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Apps for a better year

January 06, 2011 | Captain Hannah He

As I developed my new year's resolutions over the past few weeks, my obvious inclination was to find ways to make them easier. Since I have become rather attached to the smartphone I got shortly after redeploying (why yes it is the R2-D2 edition Droid 2...does that make me a geek?) I have decided to find apps to help keep resolutions. Here are some of my top-used apps so far:

Signal LT Handbook by FA53: soooo much easier than printing off a hardcopy of this, PLUS the hardcopy does not play the Signal Corps March out loud

ATN Mobile: FM 7-0, FM 3-0, and FM 5-0, opord outlines, 8-step training model. and more (this one I had to download from the Army Training Network website)

Astrid Task: annoying reminders of everything I need to do

AK Notepad: easy way to jot down notes and keep them organized

Google books app: I used the new Google Books webapp to compile links for various reading lists, such as my battalion commander's recommended reading list and my own personal reading goals for 2011, and then got several in ebook format, which I can read with this app on my phone, or download them and put them on my nook. I also have the nook app, and switch back and forth. Link for my 2011 Reading List.

Google Calendar: I prefer to keep a moleskine weekly journal notebook with me, but when I can only carry my phone, I make sure to update this all the time so I know what my day looks like. Very handy for remembering all the regular meetings and training I have on a weekly basis.

Mint: The webapp is an awesome tool for setting budgets and tracking spending and saving and setting financial goals. The app helps keep me on track and reminds me why I shouldn't buy those new shoes til next month.

TripIt: Again, another webapp that I use frequently to plan and organize any travel. I use it to print off my flight itineraries, hotel info, and driving directions to attach to my leave/pass requests, and the app on my phone helps keep me organized.

So, here's to a happy new year!



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