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Female fitted uniform?

September 07, 2010 | Captain Hannah He

I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear that ACUs that might fit better are possibly coming! I am stuck between sizes, small-x short and x small-x short, just because of my shoulders and hips. The waist on smalls practically falls down, but the hips on x-small is almost too small.

As some brief background on the Army and uniforms, the Army Nurse's uniform was actually  designed off of a male mannequin for almost 40 years before noticed that maybe that's why they fit so funny. During World War II, some of the branches hired couture designers to design attractive uniforms for recruiting purposes. But not the Army. They put a Cavalry officer in charge of approving the first female uniforms. 

Whether they fit or not, though, wearing a uniform every day is a point of pride that brings the whole Army together. Now if only we can get modern, well fitting (consistently fitted?) PTs.......




  • Caleb
    9/8/2010 9:43 AM
    Hi, I am Caleb I'm almost 11 yrs. old and I absolutely love the army I wonder who thought of women in the army it was a good idea and I think women are just as capable as men in the army, anyway hows it going being a second lieutenant I want to be a Major in the army when I grow up. I hope you do well in the army!
    From : Caleb Davis
    P.S. send me back
  • Caleb
    9/8/2010 9:51 AM
    Hi Im Caleb do good in the army! I want to be in the army when I grow up.
    How's it going in the army as a second lieutenant.

    From : Caleb Davis

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