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1st Day at CRC (Pre-Deployment CONUS Replacement Center)

February 06, 2010 | Lieutenant Colonel Chris LeCron

Today is Day 1 at the CONUS Replacement Center Fort Benning Georgia for me.  I should be here for about a week and then fly out.  About 500 people here processing for the week, mostly contractors and DOD civilians.  There are a ton of interpreters and even some dog handlers.  We did some paperwork today, briefings, and some testing for traumatic brain injury that was interesting,  Here are some photos, more to follow..


My first station.  In line at a huge pavilion.  Ft. Benning, GA CRC Center, Feb. 6. 2010.

One line for DOD civilians, one for contractors, one for military.


Waiting for next briefing.  Why is southern Georgia cold right now??? Glad I brought my fleece jacket.

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  • David M. Moore
    2/15/2010 2:28 PM
    I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (South Florida) and it's cold here too. So I can only imagine what you might have been feeling.

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