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Honduras 8

June 05, 2010 | Cadet Bradley Potts

Hello to all,

Today was a short but exciting day in Honduras. The group is staying in a very nice hotel on the shore of Lake Yojoa; what makes this area interesting, however, is the abundance of caves.

A group shot after spelunking.


We explored a very popular local cave today but with a little negotiation, we managed to obtain a guided tour deeper underground. The first 300M of cave contained concrete walkways, stairs, and decent lighting.

A column formation in the first 300M.


The second 300M required hard-hats and the use of personal flashflights to find our way. The following pictures incldude Frankie Barrera, Victoria Oropeza, and Ashley Anthony enjoying the cave.


Above is a short video of Jake Darsey and I inside of a small pocket within the cavern (not much oxygen down there so we were breathing pretty hard).

Tomorrow, we travel to La Ceiba were we will likely go rafting, explore the canopy, and visit a butterfly habitat.


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