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Moving on, if not up

December 02, 2010 | Captain Hannah He

Last week I got promoted! In many ways, the only difference between a second lieutenant and first lieutenant are the insignia and the pay. I'm still in the same position, which is good, because I still feel like I'm learning so much every day. 

This past week I also got to attend some sessions at the Signal Conference here at Fort Gordon. One of the most interesting was about the Apps for the Army and some of their latest projects. I will admit that I reference the Signal LT Handbook app almost every day. There's also a PRT app I'm waiting to come to Android. 

Over Thanksgiving break I also got some new running shoes. I bought the same kind over the last two years, so getting new ones is feeling a little different. Thankfully the Asics GT-2150s come in pink or I would've had to find a whole different kind of shoe rather than just upgrading from my last pair! I do want to try a pair of the trail shoes too though, because of all the sand we run on around Barton Field.

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