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Drill Sergeant in Minnesota

April 25, 2011 | Staff Sergeant Alec MacDougall

A Drill Sergeant in Minnesota?!?! You bet! As a member of the Drill Sergeant Exhibitor Program I spent last week in the frigid cold north conducting PT with a few high schools around the state. And let me begin by saying the Minnesota has the physical education program figured out. There were a few class I had that were equipped with heart monitors. Students could track their progress through out the school year and see how various exercises affected them. As a physically fit Soldier I didn't think three days of PT with students would be so trying. After three days and over three hundred power jumps I was starting to hate life. Rolling out of bed in the moring became rather challenging! Our sessions were based on a circuit with eight different exercises performed for 30 seconds each. One student pushed himself hard enough to puke after our eight minute work out. Needless to say, he earned a free Army T-shirt.

I also had the opportunity to talk to 20 Future Soldiers at a recruiting station. I let them know what to expect when their Drill Sergeants picked them up and answered any questions they might have. Over all I think these young Soldiers felt a little better getting to hear about BCT straight from the ''horses mouth" if you will. Later this week I am traveling to Orlando to speak with DECA students and help out the Tampa Recruiting BN with Future Soldiers. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a post or contact me on Facebook @ Drill Sergeant Exhibitor Program. Stay Army Strong!

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  • don gordon sr.
    5/29/2012 10:24 AM
    nice to see good engineers and ds all in the same breath.I was a ds twenty months and also an engineer for 7 yrs.Loved it,my mos was 12B4B,is this still the same?

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