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New PT uniform survey

February 09, 2012 | Captain Hannah He

The Army recently launched a survey asking for Soldiers' opinions about the current PT uniform. The Army homepage has some more info and a link to the survey itself.

Here's my opinion on the current uniform: It doesn't fit females very well, the fabrics are uncomfortable and stinky, and we could do better. I understand the "constraints" placed on the uniform by having to be made in the US, but that shouldn't constrain the way it is fitted. There's also really no excuse in having a "one design fits all" mentality.

For example, with the pants, they obviously were not cut to accomodate a female's broader hips. We're not fat, we just want a size small that fits. Also, the extra length in the crotch is completely unnecessary and very uncomfortable. In my pants, a small short, the crotch is low enough to make running more difficult unless I roll up the waistband.

I'm not entirely sure how the Army can be detail-oriented enough to think of making an athletic-fitted men's dress uniform, but not a female-fitted PT uniform. I'm pretty sure I wear my PTs a lot more than an athletic male wears a dress uniform.


  • Robert Hayes
    2/10/2012 3:21 PM
    I agree, one of my comments is they need to get away from the one size fits all mentality. I'm 6'4" and to get pants long enough I have to wear XXL and even those don't fit perfect. XL jacket swims on me and the sleeves still are not long enough. The shorts are the worst, you are dead on wit the loong crotch and the tight hips, makes riding a bike uncomfortable.
  • Adam Rumrill
    2/11/2012 11:34 PM
    I disagree, i think people just need to suck it up. The military has too worry about budget cuts, not pleasing the masses. How about instead of running in pants (which is a stupid idea regardless) you wear some normal running shorts. The Marines have done just fine with their pt gear, and the new stuff they put out stays in the closets where it belongs, next to the dress uniform you wear once a year to make a Sergeant Major happy.
  • Craig Dangler
    3/6/2012 6:09 PM
    I agree with Adam. Focus on the costs. I've got 10 sets of summer pt uniforms and 2-3 sets of the winters. They work just fine. I don't want to have to go out and buy new uniforms just because some people can't deal with them. They're not the best, but they work just fine and hold up really well.

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