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Female Engagement Teams

March 11, 2011 | Captain Hannah He

Last month SOC announced they are recruiting volunteer female Soldiers to serve on female engagement teams in Afghanistan. Because of cultural barriers, males cannot directly address traditional women without the permission of their closest male relative. However, as we've learned, women do hold a large share of power and influence in most cultures, and we need to win their hearts and minds just as much as the men. They can also provide important information about their community, what they need, what they see, and who has real power in the community. 

As a woman in a man's Army, I would love to serve on one of these teams. Thanks to my time as a cadet at a women's college, I've learned to fully embrace the feminine qualities of my nature rather than try to be manly, even when I'm surrounded by masculinity. I can't ever be not female, so why try to downplay that or see it as a disadvantage. Being on a FET would be an opportunity for me to not only help lead other female Soldiers but also use these unique characteristics unavailable to the average infantryman to help other women and help our mission in Afhganistan. 




  • Tobey White
    3/12/2011 12:44 AM
    I saw a commercial for this while eating dinner in Afghanistan. Thought it was pretty cool because I'd gone on a couple missions where the entire inner cordon was secured by a female psd team.
  • Myra Valentine
    4/26/2011 8:32 AM
    I am retired from the military and have me one female soilders the was on a FET. The stories she told were facinating. I encouraged her to write them down. Good Luck Lt I hope your dreams come true
  • Joe Orlandino
    10/8/2013 10:42 AM
    Good story Thanks for posting.
    - Joe
    Exec. Producer "Anita"

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