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June 21, 2010 | Staff Sergeant paul DELACERDA

The nations first wounded warrior band

                                                                               WARRIOR SPIRIT


I know first hand as a former infantry paratrooper and musician how hard it is to be told you will never do the job you love or play an instrument again. I was told that I might never play drums due to an injury I sustained in an IED blast and a few bad parachute jumps. The injury makes my hands and right leg go numb and my neck and back stiff with pain. Having TBI or “Traumatic Brain Injury” is the most difficult disability for me to overcome, but I proved them wrong and have pushed on. It’s that very "Warrior" attitude that shows everyone that no matter what obstacle we face we can conquer it and enjoy the important things in our lives. As musicians we can share the love of music with others and present our story through our lyrics.The mission of The Warrior Spirit Band is not simple to explain but this band has the potential to do so much for our men and woman of the armed forces that have sacrificed their ability to lead a normal life after being wounded or disabled in a combat zone. Not all wounds are visible and not all wounds present themselves till many months if not years after leaving combat. Warrior Spirit can help bring various veterans outreach programs to the spotlight raise awareness to non political subjects and the struggles that our service men and women go through during the healing process and beyond. We’re able to cross barriers with other veterans by having the whole band comprised of combat wounded and disabled veterans with the music we play. Studies have found that music can penetrate and affect a person who is in a coma and after a tragic accident or illness and it can help with various mental conditions to include PTSD. We hope to help heal and bring awareness to the public and beyond using this very unique musical group. To have a disability and struggle through life knowing you’ll never do some of the things you use to can really be hard on the soul. Knowing that Warrior Spirit is completely comprised of disabled or combat wounded veterans sends a message to others that it’s not the disability that stops you, it’s the ability. The ability to want to push forward and accomplish what others thought impossible and we want to help veterans and civilians alike be able to push forward and never give up. That very Warrior attitude is what we strive to show in our music and throughout our various stories that each member will carry with them. Life is now our journey and a gift and the rest of the world a destination to show our Warrior Spirit. 



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