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Clean, clean, clean

April 01, 2011 | Cadet Allyson Hauptman

Before I left for Florida last weekend I had to do a make-ahead white glove room inspection, called a SAMI, an inspection that is required once per semester and was being done by my regiment that weekend. We passed. I would have to do a make-up in ranks inspection, though, where you get into your full dress over white pants under arms and have your uniform and drill rifle inspected. I did that Tuesday morning at 6am after a night of making sure my uniform was shiny and ironed and my rifle was dust-free. It was a cold, miserable way to start the morning, but I passed.

Then I found out that all the regiment, sophomores (called yuks) and above had to be in SAMI on Wednesday due to poor rooms for their weekend inspection. I felt bad for them but was relieved it was not me...but us plebes couldn't escape it for long. At nearly 2300, as I was shutting down my computer, Wednesday night we received an email the whole company would be in SAMI again Thursday, including plebes! My roommate and I last minute organized and put things away but did not heavily dust or anything. We were going to bed.

At lunch on Thursday we were told all rooms failed inspection and had to be recleaned and passed off that night or all weekend privileges would be stripped. Panic, since my roommate and I both had practice and Thursdays are mandatory spirit dinners. Luckily, at the last minute, plebes were made exempt. Still, we had to have good clean rooms for a BTO walk through of the barracks on Friday, so we were in extended AMI (open door morning inspection, which is usually everyday until 0930) until noon. Whew! And to think...sometimes at this school we actually go to class and do homework....

Don't take my sarcastic remarks negatively. I've just smelled way too much pinesole and windex for one week. Nothing by homework going on this weekend, so I should get to wind down a bit. Have a good weekend everybody!


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