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What the what? CPT Harper's Blog Lives On in Another Form

October 04, 2012 | Captain Thomas Harper

If you've read my blog on here in the past, or have just taken it up-fear not! The blog lives on in another form. 


(Oh wait, what? Most readers probably fell asleep and didn't think too much of it.)


I haven't posted on here about it, but I deployed to southern Afghanistan with the 3rd Infantry Division about two months ago.  I'm serving as an Operational Law attorney, and the blog is centered on what it's like to deploy in that capacity, and about deployment life in general. 

You can read about it all here (the pictures and captions have lived on as well, due to a complete lack of creativity on my part):

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  • Scott Walsh
    1/9/2013 2:17 AM
    CPT Harper,
    Well done, sir! Thank you so much for writing about your experience. I'll soon be finding out when I'll be going to JAOBC and it has been tremendously helpful and comforting to read about what I've gotten myself into.
    Thank you so much!

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