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Another day down

February 18, 2011 | Second Lieutenant Bradley Palmer

Well its been a few days since I last posted! Its been busy. Internet has been up and down. Got a new cook. He made some awesome stuffed bell peppers the other day that tasted amazing!! That was cool. Just running patrols and what not. The days are blowing by super fast so thats good. Hopefully it keeps up like that, I'm sure it will. The gym is still the place to be when I have downtime. I can see how ppl get huge over deployment bc thats the only thing there is to do for fun! But its good to get in better shape. Just living the dream and enjoying life. Having good times with my Soldiers. Learning new things about culture everyday. The interpreters help out a lot with that. Its cool how everyone has there own story. Its crazy to hear about the experiences the local guys have had growing up. Compared to living in the US it makes me feel bad for ever complaining about anything. But its just a different way of life. No cell phones, no internet. Being cut off from the outside world entirely. But there are places around here that have western tendencies like Kabul and the bigger cities. Its all very new and interesting. I'm ready to keep learning more!



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