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Remembering Bob

March 21, 2011 | Eileen Richter

Robert (Bob) Strenz, brother in law, served in Viet Nam and was one of those soldiers who was unable to talk about his experiences, even to his sister. As a  high schooler, my daughter was asked to do an interview on someone for history class and Bob agreed to do this for her. Our eyes opened wide when reading about his experience...injured, witnessing loss of life of friends, his views on war, how horrible the circumstances were when he returned to the US. He spoke of being out in the "jungle" in 100 degree heat, waiting sometimes for 3 days til a chopper could evac to safety. Nights laying in wait and rats crawling on them. How heavy the pacs were. How they missed their families. He was drafted and yet, would do it all over again! He actually signed on for an extra term.  Sadly, Bob died of a rare kidney cancer just days before his 58th birthday, 5 years ago. You have never seen so many tears. We circulated that interview at his funeral. Bob was a great guy, quiet , honest and such a Great American. So many honored and repected him...and we miss him  terribly.  Our 13 year old son has been impacted greatly by "Bob's Story" and of those recently circulating about a community member in our hometown of McFarland, WI who also lost his life in active duty. Our son has plans to join, and although as parents we have trepidation, we know we will so proud of we are of Bob.



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