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U.S. Army Reserve, National Guard Truly Serves World-Wide

April 28, 2011 | Lieutenant Colonel Chris LeCron

Sometimes you will hear people use the term "Big Army".  What I think they mean is that the Army really has so many missions in so many geographic locations.


This fact really settled in with me this week while working in the Pentagon, Headquarters, Department of the Army.  We received requests for Army Reservists and National Guardsmen to serve missions in such locations as Baku, Azerbaijan; Amman, Jordan; Botswana; Haiti; and Beirut, Lebanon.  These missions are typically State Partnership type missions where training occurs between U.S. Soldiers and allied nations.  The missions in Haiti are typically focused on medica and dental support and some reconstruction projects due to the Earthquake effects.  Wow, really impressive stuff and it makes me proud to be part of such an organization with such scope!


Also, I am excited for the new Iphone App for this blog!!  I need to make sure to get the App so it will be easier to update/blog!!



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  • Karlos Kuevas
    7/25/2011 11:04 AM
    It is true. As leaders we must continue planning to adapt to a post Iraq/Afghanistan era. Even though this is the main effort right now, it is common knowledge that there is a plan to, at some point, reduce our presence there. However, I think the Army Reserve is well prepared to make the transition, while maintaining its role as an operational force in support of our National Security Strategy. The US Army Reserve has been accomplishing many other missions around the world, in addition to GWOT. For example, the 1st MSC from Fort Buchanan PR has been supporting the SOUTHCOM's Theater Security operations while serving as C2 element of the Operation Beyond the Horizon. The command has also participated in many other countries around the world in support of different other missions. This is just an example of how the US Army Reserve has been engaged in many fronts at the same time, which in my opinion will certainly ease the Reserves transition to a post GWOT era.

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