in less than 24 hours. Then all of the sudden disaster strikes and he needs three grand to be able to come home. LIES!

    Even though he’s doing these things, you still think he’s the real deal
    I hate to be harsh but if any of the above sounds familiar, it’s a SCAM. Don’t sit there and think you’re the exception. You’re not the lucky one who’s encountered these signs but somehow your guy is the real deal. He’s FAKE. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t want to marry you. And sooner or later, he’s going to ask for money.

    I get emails and messages (or comments) from people who tell me the story and ask me if he’s fake. I answer yes, it’s a scam. And what do they do? Keep asking me more questions – but he does this or he said this or he sent me these pictures. Guess what? The answer is still the same. It’s a scam. Go back and read the first line in bold at the top of this article. I don’t care if he asks you to mail him a penny – a real soldier will NOT ask you for money. A real soldier makes more overseas than he does when he’s home!!

    The Scam Checklist
    So let me sum this up:

    If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
    If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
    If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
    If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
    If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
    If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
    If he tells you to open a bank account or credit card for him, it’s a scam (and this one could get you into legal trouble!)
    PLEASE quit sending these people money! If you’re just itching to give away your money, send it to me! haha After all, I’ve spent more hours than I can count updating this article with the latest techniques and answering questions here and elsewhere.

    Finally, if you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams
  • Cherie
    5/19/2015 10:07 PM
    The latest scammed out there is a man going by the name of Ricky Vann Edmonston, okcupid dating site name is Charming_Edmonst, and email address is I have done my own investigating by using Spokeo, Google, Facebook, etc. After a view emails, he asked for a care package, cell phone, and minutes to a phone number of 233 26 582 9637. The address is a PO Box in Ghana. He states that he will be coming home in 3 mths, his wife died of cancer, has a Swedish bankground, a daughter, that he falls in love with you in a couple of weeks, wants to buy you a new house, etc. I posted the information above so that it might help other women from getting hurt from this scam. This person has stolen another military man's identity, hacked his Facebook profile, and used this man's pictures from Facebook. I've played along with his messages until I was able to get this info. If you have questions, I would be happy to answer.
    Such a disgrace to our military persons who work hard to defend our country and thesacrifices that they make for our country and for their families.
  • Laura
    5/20/2015 12:15 AM
    John Wilford (General) have been in Army for almost 39 yrs. Have $4 million that he need help to ship from over there home. He wants you to help his diplomat when he arrives at the airport with it Have Santa Ana, California address. U>S. and U.K. phone #'s
    He have a FaceBook account showing him in a office and couple of pictures.with other soldiers.

    s; and U.K.
  • Ellen Ramirez
    5/20/2015 2:07 AM
    Laura, If you believe these lies you are a very gullible young lady. This is similar to the ploy one of the men used to try to scam me. He claimed that the company he worked for would only pay him for half of his job before he finished it. I was to pretend to be his wife and request the money be sent to me and deposited in my bank account. I did as he asked, but then I got an email saying that I needed to pay the shipping cost before they would send it, which was several thousand dollars. There was no way I could come up with that kind of money. He tried to get me to take out a loan to pay it, which I informed him I could not. Then he asked me how much I could come up with. When I finally convinced him I had no money to contribute he cut off all communications with me. He had a facebook page too. If you will notice most of these scammers have a facebook page with a few pictures, but nothing much else as I am sure this so called General has too. DO NOT give or send this person any money for anything. He is scamming you and you will end up broke and never see this person, EVER.
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Joe
    5/26/2015 10:34 PM
    I'd like to know if there is a sgt Sally Schmidt there?
  • Baryalai Arian
    6/21/2015 3:13 AM
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Hope you find and doing well, this is RaiArian Logistic Company we have five years’ experience in logistic and having professional staff.

  • Georgina L Z
    6/27/2015 9:21 PM
    Hi All:

    I met through a Sargent Major James Shields and he sent me his photos by his personal e mail also in uniform in civil and with his ex wife. He said that he doesn't have anyone in his life that her parents died in the World Trade center when they were in Holidays. Then he interview me asking me several things through Skype and he said that he can't not show himself because security and also can't call. He said that he is in Syria and he is going to retired in August.
    That he will come to join and to buy a house and to put some business. James Shield asked me to send him through Joseph Adenyo that is a diplomat to send him a care packs to this diplomat that it suppose he has his office there. He told me that his Birthday is on July 10th and he born on 1960.
    He asked me for an I phone 6, under ware, fragrances, my photo,in a frame and all kind of chocolates and a Holy Bible.
    I sent this pack to Name: JOSEPH ADENYO
    2.Address: P.O. BOX AT 429 ACHIMOTA MARKET
    3.Country: GHANA
    4.City: ACCRA
    5.Zipe Code #: 00233
    And he asked me my details.
    Then James Shields said that he wanted to send me a box to me through this diplomat and that I needed to give him my address to send it through the Diplomat to where I live and now he said that he will send it to me through a company saving and It will arrive on Monday. That it is a gift for me and to wait for him until he retired on August to go wherever we want to live.
    I notice today that he received the I phone because not it is using it to Skype with me with the time of Ghana and not of Syria.
    I just want to know if James Shields really exist and if he is in Syria or not.
    Or if somebody is making all this thefts taking advantage of the single people in to catch him and to stop him doing this kind of things.
    Please let me know if all this is true or is somebody that is cheating us.
    I asking him if the diplomat was black or white and he said white. I asked him for a Photo and he sent me the photo of a white man.



  • John Cook
    6/28/2015 2:15 AM

    Please contact me at I'm afraid you are being scammed. This is a favorite scam technique. The photos have been stolen from facebook or some other social media website.

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  • George
    6/30/2015 1:30 PM
    Anyone know Kelvin Vankleect? Says he is stationed in Afghanistan. He hasn't aske for anything yet but there is just something about the way he writes.
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Melissa
    7/25/2015 9:49 AM
    John Cook,
    Hello, thank you for this area to ask questions and find out about Camp Eggers.
    One of my first questions, is there a military man there by the name of Jemoni Mata Holloway?
    Second question, do you have medical on base or do you have to go to a local hospital? On the outside of the base? If needed willbthe military pay or does the individual have to pay for the visit? (Example: malaria) now I know that all military personnel are vaccinated for this prior to going, so if this happens to come up while there, did the vaccination not work and will the military pay?
    Third question, I have sent money over to him for several reasons, gun stolen and he had to replace it, a plane ticket home, then got part of the way, he missed his conning flight and then while waiting his commanders wanted him returned so they went and got him with a helicopter. He is staying now till September!
    Could you please verify these facts and get back to me. I would really appreciate your help, I am feeling used and now finding this site and reading all these other's complains, the red flags up higher then ever. I really would like peace of mind knowing some more of these facts.
    Thank you for you time in this matter,
    Melissa B
  • John Cook
    7/25/2015 1:03 PM

    Please contact me at and I will tell you about this guy..........john
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  • Cynthia J. Malik
    8/17/2015 12:30 PM
    Dear Marla and many others,

    I, too, was repeatedly contacted by many whom told me they were in the Military & could not get this or that, they have Children being raised by His Parents b/c they are w/o a Mother b/c she died, usually in a car accident, but one said in Childbirth, so that one is the questionable exception.

    I am Deaf have been since I was a baby. This can usually be a deterrent to guys, even though I am a non- Traditional College Student working towards up grading my EEAP Technician degree to a BS in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. So many feel that my disability is a problem.

    However, not these guys.

    I am very cautious, by nature. They contact me & the very few whom I find interesting, when I do friend accept them, things seem OK but little things sometimes don't add up.

    Once that starts, the wall on my side goes up. Once I start putting up the wall, then they ask for $ or things, usually with a really good sob story.


    I was raised by Parents whom were strong military, My Dad made a career out of it. I know better, the military takes good care of their own. There is no need to send money, etc.

    It really is too bad these scammers attach to people whom want the same dream as everyone else: To find the One; To have a Family, either biologically or for some of us, ready made; In short to have the same normal life & all that goes with it, like everyone else.

    I realize many are not as strong as I am to persevere & wade through the bs & stand firm & strong and my heart goes out to all whom have been through this.

    BUT, stand strong! don't let them scam you. Pay attention to that little niggling voice in the back of your mind or feeling in the pit of your stomach. These feelings, THEY will not lie to you!

    I, too, want to find the ONE. But not at the sacrifice of myself & self esteem.

    G-d Bless ALL of us on this path.

  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • Will
    9/19/2015 7:50 PM
    I have been in contact with someone claiming to be at Camp Eggers.

    1. How is that possible? Wasn't the camp closed as part of the U.S. withdrawal?

    2. Can anyone verify if John K. (Kally) Porter, E6 staff Sergeant, is at Camp Eggers?

    He also claims to have done his training at Camp Haan Army Base in Riverside CA. When I google that base, it was a WW-II base that closed in 1946. Based on his age and when he said he joined the army, he would have been there around 1990-1992 era.

    I'm beginning to think this guy is a fake.
  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • Phoebe
    10/9/2015 8:24 AM
    I want to know if there is a Major General Bill Johnson at Camp Eggers an if he isreal please. Is everything a fake although we did not meat through a dating site. I'm not desperate. I just wanted to talk to someone and everything changed. My whole life changed. I have a copy of his passport and a lot of pics. We live skype and after I while he mentioned that there is no internet in the rooms only in his office. I want to know if this is real please.
  • Len Oira
    10/26/2015 12:48 AM
    hi, is there anyone there know WILLIAMS JASON SHANE? maybe not only me has his name here. we're chatting for almost 4 months in November 3. He said he can't able to show himself in video because not allowed, phone call he needs to pay also. I send him lots of my pictures already. But I think I have been scammed also. Please let me know who here.has chatmate under his name. email me please then I can send you his photos.

    thank you,
  • annie
    11/2/2015 11:11 AM
    i am speaking to a Robert Hood
    he says he is stationed in Eggers i dont believe him

    could you confirm please
  • olga
    11/20/2015 3:54 PM
    im looking for a guy tha goes by the name salim Bin mohamod shafie we been talking since june he told me tha hes is in camp eggers in afganistan tha he is a command sargent major i just wondering tha if he really is who he is and hes there. there some things tha doesn macth i don know if hes playing or hes a real guy
  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • Sylvia Barber
    11/29/2015 2:12 PM
    I want to know if there are US troops still in Camp Egger? I have been talking online to Captain Andy Marcum Moran, a US Marine who says he is stationed there. Can someone please let me Know if this is real or a scam?
  • Sylvia Barber
    11/29/2015 2:13 PM
    I want to know if there are US troops still in Camp Egger? I have been talking online to Captain Andy Marcum Moran, a US Marine who says he is stationed there. Can someone please let me Know if this is real or a scam?
  • William Eggers
    12/1/2015 8:24 PM
    Hello Lt. Col John Cook (you may be a General by now?) -
    May I say that your blog on Camp Eggers will be forever posted on an exhibit panel I built in honor of my son, CPT Daniel William Eggers. While the exhibit was under construction, I went online looking for more info about Camp Eggers. I needed a comprehensive summary of the facility for the viewers. Found it! We have so many plaques, documents, more plaques, etc. than we have wall space in our home, thus the exhibit - named - A Father's Tribute. The exhibit is almost complete and is proudly placed at the Veteran's Foundation Museum in Cape Coral, FL. BTW - most of our family (Dan has six other siblings, he was the oldest) were called to The Citadel, Dan's alma mater over this years Memorial Day weekend, to attend a ceremony where the Camp Eggers plaque was dedicated to The Citadel and the ROTC classroom was named after him. We were told that Camp Eggers was closed in 2014 - the plaque was brought to the states and will be housed at The Citadel forever. Thank you for this blog - it describes Camp Eggers to the T. People viewing the 64 square foot exhibit will gain much insight about the camp via your blog.
  • SaladBowlNative
    1/22/2016 3:27 AM
    PLEASE, someone let me know if Camp Eggers is closed (still, permanently?). My beautiful daughter is being scammed by someone calling himself "Allen Charles Magee" and has pics of man in fatigues, etc. supposedly Spec Ops at Eggers, with name 'Magee' on shirt. Please let me know if this is lies, as the rest of us suspect; she has gone thru too much already!!
  • Comment removed by admin.
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  • james
    1/23/2016 3:53 AM
    To Whom it my concern.
    I been talking with a Jill Stevens Downing I think any way. She claims she is at camp Egger with 18D Special operations . Is this woman being truthful or is this a scam she is asking me to send 2 apple I 5s phones. I have received pic of her and a copy of her Id tag pay grade E6 Rank SSG. I really hop people are scamming our service members using there info. Thank you for reading and your service..
  • Jafar
    1/28/2016 10:32 AM
    Jafar haidary logistic and service company looking forward for solicitation or RFQ if you guy's have please send us in below email I will appreciate that.
    Thank you
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  • Julee Olson
    2/4/2016 3:39 PM
    To whom it may concern:
    I had asked yesterday if anyone knew a William Hoke. I have some pictures also, that he emailed. Hope he is for real. But, I have noticed there are 2 other fb accounts, with his pictures, different names. He said, his wife had died of cancer. When in the states he resides in Buffalo NY. Would appreciate any information. THANKYOU.
  • Sandra Conti
    2/11/2016 7:35 PM
    There is a James Martins photos in military uniform and civilian photos from Sgt to Col with about 20 different names. There are so many names I have lost count after 20. One site I found his photo marked as a scammer. He contacted me, romanced me for 5 days then asked me to pay over $2000 to a diplomatic courier who was going to deliver to me personally James' box containing a large amount of money. I was told to contact the diplomatic courier. Then that person informed me in order to get the box through customs in London, I needed to pay over $2000. Needless to say when I told the the courier and also James that I would not send the money, James dropped me like a hot potato. I have been reading all these messages from woman who have had similar experience.
  • samantha
    3/7/2016 11:11 PM
    My friend has told me that she is in a relationship and will be getting married this year to a chap who contacted her through a game on facebook she is retired has previously been scammed of 2000 in the last month by Andrea Ramos posing as US army in Syria.

    At first I wasn't too concerned as I was aware they were Skyping each other however I have now found out that he skypes but actually turns off his camera but listens to her conversations and likes to watch her in her house and having interactions with friends which I find very disconcerting and very creepy.

    The scammer concerned is supposed to be a
    captain paramedic in Kabul somebody has already else about him his name is Captain Andy Marcum. I believe he uses the name Moran as well he has been using his wife's account on Facebook.
    He he's already calling her his wife and saying that they only that Tennessee I believe as soon as I married apparently his wife died of cancer years ago and he has a 16 year old son called David who apparently living with a school Mum and attends a military school he has not asked for money yet but he is convincing her is our house our son our life together and desperate to get married he's apparently 54 years of age and live in a shared house in Kabul
  • Sylvia
    3/8/2016 9:52 AM
    Samantha, Your friend is talking to the same person I am. I have been scammed out of $6000 dollars.Please contact me at I would like to discuss this with you and your friend
  • arsallan
    4/15/2016 8:40 AM
    dear sir madam
    I worked in comp eggars for 3 years 2001- 2004 on that time comp name was (cjcmotf) and I have some contract papers was signed by me in contracting office and I want to contact some one for confirmation of my contract papers becase u.s embassy need the approval of my contract papers .
    please help me any one reading this comment
    my email address is
  • Julia
    5/4/2016 4:02 PM
    To whom it may cncern:
    I have been in contact with a Captain (maritime) Wlliam Peters from Cullman Alabama whio is currently in Kabul and in Camp Eggers. Per our covnersations he will be leaving in a month becuase he is retuiring from the Marines. Please confirm that he is a real person or a scam artist.
    Thank you
  • Charles Eggers
    5/31/2016 3:02 AM
    Daniel Eggers, was my cousin. he died doing what he was trained for, yes, but happy doing as well as honorably. He is and will be sorely missed by us all. However, I and my family will always stand too. And stand our watch. Hooya Dan....
  • Gabriel
    10/9/2016 4:24 PM
    Hello John - I have been using Hangouts and chatting with a guy that has changed name three times but pictures are same person. Now he is saying he is at Camp Eggers and I need help confirming if he is there. Probably not. Can I more info & pics to the ? Sincerly Looking for Love in the Wrong Place
  • Connie
    10/9/2016 10:00 PM
    Hello John - I've been contacted by a man who claimed to be an E-7 Staff Sargeant (SSG) stationed in Camp Eggers last Friday thru, he sent me a few pics of a man dressed in an army uniform. He claimed his named is Ron Steve Butterfield. My gut said he is using this soldiers identity to scam me. This is only our 3rd day talking and he already want me to send him GSM unlocking phone or iphone6, I home speakers and some Nike sandals and other stuff. It would be funny if it's not somewhat irritating. It just saddened me that they are using our military men's picture and identity for their nefarious act.
  • Connie
    10/9/2016 10:09 PM
    I was contacted by a man thru claiming he is E-7 Staff Sargeant Ron Steve Butterfield with pictures of the said man in uniform. He started texting me this Friday and today he want me to send him iPhone6 and other electronic devices. I know it's a scam. Just letting you know that they are using our soldiers pics to scam women in the dating site.
  • Misc
    10/21/2016 4:44 PM
    Do u have a sergeant Gibson A Williams on camp?

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