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Sending care packages

July 03, 2012 | Captain Hannah He

Part of being in the Army is having friends in the Army. Part of having friends in the Army is always knowing someone who is deployed. Part of knowing someone who is deployed is mailing care packages. I recently spent about an hour at the post office waiting in line to mail packages to several friends who are currently deployed.

Some of the things that I always include in a care package are: a good book, preferably paperback, so it's easy to carry around; homemade snacks, because granola bars, while convenient and don't dry out, can get monotonous; fruit snacks; and as many small toiletries as I can. Usually I save all the little samples I get from the drugstore or from Sephora, or any cheap travel-sixed items I find at the store. Even in the middle of Afghanistan, it's nice to try a new face lotion or hair mask. Samples of sunblock are always great too, since you can just throw them in your pocket. I also include small rolls of bright duct tape, which can be useful for all kinds of things, such as, marking your bags, marking your PC, marking your desk, marking someone else's desk, and shutting up your annoying roommate.....just kidding.

For this batch of care packages I tried out a new recipe I found on Pinterest (really, are there recipes anywhere else online anymore?). It's a twist on rice krispy treats, which are great because they take forever to go stale and when they melt, you can hardly tell. This batch was made with marshammlows, golden grahams, and chocolate chips. Delicious. The hardest part was letting it cool enough to pack up without eating the entire pan.

In other news, I am going on leave soon! I'm looking forward to a relaxing ten days in Huntington Beach and San Diego with family and friends, and Comic Con. Hurray!

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  • 1LT Meredith Picard
    7/4/2012 6:32 AM
    You're a good friend! I'm sure they'll appreciate the extra homemade effort :)

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