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February 09, 2010 | Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Grimes

As I look back at some of my recent posts, I realize I've talked a lot about my thoughts on leadership sparked by various events here, but I've been pretty lean on offering a glimpse of the lighter side of life here at the Grad Course.  So today I'm taking a look at the last week -- here are a couple of the recent events keeping me from finishing my research paper...

(I apologize for the quality of the first couple photos -- blame my BlackBerry.)

Here are some photos from the recent OBC Dining In.  Our newest crop of Judge Advocates graduated last week, and before they did they held their first military dining in.  This is an opportunity for them to have some fun before they head out to get to work!

This is me and 1LT Hugh Murray.  He's one of the Judge Advocates that I actually interviewed as an applicant to join the JAGC.  He's totally psyched to be part of the JAGC and chose to head out to Fort Bragg to start his Army career.

Me and (USMC) Maj. Sunny Montas.  She and I handled one of the OBC run groups together.  She's a lot of fun and was a great source of inspiration for the lieutenants, and gave us a look at things from the Marine Corps perspective.

Here I am with The Judge Advocate General of the Army, LTG Dana Chipman, and CPT Evan Seamone.  Evan was an OBC classmate of mine and is currently the editor of The Army Lawyer, one of the JAG School's academic publications.  He, too, is a great guy and one of the smartest guys I know.  And LTG Chipman is pretty cool, too.

Finally, this last weekend we had even more snow here in Charlottesville.  I never would have thought I'd see so much snow here in the South, but we got another 15 inches or so.  To celebrate, Caleb and I explored the winter wonderland.


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  • Andrea Grove Alderson
    2/18/2010 10:37 PM
    I went to college with Sunny, and haven't seen her in years. Do you know how to get in touch with her? Last I heard, she was in Florida somewhere.

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