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Haiti and Civil Affairs

January 20, 2010 | Major Andreas Wooten

I think most of us have heard the Chinese Curse "MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES". Well, for me it’s not a curse, it is my job. I would assume by now that everyone has heard all about the earthquake and ensuing problems in Haiti. Well, this whole situation there falls right in line with my job here at US ARMY SOUTH as a Civil Affairs planner.

As a Civil Affairs planner and operator, I am knee deep in the coordination of ARMY SOUTH personnel and personnel moving in to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Haiti to support relief operations.

I will be departing shortly to act as one of the forward Civil Affairs officers for ARMY SOUTH and continue communication and coordination for relief efforts with literally hundreds of Non-governmental, International and Private Volunteer organizations (NGOs, IOs and PVOs) working on relief to Haiti.

Additionally, I will be coordinating, Department of Defense (DoD) assets and US Government Agencies (USG) to get relief supplies and personnel to where they are needed.

Bottom line is as Civil Affairs it is our job to ensure that the items received, are the items needed, that they get to where they are needed safely and distributed equitably and that the process of immediate need is met while preparing for future reconstruction and stabilization allowing the government of Haiti to eventually resume its role as the lead.
None of this stuff would be that stressful overall, except all of the other missions that ARMY SOUTH has are still going on in Central and South America. So the very limited Civil Affairs staff here (only 8 people) are going to be spread out pretty thin for the foreseeable future.

Once we get on the ground I will be sure to send photos and updates from either Haiti or Cuba, wherever I end up at.

Have a great day and thanks for reading


1 Comment

    2/27/2010 5:04 PM
    MAJ Wooten,
    It is my strong desire to join the CA effort in Haiti in any capacity that may be needed. I am still attached to the 478th CA BN in Miami but will drop and do anything to have the oppurtunity to be a part of the Haiti mission. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you Sir!

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